Anka, Paul - Verboten Lyrics

Our love is verboten they tell us we are worlds apart

And we are forbidden to care.
verboten the dream I treasure in my heart

A dream we're forbidden to share.
It's just like forbidding the morning sun to rise at dawn

Forbidding the stars to shine above.
For we know
true love cannot be verboten

And no matter what they say

I'll give you my love.

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Anka, Paul Verboten Comments
  1. Juanita raquiz

    Memories of my first love lm only 15yrs old at the time

  2. Juanita raquiz

    I love this song memories of my first love thank you nancy

  3. Dr. Giallio

    Verboten, in German, means forbidden.

  4. Juanita raquiz

    Remembering my first love

  5. R D

    to those two who disliked this song, maybe you do not know how to appreciate the talents of Paul Anka, 'no? He is the songwriter of Sinatra's hit "MY WAY"... you didn't know that? then you don't know anything about music, so shut up...

  6. ABC abc

    Simplemente bello bello mi Paul Anka. I love him

  7. Rosario Escueta

    Yes true love canno’t be verboten , this is for you TR

  8. EC Musngi

    " A dream we're  forbidden to share"

  9. EC Musngi

    true love cannot be "V" no matter what they say...

  10. Roger Erive

    a song that prohibits me to love my boyfriend who became my husband afterall.That was 50 yrs ago. lol

    mariz nitura-alcantara

    Roger Erive ang ganda talaga ng awiting ito ni paul anka.

  11. Réjean Lefebvre

    Pour la relaxation, j'écoute vos choix de musique . Merci .

  12. Therisita Carle

    I can't believe I am listening to the song "Verboten " by Paul Anka that I used to hear when I was a little girl. Brings back good old memories.


    +Therisita Carle Sweet memories...

  13. Károlyné Szépvölgyi

    Kedves Nancy!
    Köszönöm ezt a szép videó filmet, Gyönyörű ez a dal. Eddig nem ismertem.
    Üdvözletem Budapestről, Klára Szépvölgyi