Anggun - Shine Lyrics

This life is light, its light burns bright
So we'll take it day by day, and let it be
And everyone will see how good it feels
Oh, they'll see the world for all that it could be

Oh, let the sunlight in
I wanna feel it from within
You spin me around
And make me feel like I could shine, shine

So what do you say?
If the sky turned gray
With a kiss you send
The rain clouds on their way

Oh, let the sunlight in
I wanna feel it from within
You spin me around
And make me feel like I could shine, shine, shine

This life is light
Its light burns bright
Every moment
Is a moment you could say

Oh, let the sunlight in
I wanna feel it from within
Spin me around
And make me feel like I could shine, shine
Let the sunlight in
I wanna feel it from within
You spin me around
And make me feel
Like I could shine, shine, shine, shine

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Anggun Shine Comments
  1. Joe Wiranata

    ANGGUN extraordinary.

  2. Hinaru Gacha

    What is the title of this film?

  3. NO WiFi

    Matter of opinion but I prefer rosi

  4. Pedro Viage

    Playing gtaonline bunker and listening this music make me invenvible

  5. Pedro Viage

    Yeeeeeeeah jajajajajajajaja

  6. Jane 27

    Anggun's voice so special

  7. Alex Ilyin

    What a beautiful voice!

  8. Jane 27

    Love ANGGUN so much

  9. R A R A Fauzi

    Indonesia is proud to have you Anggun 💙



  10. eizack bacariza

    I come here because of mikasa❤️

    Say Aye

    Try Lang mikasa!!!!!!

  11. Wira Dwiputra

    i want so bad anggun to perform this in Asia's got talent season 2

  12. enny nickole

    just came here cause Attack On Titan crack.

    King Poio

    im toooo

    Jestro's Jester empire

    enny nickole I came here because of a one punch man crack

  13. Must Virin

    well, it's so meaningful song,

  14. Daegco Indonesia

    her voice is very husky and deep

  15. Sksksisis Sisjswkksiw

    it should be attack on titan

  16. bud nouval

    really inspiring song, i get new motivation from this video thank you mbaa anggun you'll shine forever

  17. Sergio David Troya

    What this name of film??


  18. RandomUsername

    Am I the only one who likes Rosi Golan more?

    shana sakai

    i like it more

  19. 青栗山

    This song good but why it used for Pantene commercial?


    I still love this song

    Jane 27

    Coz Anggun is Pantene brand ambassador

  20. Mikka Plar

    I remember this TV Ad. Because of this way back 2009, I have known Anggun 😄

  21. Daphney Gutierrez

    The girl is Baifern Pimchanok from Thailand :) Beautiful song :)

  22. Fauziy Imam

    Anggun means beautiful in Indonesian language.

    Both version of this song by Rosi Golan & Anggun are beautifull and best with their own character.

    But I think, Anggun voice make this song so different with her rare voice character. Make a deeper power with the song to inspire everyone to be stronger. And the inner mesage of this song have received to everyone that hear this song ...yea be a stronger person with our limitation I think :-)
    I'm sorry for my bad English, I speak Javanese

    Sugik Prasetyo

    Sebenarnya nama anggun cipta sasmi bukan dari bhs indonesia , tapi dari bahasa bali yang berati berkah yang lahir dari sebuah mimpi.

  23. Iqbal Masuku


  24. mlody6012

    she hi hi hi hi ne :)

  25. CookieeMonstarr666

    anggun if in malay word.. it is mean beautiful/pretty in english :)

  26. Chikal and Tukang Pindang

    Make My Hair Blew

  27. coffeesweet1

    Love Anggun, Since my childhood

  28. Sergey Tonggos

    i cry bcause this video

  29. likukun212

    i got goosebumps when the first time i heard this song, ive been looking for this song since a while, now i found it. i try to get what this song was about. hmmmm it makes me smile, ah i love this <3

  30. satryo adjie

    i think, anggun n rosi do their best, each has own character, i like both versions, music is universal language, not to be compared who's or what's the best.....


    I was inspired by this video ... thanks to anggun and for this amazing video. let us toss away our pain, we're precious, let's shine !!!! :)

  32. mile428


  33. Richard Field

    Anngunn is perfect for this song. Perfect for the brand Pantene and a truly heartfelt video story. Love the little girl realizing she is is indeed unique. How beautiful humanity can be.

  34. M4Nj4 love

    awesome anggun

  35. Nurul Syahida

    what's movie in this video??

  36. Lisa Nativo

    @SingingDragonfly Rosi Golan wrote this song :)

  37. teguh gelap exo

    anggun has a strong beautiful powerful Voice....

  38. teguh gelap exo

    anggun keren dah

  39. RodrigoSkateDoido


  40. aly Yyyy

    Goshhh love it :D

  41. rigormortis43

    I loved this song

  42. beaversz

    she spaz in the end o.o

  43. Ky Colburn

    this is okay but i love the other virgin

  44. Lukas Ragancik

    very nice video , music and vhat name this girl

  45. cocacolicompany

    good story from pantene.
    good song from anggun

  46. duffy ization

    ya i agree!!!!! go!!!! spirit!!!!

  47. abdhee20

    the title is "SHINE" and the singer is Anggun, this song is officialy for PANTENE.

  48. makoy delima

    i love this video makes me stronger in life i know how to walk the paths in life beacause of this the plot of the story the character the song and everything is very different to others commercial it gives inspiration to the people thank you pantene i very proud of you guys and this is the reason why i am now playing my violin because just like the girl in this video i am also violin frustrated eheheh thanks alot

  49. zuel raj

    really love this song.....give me an inspiration...two thumbs up...

  50. supernaturalfan6

    this video is so sad yet beautiful. it brings a tear to my eye each time i watch it!!!!!

  51. supernaturalfan6

    no shes not i like rosi golan better

  52. chaise1995

    what? jj hello how are you?

  53. chaise1995

    me too isnt this a great clip!!

  54. pugsly6338

    what movie is that from?

  55. Helen Suhalim

    this is way better than Rosi Golan!!...Anggun's is more real!