Ani Difranco - Napoleon Lyrics

they told you your music
could reach millions
that the choice was up to you
you told me they always
pay for lunch
and they believe in what i do
and i wonder
if you miss your old friends
once you've proven what you're worth
yeah i wonder
when you're a big star
will you miss the earth

and i know you would always want more
i know you would never be done
'cuz everyone is a fucking napoleon
yeah everyone is a fucking napoleon

and the next time
that i saw you
you were larger than life
you came and you conquered
you were doing alright
you had an army
of suits behind you
and all you had to be was willing
and i said i still
make a pretty good living
you must make a killing
a killing

and i hope that you are happy
i hope at least you are having fun
'cuz but everyone is a fucking napoleon
yeah everyone is a fucking napoleon

now you think, so that is
the way it's gonna be
that's what this is all about
i think that that is
the way it always was
you chose not to notice until now
yeah now that there's a problem
you call me up to confide
and you go on for over an hour
'bout each one that took you for a ride

and i guess that you dialed my number
'cuz you thought for sure that i'd agree
i said baby, you know i still love you
but how dare you complain to me

everyone is a fucking napoleon
yeah everyone is a fucking napoleon

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Ani Difranco Napoleon Comments
  1. वृष्टि icreamday

    ~Much love to you and all ♥️♥️♥️~

  2. abc defg

    this song is sooo self righteous

  3. billie eilish fandom

    I’m named after her.. 💗 My name is Ani.


    So is my daughter

  4. sabrina guidicipietro-varona

    she gives breath and understanding to our thoughts and actions in a beautifully poetic way....ive followed you for 20 years...and my girls love you just as much as i do

  5. 킴뱅구


  6. Bjorked Fork

    This was the very first song I ever heard by Ani - at the time she was playing a live set to promote this album in the OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) studio around 1996 and I had just happened to switch to that particular station. I was 19 years old and just in the middle of the grunge scene. Never heard anything like this before and to date Ani remains one of my most favorite artists.

    Amy Reade

    the first song i heard by ani was "both hands," the live version. it still blows my mind. and i have no idea why it was playing on the radio, but i'm so glad it did ^____^

    Tannya Carter-Schwartz

    Fuk yea!

  7. Kimberli South Torres

    Prince, thank you for introducing me to the talented, emotive artist Ani DiFranco.
    Ani, your music is amazing. Thank you both. All love.

  8. Teigan

    I'm sorry, but this makes me think of Tegan and Sara. I found their music because of my love of Ani's. A very cool boss I had waaaay back (2002) recommended them, since I liked Ani. And for many years, I loved those two! But now..well, you know. I have to wonder if they "miss the earth"

    Jessenia Rodriguez

    Teigan I grew up listening to both and know exactly what you mean seeing T&S now..

  9. Dawn Threader

    I needed to hear this song

    Carson Thaler

    Interesting name you've got, btw :-)

  10. Dawn Threader

    I think this is about Alanis M I love this song I used to listen to and think of a couple of souls I knew that drifted farther out to the sea then me

    Kimberly Roth

    It's about Suzanne Vega


    oh yeah ...makes it more interesting

  11. Jess Worrall

    the one and only artist who builds a storyline. allows you to imagine scenes, faces, emotions. like a musical book where you use your own imagination. a true musician. Detroit misses her

    Michael McCarthy

    She's playing in Ann Arbor on June 5, 2018.

    Leah Augustine

    El Dub very well said. She's an amazing story teller


    There are tonnes of artists who also tell stories in their music - check out Melody Gardot and Jay Buchanan's solo work... Ani is great though!

  12. the deeliciousplum

    This was such a joy to listen to. Powerful and thoughtful.

  13. Saxophone 101

    Magic middle finger goes with this song.

  14. George Kaplan

    dat fucking guitar.

    Jess Worrall

    George Kaplan dude! she's amazing

  15. Vaunray Ramsey

    you go girl.........................

  16. James Alexander

    dmn - she killed this whole thing

  17. Max Lietz

    Hello birmingham

  18. David Boerma

    I think she's one of the main voices capturing our time. She's up there with hendrix and holiday. It is just a petty she falls into gender stereotypes. But her guitar playing remains among the most original, every record again


    Your ex sounds retarded.

    Dawn Threader

    holy shit what are you ..........

    Carson Thaler

    A means to reconcile conservatism to rest at its source...

  19. nikki ponciroli

    thanks Ani you are awsome

    Kimberly Schwab

    Ani Difranco got me through ALOT of times. Raped 4 times. Ani is a Pure Goddess!!

  20. rob auk

    napolene mf

  21. rob auk

    this is my ex step dads song, the fuckin ass   hole

    Paul Johnson

    +rob auk I sympathize my Dad's a fuck-up. All my Father figures have been a bunch of motherfuckers.

    rob auk

    right on bro, i hear ya

  22. jae ski

    Haven't heard this in yeeeers! Thanks fer the post!

  23. Bookslug1

    Thanks for posting this! I've been wanting to hear this version for a while now.

  24. Vyxsin69

    I also couldn't find this version. Thank you :)

  25. Shannon Millar

    Love this! Couldn't find this version on YouTube anywhere, thanks!