Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me Lyrics

I ain't hanging up this time
I ain't giving up tonight
Even if you walk around
As though you think you're right
At your worst you still believe
It's worth the fight

I could make it all go away
Tell me what you think
And don't delay
We could still be having some
Sweet memories
This heart still beats for you
Why can't you see?

Shut up kiss me
Hold me tight
Shut up kiss me
Hold me tight
Stop your crying
It's alright
Shut up kiss me
Hold me tight

Stop pretending I'm not there
When it's clear I'm not going anywhere
If I'm out of sight then take another look around
I'm still out there hoping to be found

Shut up kiss me
Hold me tight
Shut up kiss me
Hold me tight
Stop your crying
It's alright
Shut up kiss me
Hold me tight

I could make it all disappear
You could feed me all of your fears
We could end all this pain right here
We could rewind all of those tears

I could take it down to the floor
You don't have to feel it anymore
A love so real that it can't be ignored
It's all over baby but I'm still young
I'm still young

Shut up kiss me
Hold me tight
Shut up kiss me
Hold me tight
Stop your crying
It's alright
Shut up kiss me
Hold me tight
Shut up kiss me
Hold me tight
Shut up kiss me
Hold me tight

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Angel Olsen Shut Up Kiss Me Comments
  1. ineedhelp

    This was truly her best era. 🖤

  2. Marie Sykes

    This song makes Mii so sad But I love it thoe💔

  3. Brice Lang

    I’m a big Angel Olsen fan but I’m surprised nobody else has commented that this video has very little going on. It’s just Angel looking into the camera and reciting the lyrics. There is no concept or narrative to this video.

  4. WriteHookTV

    Anybody else have a crush on this song?

  5. Eliandra Roxane

    Meu deus como eu amo essa música

  6. Rufus T Firefly

    #metoo No Kissy No Talkie Anymore!

  7. Oretal

    This song is amazing, my favorite from the album!

  8. Charles Carr

    i don't think that's her natural hair colour

  9. cat oh no

    My replika bring me here

  10. junkyard cruisin

    I would let her murder me

  11. Erika Hernandez

    Hope she replaces Lena De Ray🤞

  12. Gil-nam Moon

    At 1.25 speed, an already brilliant song becomes an unhealthily energetic mosh-punk anthem.

  13. Potato chip dip and lick

    My Replika recommended me this song i was not disapointed.......

  14. Patrick Buffington

    I have a new crush

  15. CoCoNut Cola

    im gay but i want to change my gender and become a lesbian after this beautiful video

  16. Horacio Ramírez Morales

    Why is she so beautiful?

  17. Alexandre De Morais

    The L Word Q Generation...anyone

  18. Mozndon

    So adorable in a Winstead Flowers way

  19. that dude xander

    Remember bumping this a few years back.

  20. Cynful Universe

    At 1:30 I imagine that the hands going up in her face that she continues to ignore are symbolic for red flags. It’s until after they start shaking that she notices them and tries to escape and keep avoiding them

  21. will walkr

    Videos that feature skating list here you go

  22. everelusivekudos

    TLW Gen Q

  23. Isaac Bobonis

    Anyone here after The L Word: Generation Q?

  24. SAM3

    so how many olsens are there?

  25. ChrisDutch

    You’ve got a deal,Angel.

  26. Robert Chambers

    Love this

  27. Growsomestrawbs

    wish i could rollerskate damn

  28. GJ2Indie

    And the award for "Best Song performed by The Strokes that isn't actually performed by The Strokes" goes to...

  29. Clemente Tamayo

    Yeah I love this fuckin song

  30. Jester Ruth

    This ending! Nahhh bruh you GOOD, plenty attitude fam

  31. Jester Ruth

    Let's please let this girl influence our generation like kurt Cobain influenced the 90s

  32. Jacquelynn Tippit

    No comments in 2 years!?! This song is awesome!

  33. santasprees

    Number 13 in the Santa Sprees' list of the greatest recordings of the decade:

  34. Colin Leipelt

    The song is so good and the video is so meh

  35. xmrchuchox

    The guitar reminds me to PRICKS OF BRIGHTNESS by Ratatat

  36. buttchug some jenkem

    i peed white

  37. Deedee Whipple

    Something that isn't heavy but remains compelling - just what I needed. Makes me happy to have someone.

  38. Kimmy Lockhart

    Replika anyone

  39. Hanako Ikezawa

    She so hates this song now XD

    Talal Khan

    Really?! Where did she say that?

  40. Ian Meadows

    Do you need to give it more attitude or...

