Angie Stone - My Man Lyrics

My morning night and noon
My very I'll be back soon
My star up in the sky
My I just call to say hi

My world you want to eat now
My baby come rub my feet
My girls, you understand
I'm talking about my man, who

[1] - Takes me higher, loves me better
Holds me closer, my man
I'm talking 'bout my man

Rocks me gently, kiss me plenty
Holds me closer, my man
I'm talking 'bout my man

He puts a smile on my face
He knows everything that I like
He got me open
I love him, I need him believe in, trust in his heart

My intelligent thug
My necessary hug
My I apologize
My I'm sorry, you was right

My I'm gonna give you more
My what you want from the store
My girls, you understand
I'm talking 'bout my man

[Repeat 1]

[Floetry] I'm representin' cuz with themin' is where I belong
I'm implementin' cuz he motivates and make me zone
[Angie] Leave me oh, picture that cha'll
[Angie] Let's keep it real and matter fact cha'll
[Floetry] Before you think about *ish
Don't you give me wrong
It's all about the love, the love we be about is strong
[Both] Test me, oh never doubt cha'll
Cuz it's a feel good man that I got, cha'll

[Repeat 1]

He lets me be myself
Makes me feel good inside
I can't fight what it is
I want to have his kiss
Tell him I lovin' him only, my only love

You know he has my heart
He is my shinning star
My girls, they understand
I'm talking about my man

Through and through (He's the truth)
He cares about me (Knows what to do)
Kisses (Kiss him), his love is (Blissfull)
He's sincerely mine (I'll give him)
What he needs (When he needs me)
I'm believing (I'm so grateful)
That I got him, (That he got me)
And I know he loves me

[Repeat 1]

[Ad lib until fade]

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Angie Stone My Man Comments
  1. Priscila de souza

    Love ❤️

  2. Jackiedion

    I literally bought this album today, never knew who Angie was before until I went to the records store and i'm so glad I did 😍♥️

  3. Tania Regina Cisenoros de Beauclaiir


  4. Gershon Nundkumar

    This song reached #1 on the GNS SA Charts in 2004 and stayed at the top spot for 21 weeks (setting the record at the time for the longest running #1 song)

  5. Michelle House


  6. Makafui House

    Everytime I hear this song it's like hearing it yesterday 🙏

  7. joannamccloud

    my jam for the sound and flow of it

  8. Faith Dow

    I just heard this song for the first time. I like it.

    Suavelle Adams

    This is my first time hearing this here Jam and Angie deserves an Award !

  9. Felicia Williams

    This is slammin. I Pandora played it & reminded

  10. Mrs. Kenisha Smith

    love this song

  11. Fanouvvi

    This is jamming Shake it! shake what your mama gave you.

  12. Juju Ramsey

    This is the jam

  13. HiS2MrS2

    I love her voice!!!

  14. Ras Carter

    Thanks for putting this song up.