Anderson .Paak - Mansa Musa Lyrics

[Anderson .Paak:]
Back on my bullshit
I got some money to blow, I'm lookin' good, bitch
Even though I's the king, I stay hood rich
Mansa Musa, gold jewelry
Ooh, what'chu talkin' 'bout? Shit, go two piece
Every day is Christmas, Santa got his roof missin'
All they do throw shots at the king, it's foolish
It's Mansa Musa, power, move, bitch!

[Cocoa Sarai:]
Uh, my money, money
Pocket so dummy
That mean my money so sick, I might just cough up a hunnid
Rich gyal in me own time zone, fuck whoever
Shit, you gotta love me
Now if you owe me mine, better run it
A hunnid miles nad runnin', yeah, I'm comin', still gunnin'
Shit that we be on, you could hate it or love it
And if I said it, then I meant it, muh fucker, who want it?

[Dr. Dre:]
Now I've been on some different shit lately
Like I need to dumb it down for this hip hop scene
Can only come around for this type shit here
If I have to bust around, it's on the hits, my dear
Now what we gwan do with all these hits over here?
Go up in smoke when I disappear, reappear
Hah, I'm just bein' sincere
Boss shit, how we do it?
Crack music, top tier, nigga
Shut it down, my nigga, chill
We could see right through that bullshit, you pussy, nigga, we could tell
Better believe my product sell
Made a billion off my bullshit and did it, nigga, high as hell
Overachiever, nigga, I excel
If my name is on this muh fucker, better believe the stock's up
Professional winners around us
Better fly, leave the buildin', levitatin' on you mother fucks

[Anderson .Paak:]
Back on my bullshit
I got some money to blow, I'm lookin' good, bitch
Even though I's the king, I stay hood rich
Mansa Musa, gold jewelry
Ooh, what'chu talkin' 'bout? Shit, go two piece
Every day is Christmas, Santa got his roof missin'
All they do throw shots at the king, it's foolish
It's Mansa Musa, power, move, bitch!

Mummy wrap, double back, gimmie that
Real rich niggas never advertise that
Broke niggas always playin' rich, puttin' on an act
Whoa, nigga, when your money grow, maybe we could chat
But in the meantime, I remain streamlined
Back in my ends if ever my money decline
I double my wins, now look how my whole team shine
Hell no, blow out my dough, I'm tryna keep mine
Nigga, fuck that snow up your nose, it's fuckin' ski time
Ho-ho, call up the hoes, it's shoppin' spree time
Don't nobody roll in a Rolls Royce where we from
So I'm goin' stupid as soon as I get a lil' sum
Dumb, they should have never gave you niggas money!
Hey, watch your mouth boy
You don't ball, boy
You don' maxin' out credit cards, boy
I'ma cash cow, you a hog wart
Tell you anything, you would fall for it
Get the piece, you don't really want war
Why the mean mug? That's uncalled for

Now I'm back on my bullshit
I got some money to blow, I'm lookin' good, bitch
Even though I's the king, I stay hood rich
Mansa Musa, gold jewelry
Ooh, what'chu talkin' 'bout? Shit, go two piece
Every day is Christmas, Santa got his roof missin'
All they do throw shots at the king, it's foolish
It's Mansa Musa, power, move, bitch!

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Anderson .Paak Mansa Musa Comments
  1. Gus

    is this a rework of what was put out originally? cus i distinctly remember there being a different beat and maybe even no feature from dre and no feature from cocoa

  2. t th

    next episode

  3. m0k0hh

    Did dre produce this album?


    he produced 4 tracks on it

  4. jnko

    Song about a fellow west African, u kno the Mandinka vibes

  5. 73tydy

    Bloodfire 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Mjj Factory

    Coco is a real contender !!!

  7. Mountain Man

    Dre still got money left over from sellin his ass before NWA

  8. Prolific Pops

    You know the song is real when Dre hops on it 🔥

  9. Joseph Kokai

    Dam dre is still fire as hell🔥🔥

  10. fchsean

    So Paak's just dropped the theme song for Black Panther 2 🙅‍♂️🎶

    Elite Maori

    Bruv yes!
    Yes he fucking has 🙏

  11. fchsean

    This the type of beat that can bring both Biggie and Pac back to life 🔥


    Duuude Biggie would sound epic on this. R.I.P to both.

  12. bumpin

    yeah this right here

  13. gruby 17

    What happened?

  14. J DH87

    Madlib !!!!

  15. Ahmadgazzy

    I like the evil trumpet or horn sound in the chorus background

  16. Infant Smiley

    Mansa Cløudy 🦁

  17. Edwin

    Those piano keys, and echo is all dre.

  18. Masen Eric

    Paak is so underappreciated it’s sickening

  19. Dubble J

    As a lifelong Dre fan, I gotta say this is TRASH

  20. K M

    Musical flourishes of horns and other instruments reminded me of Prince. Very interesting...different type of song.

