Anka, Paul - I Love You Baby Lyrics

As I walk by the seaside
As I walk through the grass
I see little bluebirds
Making love while I pass
Bees are hummin' and they're singin' everywhere
Everyone's in love

Oh oh
I love you baby, I love you so
I need you honey, I'll never let you go
'Cause you're the girl in my heart
You're the one I adore
And I-I I love you

As I walk by the schoolyard
As I walk by the gate
I see the weeping willow
Where we kissed on every date
And carved in the bark
You'll find an arrow and a heart
And underneath it says

Oh oh
I love you baby, I love you so
I need you honey, I'll never let you go
'Cause you're the girl in my heart
You're the one I adore
And I-I I love you

[Instrumental Interlude]

As I walk to the corner
And I pass the candy store
I hear the very music
That I once heard before
Oh how you held me as the music softly played
I was so in love

Oh oh
I love you baby, I love you so
I need you honey, I'll never let you go
'Cause you're the girl in my heart
You're the one I adore
And I-I I love you
I-I I love you
I-I I love you


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Anka, Paul I Love You Baby Comments
  1. Clary Bueno

    Excelent !!!

  2. Luis el grande

    Es la gran verdad AJ

  3. Gencoaygun

    Güzel yorum 3:21

  4. Pheonix Gaming

    Siapa yang kesini gara gara erpan?? :v

    6Licole 6 Agresz6

    batang hidung tu bocah

  5. Max Nime

    Dateng ke sini cuma gara² Erpan

  6. RaditKalin

    yan kesini gara" erpan mana suaranya

    Danial MD

    RaditKalin qw

  7. Astro Kyo


    6Licole 6 Agresz6


  8. Eden Ruiz

    'Melting me softly' ❤

  9. Arm Aqhil


  10. Jearl

    Who sings the version on The Applebee's commercial?

  11. Peterson CobraGT350

    Frankie Vallie though...


    I came here for the version on the Applebees's commercial.

  12. Roberto Alvarez


  13. hanna vu

    2019 anyone?

    juanjo DJ

    Esta canción me hace sentir calidez y tranquilidad


    hanna vu of cors

  14. you318

    Great song but sounds nothing like Paul Anka.


    It's actually Frankie Vallie.


    It's actually Morten Harket.

  15. antoine raga

    j adore 2019

  16. Paola Rodr



    This isn't Sinatra mate...


    It's Morten Harket.

  17. Marie J P C

    me: *search I love you baby by Frank Sinatra*
    me: *search I love you baby by Paul Anka with the exactly same audio as the last one*
    me: Wait WHAT?
    I really need to know who is the one who is singing please

    Noah Monnier

    Guess what it gets even worse theres another video same audio with frank vali but it does say on google it was frank vali so maybe that might help


    paul anka is the real singer lol. Frank Sinatra has a really mature and natural voice. Paul's voice is far softer and soothing.

  18. Delphine De Wilde


  19. Luciana Pilar Coronel Alvarez

    I LOVE YOU BABY!!! :v

  20. - B l a c k b ï r d -

  21. Jack Solier Garcia

    Cant take my eye off you..

  22. Mike Owens

    Sounds like Frankie Valli to me

    Nugsy Malone

    It is him, I just listened to frankie valli- can't take my eyes off you and I Shazamed it and three times it told me it was "Paul anka- I love you baby" WTF

    Nugsy Malone

    Or.... Frankie Valli and Paul anka are the same person and its a conspiracy, or somebody just recorded the wrong songs and posted. Occam's razor

  23. Juan Velarde


  24. Grease Ball

    This is frankie valli

  25. Abdullah Ahmed

    This is not Paul Anka😂😂😂

    Abdullah Ahmed

    Harrison Parrado sorry I don’t understand your language

    Norin Radd

    @Abdullah Ahmed he's saying the singer is Morten harket.

