Anka, Paul - I Don't Like To Sleep Alone Lyrics

I don't like to sleep alone
Stay with me, don't go
Talk with me for just a while
So much of you to get to know
Reaching out touching you
Leaving all the worries far behind
Loving you the way I do
My mouth on yours and yours on mine
Marry me, let me live with you
Nothing's wrong and love is right

Like a man said in his song
"Help me make it through the night"
Loneliness can get you down
When you get to thinkin' no one cares
Lean on me
(And I'll lean on you)
Together we will see it through

No, I don't like to sleep alone
It's sad to think some folks do
No, I don't like to sleep alone
No one does
Do you

(I don't like to sleep alone)
No one does
Do you

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Anka, Paul I Don't Like To Sleep Alone Comments
  1. Roberto Carvalho

    Uma das primeiras músicas que dancei com o rosto coladinho a uma menina. Bons tempos

  2. Diana Hayse

    I love you. I would marry you no doubt.

  3. Abe Lincoln

    I'm confused, I love this song... but he says "I don't like to sleep alone, sad to say, some folks do". Later he says "No one likes to sleep alone". No one likes to sleep alone, but some folks do. It's very contradicting. Ok, ok, I'll get a life and stop analyzing 🤔

    aloha ola

    He doesn't like to sleep alone but some people get used to it.

  4. Ma. Luisa Bundoc

    Old songs.ever great..

  5. Marilane Martins Campos

    Belíssima canção!

  6. Marigen San juan


  7. Tutti Nuttchariyamas

    I'm Cold .

  8. Pol Mart CagatinPH


  9. Agus Sopir

    Gak kenek di download ki pieeee

  10. Dirga Prasetyo


  11. Pajop Auykan


  12. Arnaarnatv Grup

    Dont worry,bagus

  13. Arnaarnatv Grup

    bagus yah top deh

  14. Arnaarnatv Grup

    kami senang bsgus

  15. Arnaarnatv Grup

    pas dah sedap dilihat

  16. Arnaarnatv Grup


  17. The Poetry Pantry

    Just need a California king

  18. Arnaarnatv Grup

    cantik dilijatnya,good

    Arnaarnatv Grup

    Bagus hidup jelas

  19. Arnaarnatv Grup

    ysh tampilkan yeh terbaik,bagus

  20. Arnaarnatv Grup

    hebat sih gambarmya pengambilan yang baik sekali pas dillihat

    Arnaarnatv Grup

    baik dam bagus !! sip

  21. Arnaarnatv Grup

    wah sae pisan pokoke apik tenan bagus yah terus berksrys

  22. Yashi sandy

    I love this song ❤️...( Indonesia here)

  23. Timothy Perry

    Great song but I do in fact like sleeping alone. At least on a nightly basis

  24. Liana 3

    Enak bgt lagunya,ngk ngerti bgt iggris,tapi musiknya nyaman.

  25. Henry Tumidajski

    Beautiful love song for my wife who passed on 2 yrs ago and i truly miss her after 49 yrs not seeing her along me .many sleepness nights, wind up on couch half the time.Trust me its like your life is nothing to look for+had to put down her dog 6 months ago after 15 yrs Love+Miss You Guys

    Linda Kidd

    Henry, there is still much in this world to celebrate. I lost my beloved after 35 years in September 2019. Last night I fell asleep on the pillow next to my aged rescue cat who was purring into the night. I fell asleep almost instantly as I stroked her fur. There are so many dogs and cats who need permanent homes. Perhaps yours could be one, too.

  26. ram rsakkn

    Really couldn't live alone touching lyrics &voice...

  27. Dewi Go

    Fotoku keren ya darleng😎

  28. Dewi Go

    Sleep with me😩😩😩😙👦😙👦😙👦😙👦💖💣💥

  29. Ida Wahyuni

    Lagu w wkt SMP

  30. Awesomerp

    My heart 💓👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  31. Salbiah Mat

    Beautiful song

  32. Gigi Drummond

    Absolutely love love love the lyrics and the song. Had never heard this before today! Thank you so much (L.H.) for sending it to me and in answer to the question: No, I don't like to sleep alone but until I lie down and sleep beside you - sleeping alone will have to do❤❤❤❤

  33. George Michael learns to rock


  34. Dewi Go

    You sleep alone ya darleng😐🤐😯☹🙁😮come here with me😐

  35. Arjay Espiritu

    Took with me darling i hope ure alway
    S ok &safe god bless god protect u alway
    S &to me go knows how much i love u & miss u

  36. Cica Rustam


  37. Cho Sett

    Paul Anka sang and had so many hit songs starting with "Diana" and I like all of them, but this is definitely my favorite!

  38. Etty setiawati

  39. T-C Chinta iibesixty

    when I was young someone played this song make me love this song

  40. Christina Rolan

    Love this song ❤️

  41. Jl Mendoza

    Me acostumbre a dormir solo ,fue dificil pero te acostumbras ,me encanta esta melodia

  42. marcoaurelio lopesmachado

    Paul Anka, nosso idolo sempre.Adoro músicas.

