Anna Calvi - Piece By Piece Lyrics

I remember your silver ring
On the black and white keys falling
And the colour, the shape of your hand
As you point at the paintings you don't hang

I will forget, piece by piece
I will forget, piece by piece
Into the dark piece by piece
Into the air piece by piece

Sun and moon
I waited here
For you to rise
And disappear now

I will forget piece by piece
I will forget piece by piece
Into the air piece by piece
I will forget piece by piece

Love you can stay
Your scent on my collar
The colour will fade
I know that it's worthless
The chase and decay
It leaves me with worthless love

I will forget piece by piece
I will forget piece by piece

I will forget you piece by piece
I will forget you piece by piece

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Anna Calvi Piece By Piece Comments
  1. Gillian Gill


  2. Joseph Gaudet

    How the hell does she have under 1M subs? I don't understand....

  3. Brad Burkley

    One of Robert Palmer's video girls broke out and started her own one-woman Power Station.

  4. MultiShawnt

    I love you😎

  5. AnnaCalviVEVO

    Anna Calvi’s new album ‘Hunter’ will be released 31st August 2018 on Domino Record Co. Pre-order here:
    More from Anna Calvi on YouTube:

  6. Nikos Panos

    Where are you my Honey!? ... Sawy ou in Montreal a few years ago!... We miss you all! <3

  7. bo satsu

    she's my muse....✨✨✨✨

  8. EnchantmentHippie

    Nice colors. Nice images. I didn’t care for the song. Sorry.

  9. Romunderground

    very original

  10. Grace Willey

    Every day since discovering her music and her videos I wake up every morning and wonder how she gets her hair slicked back into such a shiny tight bun/chignon thing so perfectly.

  11. jp o

    Funny how she looks pregnant in the first seconds of the video. I wonder what kind of symbolism was meant by this :)

    Girl From Winter Jargon

    +miguel oliveira I thought the exact same thing when I first saw it. Pregnant silhouette! I'm not gonna lie, it freaked me out a bit!

  12. Mark Pereira

    People being rude as always... great song, and I like the video. She is very beautiful!

  13. Lee Dragon

    St Vincent has competition


    I like both, but IMHO, Ms. Calvi is way better.

  14. Peter Kroll

    Thank you, Mrs. Calvi, for your wonderful music and guitar playing. This is so enjoyable, simple and complicated, sad and bright, subtle and loud all at the same time.

    Peter Kroll

    @Tim Long
    Thanks, corrected.

    Peter Kroll

    @Tim Long

    ... and I still love it.

  15. Codex

    Femme fatale

    E. Flouz

    Codex graaave !!😀

  16. nicohappysad

    I love the song but think the video doesn't do it justice.

    Gil Astin

    @nicohappysad I think is inspired by Bowie's "Be My Wife"


    @Gil Astin You're certainly right.

    Girl From Winter Jargon

    +nicohappysad Really? I actually love the simplicity of the video. It's so bold. "Just Calvi" :)

  17. Twirlyhead

    Song is weak and far too much "acting" in the video.

  18. Pamela Benavidez

    I love it <3

  19. griffinmatter

    Great song. :)

  20. Iain Robb

    I do like this, but I'd have preferred her to bring Tristan or Cry out. Of course the last time around, however, she brought all of the best songs out as singles and left no real surprises on the album. So she's obviously decided this time to hold back.

  21. Charles Thompson

    How are there so many dislikes? This is great. 

    Andrew M

    because you can't argue about taste.

  22. Fergus Burke

    Hey man, Scottish independence bitch.

  23. Fergus Burke

    Hey man, Scottish independence bitch.

  24. underneon marina

    love the treats

  25. andrew robertson

    a very poor choice for a single and a very poor track in general. such a waste of a really talented guitarist.


    But I liked it

    Andrew M

    I remember PJ Harvey fans said the same when she released 'Is This Desire', which investigated electronic dance music. But I think it's one of the best things she ever did.

  26. jetglo330

    If this is the next single, why isn't it available for pre-order through Domino's website?!?

  27. Sirilenia Lamsters

    love this song

  28. Jennifer Michelle Crawley

    this may be the best thing I've ever seen

  29. Fergus Burke

    It means she would get down on her knees and give ya a hand shandy if ya gave her a bag of taytos.


    ew, wtf

  30. Dare Diablos

    It has a primal feel to it.

  31. kim al

    striking woman

  32. Reena Mallen

    Meh, not impressed to be honest.

  33. trinisun

    This song is so freaking cool :-)

  34. Lorrie Sauro

    I like it

  35. Brigitte Mey

    Petite ritournelle prenante avec son ambiance perso
    Petites gouttes d eau , tombent , tombent ....

    E. Flouz

    Brigitte Mey génial

  36. Jean-Luc Maske-Stockdale

    I don't mean to be mean but she sounds a lot like that old guy from family guy who whistles every time he pronounces the letter "S". I can't remember his name though... But it's really because she's literally whispering the lyrics.

  37. 하다솜

    Music is my style!! ^0^

  38. 하다솜

    Music is my style!! ^0^

  39. Mateus Oluntosko

    Sorry, i prefer k.o.l.

  40. TRVL-Architects

    O.o OMG it feels like I'm high >.<

  41. pelin akat

    red, black and gold 

  42. Fergus Burke

    I'd say she's dirty out, wud scratch ur back while fcuk in her. Quite a departure but good trippy vibe.

  43. drizzit71

    so trippy :)

  44. suburbanflower

    anna calvi what the fuck happened to you? I miss your psychedelic and experimental guitar stabs

  45. Anthony Wood

    I don't think she's actually playing that guitar. this song disturbs me. I don't like it.


    My new favourite artist;awesome live!!!

  47. Gloria Mercy Castillo

    I'm Sorry, I don't like this

    João Ignacio

    I'm sorry, I don't care if you like it or not... I like the song and adore Anna.

    Sylvia Black

    Don't be sorry. You can still like Anna and not like this. It is your right to do so and say so. To those who replied to you with vitriol... no one cares what they think either.