  41. LesYeuxSansVisage

    I genuinely want to see Angel create a cover album of only Roy Orbison songs.

  42. Max Kroeten

    I'm not in a relationship. Yet this song is still so wholesome to me! :)

  43. Junior Couto

    lindaaa <3

  44. Marie Garcia

    A part of me wants to keep this masterpiece to myself because for some reason I don't believe the people in my life would see just how brilliant and amazing this is.... This popped up on my side suggestions when I was listening to Alvvays. This is one of the reasons I love YouTube. The beauty about music is there's always new stuff to appreciate.💚💚💚💚💚

  45. xanfus

    I'm a straight man and now I want a tinsel wig


    xanfus omg honey I’ll buy you one


    @Frida'sTwin Hahaha! Awesome!

  46. Valeria

    I can’t get over this, it’s so fucking good 🖤

  47. Manuel Branco

    I've never seen anyone with hair like that!

  48. Janky Jones

    Hotdogs and Temporarily out of Service? Hmm...

  49. Manuel Branco

    I've been in love with Angel Olson all my life. I'm 9.

  50. Hector Alfonso Tovar

    I just imagine my daughter will be half of her talent and it makes me happy... La puta jefa

  51. Chris Schultz

    Trying too hard here

  52. saint monalisa

    what? beautiful

  53. Benjabola

    What's with the wig?

  54. IVO Muzik

    Her facial expressions are so 90's Gwen Stefani.

  55. Josh Liam

    Seeing Angel Olsen tonight and I am HYPED

  56. Ripley

    Damn, I'm in love

  57. Benjamin Froehlich

    Roller skating is sooooooo fun too. Give it a try you won't regret it.

  58. Benjamin Froehlich

    Who here would let her forcefully kiss you? And be her slave?

  59. Tim McGrath

    This is now my fave video ever! Roller skates for everyone at Christmas!!

  60. Sapphic Vampire

    OMG I have a huge crush on her.

  61. emmieXbear

    Still love this.

  62. Full Moon Society

    Boi she thicc

  63. Dante Toska

    Could of sworn the lyrics were "Shut up kiss me oh retard"

  64. Armando Gonzalez

    Summer of 16 was the best time of my life.

  65. Gideon Thangcin

    Her eyebrows and her cheekbones are something I can’t take my eyes off of

  66. Victoria Chamorro

    This is giving me so many Ramona Flowers vibes, I’m living

  67. Alex Hernandez

    Such a fantastic song. Are there any other recommended songs/albums from her that someone recommends?

  68. Kye Munroe

    Okay, but... marry me?

  69. Pennelope Vega

    D I O S A

  70. Dani Ferguson

    thank to “Dickinson” for introducing me to this awesome song!!

  71. Gabriella Bonaccorsi

    does anyone know where the roller rink is? i want to go there and skate to this song.

    Paul Lewis Anderson

    Swannanoa, NC

  72. Sophia Anderson

    This is the style in which i love

  73. Dimitar Tomovski

    That's not how you ask for consent, Angel

  74. Dakota Spinks

    mmm very good


    Who's here from Dickinson?

  76. shatchett0

    Girl got some big ol titties

  77. aman


  78. Isaac Bobonis

    Anyone here after Dickinson?

  79. Niky Draven McFarland

    Anyone else sent here by their Replika?

  80. Vigneshwaran Devanathan

    I love this song but video is disappointing

  81. Angel of God

    My replika (hydro) recommended this song? 🤔 Don't know how to feel about this??

  82. ice bear

    This music video is just funny.


    Wow cool song she is one of our bands favorites!!

  84. Michal Ico

    This is such a great song

  85. daedrmr2dae

    gawd I had to look up the lyrics cause I kept hearing "Shut up kiss me Oh retard..."

  86. Sahara

    I have such a girl crush on angel lol pretty sure she’s an INFP 🤩💗

  87. RedRiddin Hood

    You missed me you missed me now, shut up kiss me 💋 hold me tight. 08/19 💐

  88. Said Mp

    Buena música

  89. Garry Williams

    Anyone else notice the homage to Kate Bush's Sat In Your Lap video? The rollerskates, the hands on hips pose and the 2 guys dragging her off from 1:25 to 1:55. See Wouldn't have thought too many Americans would be aware of the Sat In Your Lap video from 1981 so props to Angel Olsen for referencing it.

  90. соня ыыы

    I’m in love

  91. Tyler

    Please upload to Spotify!!!

  92. Emily Allen

    E A S Y ❣️

  93. Oforlikelalune

    This song sounds like it was recorded in the 80s and I love it.