Anka, Paul - It's Time To Cry Lyrics

When somebody leaves you
That's the time to cry
When you know you're lonely
You're not the one and only
Who will cry

When your heart is broken
That's the time to cry
When you know she's left you
You'll know that she has left you
So you can cry

Happiness is what I long for
Loneliness is why I cry
For you have made my heart a slave
And now it's up to you

When somebody leaves you
That's the time to cry
When you know she's left you
You'll know that she has left you
So you can cry

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Anka, Paul It's Time To Cry Comments
  1. No Fಠ_ಠce

    It's 2020 and I'm still coming to this song, who else? 🥰

  2. saad al agbash

    Justin Bieber i mean WTF

  3. D34th Kinq

    2020... thos who r heartbroken?😢

  4. Royce Papeleta

    Really beautiful woman’s I would of loved to be in that room

  5. Vina

    Damn ma he's sooo fine im crying im in love

  6. Fernandez Fredzex

    Those nuns scared me..

  7. HarrodsFan

    The blonde bird in the background has the hots for him🤣

  8. Suvaco Games

    2:56 those looks


    What happened in teenage girls and boys??? Llllmmmaaaaooooooo

  10. home recordings

    nice vintage driver vocal recording, do you like?

  11. nazi eater

    teenage boys arent like this anymore because there are no morals, no one follows tradition, and you’re all e-girls

  12. home recordings

    nice the driver harmonic distortion

  13. Jhoan


  14. Ananya Neralla

    Nun 1: omg....he so cute We will go off have like 10 babies and 5 dogs....
    Nun2: are a NUN!
    Nun1: oh shit.
    Nun2: sike that....

  15. Patato Man

    “I was born in the wrong time!” Stfu🤦‍♂️

  16. Averylle Chelsea Roth-mortel

    He steal all of their hearts. And he steal mine too.


    2020 anyone???

  18. Ahlam X

    توقعت انا الوحيدة اللي تسمعها

  19. arlene Floriano

    It feels so pure love and romantic listening to this kind of old music.

  20. Zach Johnston

    This shit go hard as fuck

  21. joel Bélanger


  22. joel Bélanger


  23. Rosimar Celenze

    Bravíssimo! Monstro sagrado da musica, bela homenagem!

  24. morgan

    My crush looks just like Paul, that explains so much...

  25. Neia Reis

    Kara eu sou o único adolescente que gosta desse kara

  26. Nol Forbz

    Nun gone moist

  27. Arian Biado


  28. Max Martinez

    Smooth and meaningful.😭🤧

  29. Euphoria

    He was so attractive when he was younger wth.

  30. itz.ya.gurl.Kagome

    Fun fact This was shot for a movie call Girls Town you should watch it's on YouTube.

  31. Alya

    That girl on 2:15. She’s really beautiful, I can’t take my eyes of her😍

  32. Juliana Vidotti

    As we see, In this era was no black people

  33. 志敏. 소라

    l found smth 1:02 hehe

  34. Limbu Dilon

    Happiness is what I longed for ..
    Loneliness is why I cry 🎶💕💕

  35. Hunneyyy Boo

    His voice is literally pure, so I’m fallen for him.😭😭💖💖💖

  36. Romario Cardoso

    I born in 1989 but i love old song .. this is so Good.. no drugs, no nasty Gilrs, no porn, is pure talent ...
    Thank you Paul !!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Layla Hmouz

    i wish boys would look like this :(

  38. Rian Budifebrianto

    Sedih banget tiap denger lagu ini

  39. giovanny

    The last “so you can cry” gets me everytime 🌻

  40. John Carlo Benlot

    paul anka is a living legend

  41. Jihad jar

    Thank god that he give as someone sing like u ❤

  42. JUN PRO YT

    2:45 awkward moment HAHAHA

  43. Carlos Portugues

    And as of 2019 he’s yet to be inducted into the RRHF!!

