Anka, Paul - I Remember Lyrics

There were birds in the trees
Singing sweet melodies
I remember
How the hours passed away
To the break of the day
I remember
How our hearts quickly beating
And our lips softly meeting
I remember
The wind in your hair
Left it glow everywhere
My darling
I remember the feeling
When I thought I was really
In heaven
As we kiss and caress
All I knew I was blessed
With your love
Now, the birds they keep singing
The wedding bells are ringing
My darling
For now and forever
We'll be together
To remember

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Anka, Paul I Remember Comments
  1. Mirtha Sacchi

    Every night Paul's sweet voice lulls me to sleep. Love him with all my heart!

  2. Anna-Liisa Luukkanen

    Such a beautiful song and almost like in heaven.

  3. Ivan