  43. pisith raingsei ek


  44. Abu alghi Alghi

    i dont like to sleep alone 🙋🙋🙋👥👥

  45. veronica salazar

    Los mas grandes cantaautores para mi son paul anka, juan gabriel michael jakson!!!!

  46. Divina Banana


  47. yen gew kwok


  48. Mariusz Wojciechowski

    Zasypiać obok siebie zawsze,to naj...

  49. Khoa Tran

    low quality. sound so bad...

  50. yen gew kwok


  51. อดิศักดื์ วิจารณ์จิตร


  52. Johan Tapilatu


  53. 박주웅

    I love paul korean

  54. young jae Yoo

    This song is my best favorate one... Thank U Paul~~~💓

  55. Cattuong-Mukbang

    This is my mom favorite song. Beautiful song💝

  56. Roy Comendador

    Love this song too much dedicated to my one and only special friend until now i want to be part of this friendship maybe someday become forever, never changes this felling i always love you... MA RI BEL DY❤❤✨❤✌😍 DEC9'19

  57. cecilia vera

    Me encantaaaa
    Gracias por compartir esta bella canción

  58. F Tolennar

    Ada yang ingat ali topan muter nih lagu di kamarnya?

  59. Hoi Do

    Yes, I don!t like to sleep alone too because it!s very sad. I like to hear this song, thanks video.

  60. Rosy Paolini

    I like you very much, you would be the man that i desired in my Life. You are so romantic!

  61. Mai Lê

    You don ' t like to sleep alone do you? Me too

  62. Emelita Perez

    "" LEAN ON ME ""🌹💞 " AND I' LL LEAN ON YOU 🌷🧚🏽‍♂️

  63. Lotu Syuhlo

    I come from 2050

    harnila rossi

    why at 2050?


    November 25/2019 a ngaithla ve zawng kha✌✋

  65. Mai Lê

    Là anh phải ko quậy nữa ha

  66. Dania Lopez

    bella cancion la escucho noviembre 22 de 2019

  67. Muhammad Imran

    I Am Triad .. Triad .. vSeriousely l Am Very Triad Sleep Alone .. Alone .. l Am Seriousely Need girl friend meet me my queen .. 🙋🙋❤🌷💑😍😍

  68. Cemploek Ploek

    Muak dengan iklannya

  69. Manuel Campos

    I still like to sleep alone, because I'm affraid.

  70. Emelita Perez

    " I like to sleep alone " 🌷 " pls stay with me don' t go 🌹🧚🏽‍♀️

  71. Divina Banana

    The monkey will sleep with you.

  72. Vivin Yasmina28

    Cowoknya skin coklat muka tirus hidung mancung slim ramping jenggot 176 cm tidak keren dan kayak tampang arab keling dan arab yaman dan deni cagur !

  73. Suni

    Nice song

  74. Jo-ann Louw

    Love ❤️❤️

  75. Ruth Dias

    Linda canção.....

  76. Mai Lê Thị

    N DMM bài hát đã được mọi người biết đến rất nhiều nhưng c mấy ai nắm bắt được ý nghĩa của bài hát này trên đời này có ai không biết NDMM này . Thật hạnh phúc biết bao phải không , cuộc đời cứ phải có những NDM M để xót xa nhớ tiếc vì không được là của nhau hãy để thời gian cho mình biết đi...... Bài hát rất hay của Thần tượng tội nhưng người hát lại là HPM lần đầu tiên tôi nghe em ấy hát và em hát rất là tuyệt HPM

  77. Jean Rambhogh


  78. Roger Cole

    I am 66 years old now and I can remember as time in this world when it meant something to let her know how much she means to you

  79. Kay

    My grandpa favourite song when my grandma was out of town now she’s passed I miss you grandma

  80. Thanut Piag

    I heard this song since I was a teenager in 1985

  81. Vasha Lagundino

    nice song😍

  82. Ra Orasi

    I, m from indonesia


    from 💩 you mean?

  83. Ra Orasi

    I like this song, becous I, m allways sleep alone

  84. Roms Romul Omie NaoaiP

    As a Filipino.... We sing this kinds of Old Music.... :) its good for Voice....

  85. Divina Banana

    Stay with your wife

  86. Emelita Perez

    " i don't like to sleep alone " 🌷 pls stay with me, don't go 🌹💞

  87. Yaziid Lucky

    2019 hello fom INDONESIA


    wtf the shittiest undeveloped country's citizen comment on youtube? lol 😁, have you eaten shit yet today? shoo💩

  88. Jean Zimdars

    ddcated to sad and lonely especially sa mga nawalan ng partner sa buhay at pag-ibig.

  89. 仲龍唐

    記憶中之 高中音樂會 1984 ( 不知道名字的同學 高中女生 --- 只唱 最後一句 2:46 ) - 夠嗆 -----

  90. SM W

    I like to sleep with you~~♪~♪

  91. Dewi Tirta

    Miss my mom...😭😭😭😭


    Nossa ! Quantos faz que ouvi essa música ? Só saudades ...

  93. อมรชัย แก้วชะเนตร


  94. kencho zam


  95. Irma Rahmadani

    Loving you, the way i do @nda

  96. pisith raingsei ek


  97. กณิศ อาจวงศ์ษา

    Feel lonely💕