    Abdullah Ahmed

    Harrison Parrado no mate. Search it by the name “Frankie ville cant take my eyes off of you”

    Miguel Eduardo Bonilla Cornejo

    @Abdullah hamed, first, sorry for my English, I speak only Spanish; yes, Frankie Vallie sing this song, but Morten Harket is singing in this video

    Abdullah Ahmed

    Miguel Eduardo Bonilla Cornejo God! I didn’t know, just searched it actually it’s a cover by him. The whole time I was thinking it was frankie ville singing! That did even sound him. Thank you mate❤️

  26. jellly fish

    this is honestly a really nice love song

  27. Andreia Luízas


  28. ruben ibarra perez

    Orale no sabia que cantaba esa cancion mi gran Paul Anka,que padre.Disculpen hoy quiero escribir en mi idioma,posteriormente les hablare en el suyo.Saludos

    Hellen betancourt

    No es de el, es de el mejor Frank Sinatra

  29. flixled


  30. :Penguin Pilot:

    Coneheads anyone?

  31. ugh ._. isabella

    where can I get this song ? ;-;

    iali 007

    Go on in google and then you can download the song

    Praneel Kamble

    @iali 007 thank you for the link...🤗

  32. 요거트딸기

    제가 20년전인 중학생때 듣고 가슴 설레였던 곡입니다♡ awesome~♡

  33. Luis Salas

    el francotirador

  34. patrick mckenna

    Happy Birthday .Love your songs

  35. Sebastiana Silva

    ótima música do Paul anka

  36. Siamak Jabarnia

    Sehr Shon

  37. Adel Khalil

    great from the great old time

  38. Theresa Kosmetschke

    the best song i ever heard

  39. desert hawk

    This is not darude sandstorm.

    Yhannet Peña

    .... Lol

    Mush Man • 10 years ago

    Four seasons

  40. Olunja Gitter

    Titel: "Can´t take my Eyes off you" von Morten Harket (A-ha) und Kim Ross (Italo-Disco-Stil) and, and, and......

    Ed lui

    +Olunja Gitter You are right , this is Can,t take my eyes off you. The version of I love you baby by Paul Anka is not the same.

  41. Krzysztof Grabiński

    What movie was this song in?


    +Krzysztof Grabiński 10 things I hate about you


    Conspiracy Theory (1997)

    Logan Drayson


    Luis Salas

    el francotirador

    Antonio Rios

    They play this a lot at Pasta Cosy in Marrakech, Morocco. That's how I found this song

  42. zombiemaradona

    this is not i love you baby

  43. ЕгорДан Шишкин

    супер песня!

  44. Adrián Ernesto Zea Berolatti

    you understand that he want to be more than your best friend right?

    Jeff Alexander


  45. ZenfireTheWizard

    What are you talking about? Those covers are the best things about the album. A man ahead of his time. Songs shouldn't be trapped in your little box of genre!

  46. ygstan bigbang

    its my fav all the time ~

  47. The Moonlight Demon

    @me0munmummim copy the song url, go to nad copy and paste the url at the download box

  48. Nilo0Mil

    my bf give me this song for this valentine :x

    Ryan Flores

    Nilo0Mil how are you and your boyfriend now?


    @Ryan Flores lol

  49. Ricku13

    efi thodi sings it better...

  50. nihilistic telephone

    Can't Take My Eyes Off You ;) I Like this song ;D

  51. Nhung Nguyen

    Hi ,
    Does anyone know how I can download this song with Paul Anka ?

  52. Rocky Web

    ce n'est pas paul anka
    quelle erreur

    Lída Bartošová

    Est-ce Frank Sinatra?

  53. Chibihalo2

    See now this song makes sense for him to be covering/including on that album because it's in the style we all know and love him for. He and the Frankie Valli have a very similar sound so this works for him. The Oasis, Nirvana, Bon Jovi, and Pet Shop Boys covers are all good but they make you do a double take and wonder what people were thinking when they put together the album's concept.

  54. Sofía Ventura София

    no this PAUL ANKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. bannanachai

    ahhh... such a classy song <3

  56. Aanika19

    kocham to jest zaje fajne

  57. zabkins3

    nasz pierwszy taniec........

  58. junior pabon

    tremendo clasico

  59. Gosia Opebiyi-Bello

    i love this song!!! :))))