Andre, Peter - Fly Away Lyrics

I've fallen for you
I see your face in everything I do
And I can't let go
Girl you know I never felt so in control
And I don't care what people say
(coz you and I are gonna make it)

I adore you
if anyone should tell you different girl
They just don't know
Ain't nobody's business where we go
That's why I can't wait for the day
That you and I are gonna run away
There's no reason left to stay
Come on and

Fly away, fly away
Fly away, fly away with me

Let me show you, all the places we could be
Where we can just let go
Imagine being where nobody even knows you
And the way we spend our days
Ain't never gonna be the same again

It's your decision if you should choose to
come my way, let your feelings known
I know like it seems a long, long way to go
That's why we ain't got time to waste
If we're ever gonna ease the pain
And live to see a brighter day
Come on and

Fly away, fly away
Fly away, I don't care where we go
Just as long as no one knows where we are

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