  44. Pablo gamer

    Paul anka, Muisics perfect, Nices

  45. 아론임

    Girl: omg he's Hottt

    paul anka

    She have gum on hair

  46. Dee

    if i wasn't black i would definitely go back in this time period

  47. Kanoho

    This guy pulled in bxtches 100%

  48. Queen Kyy

    Boys nowadays: 4ktrey slime all day that’s on my momma 😭😭😭😭

  49. Tara Bobo

    This man is older than my great grandma and she 72!!! I'm shocked but I love his music

  50. grado 904

    The fact that he's still alive makes me so happy.

  51. altair serres

    Lo más bello!

  52. Jassysm

    Classy girls

  53. Miz K Coloso

    at the young so powerful voice... no wonder he is a legend👍👏😍and good looking❤️😜

  54. Kayla Anderson

    2:35 she bad af😂😍

  55. des tiny

    2:42 is just such a beautiful moment lmao

  56. Zahra loves bts 3 years so far

    Now I ca T see a nun without remembering the movie THE NUN

  57. Jennifer Moreno




  59. Gosia Bolka

    Cry tonight 😓😓😓So really love it

  60. supreme e bape

    Respect from Brazil - September,2019

  61. proud mary

    Before he got a nose job?

  62. Dope

    Nossa mano, adoro as músicas dele.

  63. Nathalya Farias Nunes

    Cadê os brasileiros escutando esse Deus?

  64. Prime FPS

    Isso ta mt bom

  65. jania syaban

    Kirain valak

  66. 私はSuicidal Angel

    so good ❤

  67. bolachinha TT

    0:46 this is me right now

  68. mttaev

    I know so many teen boys today who still dress like this and are so pure and sweet. They said it's because they know deep in they're heart, they are 50's babies.

  69. Cover Up

    The other nun has the evil looks and smile. Hmm

  70. Kim Taehyung

    Wow back in the old days guy's are much handsome then today 😞😍

  71. Amanda sanchez

    Paul Anka is the original Mr. steal your girl

  72. jourelle Lane

    Excrement 💩excrement 💩
    People must have had shit in their
    Ears back then to call this horrible
    Fat meat voice singing
    What an embarrassment to Canada

  73. Aamrin Malkani

    I'm in love with Paul 😘😘

  74. zey

    2:43 when you do something embarrassing at public and your mom gives a look

  75. Eva Aprillianti

    Stand, sing, smile, slay

  76. Rayla Ferreira

    Caralho, só eu q acho essas mulheres lindas?

  77. Pretty The Princess


  78. mr. travadão

    Is very Crazy ;)

  79. i’m a bad bitch you can’t kill me

    we need more teens like paul in this age

  80. BulletChamp 1815

    2019 anyone

  81. Muhammed Ali

    You were 17. I'm sorry Paul.

  82. idontknow myname

    i really like boys before than boys this days

  83. Kawaii Chuchu

    2019 anyone?

  84. Sleepy SunChip

    the thumbnail

  85. Daniel oliveira

    Alguém 2019 ?

  86. Eman Iqbal vlogs

    2:58 that girls smile 😊😊😊😊😊

  87. tiquin de tudo

    Acho que nasci tarde de mais.

  88. blue sky

    I thought he was Jewish. 😆 he kinda looks like Danny Thomas. Who is also lebannese.

  89. _ᄂΛGZ

    Back when teens weren’t mental. Our gen is fucked

  90. Gordon Young

    We have land whales now adays that feel the need to blow out your eardrums

  91. Zoha Kurd

    Damn even the nuns are swooning over him 😍😍

  92. Bernadette Barbarise

    Men like him is what we need in our lives classy and a little bit sassy 👏🏻

  93. honey monet

    Even the nuns were about to risk it all

  94. The Weirdest Doodler

    the title is me after Endgame

  95. feed the void

    He was fine af nobody can change my mind

  96. Noah

    Algum brasileiro ouvindo esse hino?