Angel Olsen - Not Gonna Kill You Lyrics

My watch is blurry when I look down at my hands
I'm just another, alive with impossible plans
I turn the lights low but we both know where we are
And when it's over, what becomes of your pure heart?

A love that never seems to curse or to confine
Will be forever never lost or too defined
To lose the feeling of an endless searching through
How to have made what is never about me or you
That is the kind of love I'd always dreamed to be
However painful, let it break down all of me

'Til I am nothing else but the feeling
'Til I am nothing else but the feeling
Becoming true
Becoming true
Can't help feeling the way that I do
Can't help feeling the way that I do
Become a prophet
Become a fool

I'll let the light shine in
I'll let the light shine in
I'll let the light shine in
May the best of you win
Who is your truest friend?
Are they there at your end?
I'll let the light be black
And let some tears be shed
Do it all over again
I'll let the light shine in

It's not gonna kill you, it's not gonna kill you
It's not gonna kill you, it's not gonna kill you
It's not gonna break you, it's just gonna shake you
Shake you alive
Oh, baby

I'll let the light shine in
I'll let the light shine in
I'll let the light shine in
May the best of you win

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Angel Olsen Not Gonna Kill You Comments
  1. Kristijan Jurisic

    Wonder why her albums are hard to find .

  2. Yesenia Ruanova

    Captain Marvel loves the song very much

  3. chromodrop

    PJ Harvey

  4. Mariandrea Jimenez

    Who is here for Captain Marvel?

  5. Ruth Martin

    Captain Marvel playlist

    MANU10 X


  6. dennis Rock Bottoms kelly

    TOTALLY Love Angel Olsen's Music...and I've been punkin' out for the last 30 odd years...

  7. 13mwb

    This album reaches the ranks of Roy Orbison.

  8. LanIost

    This is one of the songs on the album that I initially dismissed and, as usual with literally 95% of my favorite music, this changed after multiple listens. Now I've come to the conclusion that this song is easily one of the best rock songs I've heard in years. Music that is more immediately likable is needed in this world but the BEST music is the kind that reveals itself after multiple listens.

    On that note: It makes me so god damn sad that with infinite access to basically all music that people naturally don't a) listen to albums at all and b) give songs only one chance (and often not even that). They just IMMEDIATELY switch to something else if they don't immediately like it. While there ARE songs that you can at least tell you WILL like a lot with one listen, it takes the brain a few listens minimum to REALLY click with music. That's where the brain starts being able to predict the parts coming up and you being able sing along, etc. That's why I hate when people dismiss music so easily. In my experience, the group of people who practically live for music all universally understand that it takes time for music to develop in your mind. I don't mean this in a pretentious way, music is amazing and that's why everyone likes it. It just makes me sad that these same people COULD be liking music so much more if they just gave some albums a chance to actually develop. Once it happens once ... you're changed. I was.

  9. k. espo

    holy shit, just discovered her. this song is so dope.

  10. anujbeatles

    The Who vibes

  11. Erick Martinez

    major nirvana influence on this track and on the album as a whole. this one feels like lithium.

    Alfie Barbone

    Sounds more like HOLE to me, ironically

  12. Scott Johnson

    my favourite! reminds me a bit like VU with a early cat power feel.

  13. Joshua Kirk

    Loving the album so far. So much passion in her voice!

  14. Bo De

    Best rock song I've heard in awhile, man she reigns.

  15. cocteautwinned

    Love the old,love the new. Love it all. Fantastic!!

  16. cocteautwinned

    Hot damn! Loving this!! Woot woot! ;)

  17. Woop

    Holy crow, she's got the pipes!

  18. tonyarmbrust

    I think this might be my favorite song on the album. There is vibrant passion here.

  19. Stacy Cole

    This album is alive. I love it. It's SO GOOD. I'm so glad you recorded it live Angel. I watched an interview where you had reservations that your folkie fans might not like it, but when I listen to this album it just sounds like good music to me. It's just good, AWESOME heartfelt music. This album is a fucking masterpiece. <3