Angie Stone - U-Haul Lyrics

I bet you realize this time that
When you see my friend sittin' outside
They were there to help me pack my bag and
Tell me don't listen to ya if you're beggin'
Cuz they know I comin' straight back home to you
And they know I'm a constant fool for you
So I'm puttin' my things on a U-Haul
And I'm blockin' out your number when you call

[1] - No conversation, you can keep your words
Cuz ninety per cent, I done already heard
How long did you think that I would sit here for
I'm lettin' you know, it's not exceptional

Ain't no conversation, you can save the games
And anything you say, I will remain the same
How long did you think that I would sit here for
Destroying my soul, it ain't exceptional

I can't believe you even tried to blame me
Cuz you're the one that changed, I've been the same me
And I've been by your side like a two-way
And like a pager with no clamp, that's how you lose me
So my friends come, they help me get over you
Cuz they're sick and tired of seein' what I go through
I put all of my things on the U-Haul
And I won't accept at all wheneever you call

[Repeat 1]

I should have left you're ass long time ago
(I should have left you)
I was too scared to be out on my own
(Cuz you made me feel like)
You made me feel there was no other way
(I would never find another)
That I wouldn't find love, I would be lonely
Cuz you, you (made) made (me) me (feel so damn low)
So low, low low, low low, low low

Now take a look at what's happening
This ia tragic like when Michael left The Jacksons
I told you, you should be careful what you're asking
You wished I would've left you with some quiet time
But now you got more time than any time
I know you never thought that I would jet out
But I left before you could tell me "Get out"

[Repeat 1]

[Ad lib until fade]

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