Anna Calvi - Eliza Lyrics

The lonely won't hold me for good
Peaceful is gleaming she stood
To see her, to be her, to change
As if like a kiss we're the same
So hold me up, hold me up
If only I could be you


My sister, my pistol below
If you could know all that I know
I'm falling, no warning, no way
Tomorrow, tomorrow's too late
So hold me up, hold me up
I know that I could be you


So priceless and godless I wait
To leave this soul behind
Untangle the jangle of bells
They ring my fear through the night

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Anna Calvi Eliza Comments
  1. Kra-kra Voh

    Анна я тебя считаю фантастической певицей

  2. Tomas Vlcek

    siouxie and the banshees

  3. Eliza 1594


  4. Eliza

    ELIZAS unite 😂❤️

  5. Lizz

    Eliza squad, are you here? =))


    Yep ahahha 😂

  6. a m

    Love this vid! but the ending when she's running in the rain in a slow motion is a little funny :P but still cute

  7. T Bay

    Not her best

  8. burningburney94

    Love this chicks voice.

  9. Joao Miguel Anjos

    this sucks!

  10. TheTestingGrounds

    I'm looking forward to much more music from Anna Calvi. She's a true artist as she's true to the music. Her songs are both lyrically and musically charged emotionally, and she knows how to use this effectively. While she and her band can create a bombast of sound, at the same time they understand that sometimes less is more and serves as an excellent counterpoint. Anna is just brilliant. We should all pray she continues to maintain such a high standard, but I'd say she'll improve upon that. 

    Tim Ollis


  11. Liza B.

    my names eliza and pronounced the same way

    Eliza Arevalo

    Also my name (':


    Also my name :)

    Ellye M

    Not my name, but my mother's. She calls herself Liza, but I guess it could be Eliza or Beth. All diminutives of Elizabeth.

  12. griffinmatter

    Her voice is strange and wondrous. :)

  13. Eliza Arevalo

    My name!!!! *-*

  14. Antonia Peressoni


  15. Vincenzo Barreca

    Ci vediamo a Ypsigrock 

  16. Eliza

    Aww this the song about me.?

  17. Eliza

    Do u see a difference from me read my name!!!! LOL

  18. joker86CJ

    Not bad! 

  19. Eldon Pulak

    She's just incredible. Saw her perform live last night in Berlin. She has it all.....

  20. Юрий Шалимов

    Eliiiiiizaaaaa!!!! Anna, i love you sound!!! You are the best woman in indie!!! 4,5/5!!!


    not 5/5????

    a m

    +Юрий Шалимов the best or 4,5? ;)

  21. Jeanyves Cousin

    hello breizh from laos my mind is destroyed

  22. Sandra Gonzalez


  23. nessbittrap66

    is it a competitive run or a challenge to get mad? In any case, joke apart, video film simply divine- beautiful voice strange, full, sweet and more. As well, welcome to a music fucking different this time! An electric shock, especially the guitar solo! Great Art performance Ms CALVI. Bewildering really!

  24. gm pm

    this isn't my kind of music, at least not at this point in my listening life but this woman is unbelievable

  25. offthebridle

    This ain't no part of nothin', sorrry...

  26. Julieta Bernal

    The lonely won’t hold me for good

  27. bigblacktomcat

    Rubbish video & for me, the weakest track on the album, sounds like it was mixed by our drummer. However, I think Anna is a major talent & a beautiful, original guitarist & songwriter. The rest of the album is brill.


    Sounds like your drummer, unlike you, knows what he's doing/talking about.

  28. Roberto Castro

    Such a powerful voice. Great song. Greater new album.

  29. Rose Leckie

    amazing unique voice


    I totally agree...both women with music by Ennio Morricone...THAT is the big thing to take into account: She's the composer we have three masters in the same person! V I V A A N N A C A L V I !!!

  31. Eliza Brownson

    I feel so special being an Eliza... It's a privilege to be named the same as her song title <3

  32. kim alric

    such a talented and gorgeous women! definitly underrated

  33. Pradelle Rémy

    Great video, great voice, great song.

  34. Osc1llate W1ldly

    i beg to differ. Check out Nadine Shah and let us know

  35. Thomas Lord

    I'm right with you there. I saw her two years ago and was blown away. It was the best gig I've been to for twenty years. She just politely said thank you at the end of a song and played the next one, which is exactly what I wanted. If I wanted audience interaction I'd have gone to see a stand up comedian.
    And from everything I've seen she seems utterly charming, even a little shy. Up her own arse! Bollocks.

  36. Courtney Beatley

    check out, little green cars, my love took me down to the river to silence me, GREAT song and excellent lyrics :)

  37. Courtney Beatley

    probably the best female singer out there now, much respect and love from ireland

  38. Papillon

    Good song. Beautiful lady.

  39. wonnatryit

    Great video n tune - Think this girls so talented.
    Respect to Anna Calvi and other new artists representing the UK.
    Alt J
    Jamie Woon
    James Blake

  40. Marco Leva

    Che gran Figa!

