Anka, Paul - Intensity Lyrics

Is the name of the song. The way it's going,
We'll be [?] before too long.

Hearts, flowers, and love for you
Was a gift I never knew...
Was a feeling I never knew...
Was an experience I never knew.

Our light romance we tried to keep,
But, we still swam in the deep.
We were cautioned by the signs,
But we ignored the lines.

The chain around my neck, I knew,
Was the start of events to come true.
We pledged each other, gold for gold,
With a vision to mold.

We keep it cool, they say, "Don't be a fool."
We know third's a charm; we won't cause harm.
The vibrations get stronger,
I want to be in your arms longer.

Our minds open wide
To accept each other, side by side

In ten cities across the land,
I knew I'd find my man.
Hearts, flowers, and love for you
Was a feeling I never knew.

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