Angie Stone - Stay For A While Lyrics

Well, well

[1 - AS]
If you would just stay for a while
Sugar, we could find something to get into
Baby boy, it's all you
If we could just lay for a while
Let me ease your mind
Help you to unwind
Spend a little quality time

Girl I know it's getting difficult to sleep at night
I'm goin' to work, there's no one there right by your side
I called you up to say I'm coming home in a few days
And I would like it if we could just lay and play for a while

[Repeat 1]

Oh, oh I'm missing you so much
I'm making plans for me and you
We gon' unplug the phone, soon as you get home
Did I hear you say you're coming home in a few days
Baby I can't wait, I anticipate

[Repeat 1]

Whoa oh oh, I don't know about you
(Said I don't know about you)
I'm in the mood
And I can hardly wait to love you over and over
(I can't wait) and over again
I'm keepin' my faith (No no no no)
Yes, I got a jones, don't wanna be alone
Come (I don't wanna be alone) over
Oh oh, I'm missing you (See you, oh)

[Repeat 1 with ad libs until fade]

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Angie Stone Stay For A While Comments
  1. Darryl B.


  2. FCHB Offshore

    Still going very strong..

  3. krs1

    Yes...yeeeeeessss 🙌!!!

  4. Jeanita Ellington

    Simply good music to the soul

  5. Peter Hearne

    Love this Thanks!

  6. Brenda Lee

    April 8th 2019♥️♥️🇸🇽🇯🇲

  7. Burundi Embassy

    Pure Neo-soul right he. I absolutely love it

  8. Derrick Fields

    2 of the most underrated singers ever!!!

  9. tumelo seadira

    2019. This song made me wanna fall in have someone to go back to after a long day

  10. Red mud louisiana Morgan

    My love just told me about this 🔥🔥🔥🔥 song. Thank you my love LEALON J !❤

  11. Lena James

    Who's still listing with me in 2018

  12. Ngons BAMBAM

    Stay for a while please ❤️❤️❤️

  13. LaKesha Carter

    Still jamming in 2018. Aaayyyyee...😍

  14. Victor Dean

    A mellow song , one of my favorites

  15. Deon Richard

    One of the greatest songs ever

  16. Gina Grimes

    I've always been a great fan of the R & B ,especially these 2 vocalist....

  17. Jeremy Lee

    I can listen to this track over and over as I relax with a nice smooth glass of Hennessey.

  18. tiarra major

    Im 12 and know about this song wtf

  19. Andrew Norris

    good old days luv this song

  20. Dierre Barclay

    a classic understand me e3 2017

  21. Simple Life Nation

    Great song! Check out my version on my channel

  22. Renee Goodrich

    Love this on a relaxing night like this

  23. Tonya reed

    Yes mama!

  24. Gwendela Deloch

    I think I'll always find room in my music world for these two.

  25. Kimberly Griffin

    One of the tru kingz & tru queenz of r& b, luv them seperately & 2gether.

  26. Tammy Toon

    I You Just Stay for A While! Brilliant!

  27. Jamaria Brown

    I Love this song

  28. nzinga zindua

    I liked the original Angela Stone.  The thick, nine either hair bad azz lyricist.

  29. mpho gift

    real music only known by educated people like us dahm i love soul music all oldies

    Hlompho Segokgo

    you sound stupid

    Mfundo Mabanga

    Yeah he really does


    Educated in life and love, yes.

  30. Devon vancleave

    I have loved this song since high school

  31. 白の竜

    I finally found it.. After nine years!!!

    Makafui House


  32. Clianna Harris

    I remember this from my early years of high school. Songs like this made me who I am today. Dedicated to my love Marquise. Always and Forever

  33. Risha Namaste

    Silky Smooth....Love

  34. jgroove201

    That slugged bass yasssss

  35. Anah Forbes

    If we could just play for a while.

  36. Tasty Love53

    Just Stay For Awhile I Like Both Angie And Anthony Sing Ya'll 7/16/13.

  37. Anna Vukelic

    This is the real R&B (rhythm and blues).


    Real Music

  39. Kalena Rodero-Workman

    Smmooooth 1

  40. Joyce Joy

    Wonderful!!!!!! ♥

  41. Eliasdphiri217

    smoooooooth...loving this track

  42. scott pepper

    great tune that never gets old,angie stone,erykah badu,jill scott,mary j.blige make smoking the bud a whole lot better.thanks for the upload...

  43. idakoru inimgba

    Thats a black sis' we got 2 be proud of'

  44. Studio Izoria

    I'm Black, 18, and with the help of my sister, have made a videogame from scratch. It's taken us two years, and comes out in a few weeks. Our game is called "RockSmash!" and it features cute, Black characters. You wouldn't believe the kind of opposition we've gotten just because the stars to the game are Black. It's terrible people are still like that, but that's exactly why we need more Black characters in videogames. Please support Black videogames by helping us spread the word about our game.


    I might want to get this for my nephew. Where do we purchase your game?

  45. darrenmother

    This is one of my favorite songs.

  46. bubblinbrown sugga


  47. Wenefred Lozanguiez

    This Kind of Music makes you Feel so damn goooooooood! i love soul music. I'd rather this over Hip-Hop and and that new generation of corney RNB. Angie and Anthony make that good real feel goo music.

  48. Chloe Young

    I am glad that your parents opened your eyes too. I did the same with my children and grandchildren and they love the classics. This music, creativity and the gifts they share with the world should not go unappreciated. Share it with your friends, maybe they will hear what you hear and love it. We should all share more music...

  49. teachm3539

    This is an underappreciated classic, right here. I dear a lover to listen to this and not love it.

  50. TheGodiva40

    This is what love should sound's powerful and enriched with soul......

  51. Samantha Richardson

    love it

  52. Empty Tome 303

    I can't hardly wait to love ya, over and over again.

  53. simzism

    this is my 11 year old sons favourite in my playlist at the moment...

  54. nc2dc2va

    These two are artists! Gifted!!

  55. nc2dc2va

    These too are artists! Gifted!!

  56. Nate Wells

    anthony hamilton and lauren hill would be da bomb link up i reckon

  57. SylhetiFuwa

    Angie Stone is beauty

  58. mabosslady2

    For Mr.Chocolate Bar.....See you REAL SOON!

  59. smcneil40

    Love it!!!