Angel Olsen - Endless Road Lyrics

Well, every road I see
Leads away from me
There's not a single one
That leads me home
The road keeps saying "Friend
Come see what's round the bend"
So is it any wonder that I roam?

All the places I have been
Keep calling me back again
Down in the pines
I hear the cold winds blow
My heart keeps telling me
"Footloose and fancy-free"
And the road goes by
And calls me as it goes

Well, maybe somewhere there's a someone
Waiting there with a smile
And maybe there'll be a place
To stop and rest awhile
And maybe you weren't meant to be
Just a rolling stone
And there's a road to travel on
That leads you back to home

Oh, but I'll keep travelling on
Keep looking at the dawn
Till I can lay this lonesome body down
And when that day has come
I nevermore will roam
And every road I see will lead me home

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Angel Olsen Endless Road Comments
  1. Joaquin Shang


  2. Tossie van Tonder

    Hauntingly beautiful emotional voice with great expansion. I love the simplicity of recording.

  3. Andrew Liew

    Its actually perfect

  4. Brian DeMarco

    The great Hoyt Axton wrote this song.


    Ah, the more you know. The original sounds great, thanks for pointing it out!

    George Fleming

    Hoyt sang it best, but the great Ray Phoenix wrote Endless Road and other great songs.

    Erin Aubrey

    It was made famous by Hoyt Axton, but was written by Ray Phoenix.

    Betsy Knox Thompson

    I heard the song for the first time yesterday while watching a "Bonanza" rerun, titled "Dead & Gone" - Great episode, even better song.

    Betsy Knox Thompson

    @Erin Aubrey ~ Yes! I was researching for this, but never found the first name for the "R" in R. Phoenix.

  5. meeyowzahable

    gives me a bob dylan vibe

  6. Nonamesareleft99

    I feel Hank William's spirit in this song.

    Mike Buchanan

    I hear Buffy Sainte-Marie.

    Maya Magination

    I hear Angel Olsen