  41. Jeremy Swift

    Chat to the audience? Chat to the fucking audience? Have a bit of fun? This is not Chas and Dave. This is passionate music, high end talent/art/beauty, style and poise and you want a little chat? Look elsewhere.

  42. andrew robertson

    i do love her sound but the girl is so up her own arse when it comes the image side of it.saw her live a couple of years ago and she was so uptight and boring. that girl needs to start having a bit of fun at gigs and try chatting to the audience otherwise she will end up like the vacant Lana Del Rey and i think she is so much better and more taltented than that contrived bubble gum queen.

  43. Eliza Okupniak

    Well here I am

  44. Francesco Bonfiglio

    she's annoying

  45. TheGiuliPel

    ahahaha, brilliant!

  46. Anne_Jazz

    Excellent, seems like the video evokes the sense of the song. And Anna beautiful as always

  47. CrazyEmoMadness

    okay, well my names Eliza..And this freaked me out.

  48. Gustavo Silveira


  49. Edazon92

    I feel the vocals are full of passion and so it the change in pace when she plays that lick on guitar. I can respect that you're still going to give the album a chance though. I'm hoping for some solo's like the one she adds to the live version of Love Won't Be Leaving.

  50. Marcy Stokely

    I think you're confusing her with someone else. Two years ago she was still living at home with her parents when she wasn't on the road.

  51. gadjo007

    Awsome song and great video! Can't wait to hear the album (3

  52. funlovingnun

    christian science monitor

  53. Louise Lasat

    So. The longer she thinks about Eliza, the wetter she gets?

  54. funlovingnun

    she has a husband and 3 kids

  55. Cláudia Galrinho

    where did u read that?

  56. Devan Brown Productions

    I love it, this is dope

  57. alobixx

    Is she lesbian?

  58. Jamie

    love the song but terrible video

  59. moulinette

    You put her in a category of wanting her to sound like PJ Harvey, then are disappointed when she doesn't? I think she has only stated at about every possible chance that they shouldn't be compared and the only reason people do so is because they are female guitarists. You have only yourself to be disappointed with for making that lazy comparison in the first place.

  60. disgraceland uk

    Oh, I'm very open minded. A look through my vids will show you that.

  61. disgraceland uk

    I'll give the album a day in court when it's released. It'll have to live up to a high standard, though, after epic releases from Chelsea Wolfe and Nadine Shah. I had previously put Anna in a "new PJ Harvey" category. (Not that we need one, the old one is doing just fine, but you get my drift) Starting to think that was wishful thinking.

  62. disgraceland uk

    Therein lies the rub. I like the dark edge to the first album and I definitely don't feel passion in this. Feels kinda hollow. I'll still listen to the album, maybe it's a grower...we'll see.

  63. autumngrace82

    so real

  64. Flippaarn

    This is so beautiful, can't stop watching this video. Pure beauty

  65. André Correia

    3:15 the earth stood still...

  66. Avalon

    Oh, that bit I saw.

  67. Cátia Santos

    I fell in love again.

  68. darren nuttall

    that voice,that tune,even the guitar solo.

  69. funlovingnun

    It's fast, but she kisses the girl on the neck.

  70. Emma Doherty

    Well, obviously i like this.

  71. Avalon

    What's so special about that, "knifre" through belly button?

  72. Edazon92

    At first I thought that I didn't much care for this track, but I feel like I hear progress from the first album to this. After listing to her debut for so long I found myself thinking that I wanted something more upbeat from her and I think she managed to add a pop-like more broad appealing sound in the beginning of this track and then she adds that guitar part in the middle and all the intensity and passion is still there. Listening to it now I think this is one of her best tracks

  73. Edazon92

    Too much <_<

  74. Edazon92

    I think if she were a bit more scantly clad I might agree with this comment. And in my dreams Anna's always more of the wholesome mistress type who never shows her body she just teases and teases... <_<

  75. Say Avendaño

    :) so good¡¡

  76. McDummy Shortbreadsticks

    Eliza Doolittle - Anna

  77. Linda Karlsone

    tehno beauty

  78. Jeffrey Howarth

    A very 80's video.

  79. Vic D'Arcy

    Love it!

  80. Thomas West

    Beautiful song & video. Anna has such a look of Jessica Chastain about her lately!

  81. disgraceland uk

    Big disappointment. Oh well, I have the Nadine Shah album to obsess over, and new Chelsea Wolfe on Monday...

  82. LucaDePaoli

    I agree with you!

  83. funlovingnun

    OMG freeze frame 2:09. You're welcum ^.^

  84. maggy271187

    Me encanta !!!

  85. Bruno Janiszewski

    always great

  86. funlovingnun

    Well.. It just turned into a softcore porn at the end. I'm sure Anna running in slow motion, dripping in water is a dream that Anna fans might've had at least once.

  87. disgraceland uk

    Feels a bit like a rejected track from the first album, if I'm honest.

  88. Guug Guu

    annaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa calviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  89. Bernard Khattou

    Its good to listen her again on this new track.

  90. 777Damiano

    It's a nice little track , where are all the comments on this page?

  91. Ai M

    Shingeki no Kyojin