Angie Stone - Come Home (Live With Me) Lyrics

Long time no see
It's been a while since you were here with me
Went away so suddenly
Must have been five years at least

Now, you should know
Some things changed while you were gone
Had your baby, your only son
I just didn't tell no one

[1] - Come and live with me
And maybe we can raise a family
With all the love you give to me
Why don't you come home

Now I know this is a shock to you
You're probably questionin' if it's true
But you can take the test to prove
what you and I both know is true

You should know
The day before they took you away
Results from that test I took that day
Don't deny your beautiful fate, so

[Repeat 1]

You see it really doesn't matter
where you've been or how long
In my heart you left a vacancy
Why don't you come home
A promise is a promise
You know what you said
Come hell or high water
You are waitin' there

[Repeat 1]

Live with me (Baby, baby, baby, baby)
Family (You'll be my family, ooh)
Give to me (I give you all the love you need baby, baby)

Come on home, hmmm

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Angie Stone Come Home (Live With Me) Comments
  1. Nyree Morrison

    Still listening

  2. Joanna Broomes

    Love the TRACK. Love the song. But I ain't telling my husband to cone home .What goes in the bin stays in the bin .but I hear ya Angie GIRL ❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Paul Hernandez

    Forgot all about this 1. Sensuous R&B. I miss this type of music. Definitely grown folk music rite hurrr

  4. Shelley Holt

    My favourite love this track

  5. Jahrrell

    Very underrated track by a WONDERFUL artist,this is one of several tracks about her relationship with a certain D' Angelo !!!!