Angie Stone - You Don't Love Me Lyrics

Yeah, oh oh, whoo oh, yeah

Boy, my love is fading
I'm sick and tired of waiting, cuz
Slowly you've been breaking my,
Breaking my spirit, oh I

Thought I made you happy but
To my surprise you gladly
Avoid me with no mention
Baby, you've got ill intentions

[1] - Cuz you don't love me anymore (You don't, you don't) oh no
Gotchu pullin', gotchu stretchin', gotchu slowly fadin' away
Cuz you don't love me anymore, oh no
Gotchu pullin', gotchu stretchin', gotchu slowly fadin' away

Baby you've been triping and
Lately you've been slippin' up
Trying me keep up with your rhythm
Your heart is like a prison

Thought we'd be together
And we'd be hangin' and kickin' it like forever
To my surprise, I'm wrong again
Lord, help me to understand

[Repeat 1]

Time since then has long passed me by
But it's alright
You don't have to worry 'bout me, no no
I have cried but since then my tears have dried
And I'm gonna be just fine
Living one day at a time

[Repeat 1 until fade]

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Angie Stone You Don't Love Me Comments
  1. Lynette Townsend

    It ain't real if you don't stomp on it stomped on this right here for real

  2. Anthony Choyce

    This one swings

  3. Abd almoneim Abdalla

    this girl has a beautiful 👩 voice
    from past. and present.

  4. jlpat58

    pulling, stretching, slowly fading away!!!!

  5. jlpat58

    outstanding!!!! heart is like a prison!! you don't love me anymore!!don't worry about ME!!! ONE DAY AT A TIME..

  6. M. O. G.

    Everyone who has had their heart broken can relate to this song

  7. Missme NYC

    Slowly breaking my spirit... speaks volumes

  8. Jay Davies

    i love this song.. it reminds me of my mother

  9. Bvlgari Mosa

    2017 Still so beautiful 💙💙💙💙💙

  10. Terrie McQueen

    I love this song....

  11. Favoured IJN

    Memories 😄

  12. keona jones

    Love this song


    Love this song.

  14. victoria brown

    I absolutely love this song

  15. LaChelle Anderson

    Nice!!!! ;~)

  16. Karjai Khyme Lisbie

    This song was in my dream yesterday. And I was dancing so hard to it.

  17. Sarina Adams

    Love it

  18. Chi88Chi88