  21. cube

    for some reason, i really like the little "oo-oooh"s thru the track. i always hum along to em

  22. TFN117 2

    King Kunta vibez 🔥

  23. Amy Dorgan

    PSSSHHHHHHHG!! Beat is fiah!! 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Fish Daddy

    Dr dre’s flow...💪🔥

  25. Orlando Souza

    TRash.... dre fell off its embarrassing to hear his beats... shit album

  26. Luke Richey

    This is clearly just a knock-off of Mansa Musa by historyteachers

  27. Adrian Perry

    Did Dre give Super Mario his Sample Credits? 🎮🎮🎮😌😌

  28. basedjj93

    Dre sucks

  29. Soaribb

    I like the sincopation

  30. Joseph Rodriguez

    I expected a lot more from this album I think dr. Dre really f***** a lot of it up this song with dr. Dre is like the worst song on the album.
    Anderson should have done what Kendrick Lamar does he uses his own production team and ideas not dr. Dre's..Dr Dre you are outdated af ND your rap style turned into shit!

  31. Phunck Yew

    Salute to Wood, Brass, & Steel. They brought me here!!


    Yep yep!

  32. themadrapper101

    NWA, Eazy-E, The D.O.C., Above the Law, Snoop Dogg, Death Row, Dogg Pound, Aftermath, Eminem, Xzibit, Shady, D12, Obie Trice, 50 Cent, G-Unit, The Game, Kendrick Lamar, Anderson Paak... Who's next Dre??

    KPG 4Life

    themadrapper101 u forget king tee and knocturnall

  33. matthew mann

    Hopefully Dre launches this guy

    iDemonKing- YT

    He is already launched LOL

  34. Bart Vb

    Dr Dre’s flow is so🔥🔥🔥

  35. MrUnsimplehumano

    BUSTHA RHYMES at 1:22 screaming FACTS!!!

    iDemonKing- YT

    That's busta dag

  36. magnoliamagnolias

    It's nice to see a sister make it chilling on Cooper with her

  37. Steve johnson

    I'm surprise more african americans don't know mansa people so lost

    Mark Benjamin

    Steve johnson then educate ✊


    King Kunta vibes

    Actually, no, TPAB vibes

  39. CAE Productions!

    come on your better than this paak most of them sofar i do not like

  40. Roger Christopher T. Golden

    It's damn good to hear Dr.Dre on a track...Dre please drop one more album #chronicthree


    He already dropped his 3rd album in 2015 Compton

    Roger Christopher T. Golden

    @themadrapper101 Your right about that one Compton was good but what I meant was it would be great to have another version of the chronic like Chronic 2020

    Aja x

    @Roger Christopher T. Golden Dr Dre 2020

    Kobe Martin

    I mean that detox album still hasn’t been released

  41. Tavian Williams

    This sounds like pt. 2 to Who R U

  42. BayArea Raider

    Wtf is this

  43. Randy Floss

    He should've put Nicki on this one

  44. Lil Pickle Rick

    I need a anderson & Nicki track🙏

    Ken Lennon

    Dominik Hofbauer that would be pretty dope actually

  45. Son Goku


  46. Retro2502

    Its Fucking ski time.

  47. Lil Pickle Rick

    Dr. Dre 🔥🔥 still the best Hip-Hop Producer of all time 👑


    @Secret Stash lol ye we know that history but ain't it ironic that quality follows him. They made beats then, he produced thats why the tracks sound butter. Daz even said they learnt their craft working with Dre.


    @Secret Stash Quick is dope can't lie. However, Dre changed the game. You can't say that quality doesn't follow Dre. The Sonics on Thr Chronic alone make him a Hall of Famer


    @Secret Stash have you ever heard white folk pit Deaf Leopard against Led Zeppelin? No or seldom. So why do we pit black producers against each other? It's just about celebrating their contribution to the music and the mark they left. The system has us competing against each other unnecessarily. It's complex from the enslaved and colonised mind, trying to count who picked the most cotton.

    Dre is like Teddy Riley, musically and sonically they moved the quality to the next dimension. However, they are equally talented and equally innovative musicians who just shifted the art with own innovations and creativity. Like Kanye, Jus Blaze, Tim, Neptunes, Swizz, Prim, Alchemist, 9th, Mannie Fresh and the list goes on.

  48. Scorcha Rap

    This is hot. I would ride around wile my friend drives acting a fool bout to make him crash lol

    Chavone Miller

    Scorcha Rap yassssss

  49. smokes from lbc

    feeling the album except this song and the one with Snoop Dogg

  50. LMICY G

    Dr dre is best

  51. Jimmm Grimmm

    Black Music...... and you love it.... Yes you do...... aaaaahhh

  52. Cam 816

    Song is 🗑 trash


    Cam 816 what are you talking about, “.. as it should’ve been.” As if you know what direction they wanted the song to be in. Y’all always putting limitations on artists. Let them create whatever they want. Music is subjective, just because you think it’s trash doesn’t make your opinion the gospel.

    Cam 816

    @Edwin exactly sir I commented and said the song was trash. You took it upon yourself too reply to what I said and gave an is what it is song is still garbage

    Cam 816

    @Edwin an what i meant by saying it shouldve been as explosive is because im a huge anderson paak fan and expected more from him lyrically


    Cam 816 artist is free to do whatever they want with their art

    Cam 816

    @Edwin ok dude stfu..whats the point of you saying what your saying? Just stop commenting and go jackoff somewhere

  53. Afric Network

    Mansa Musa The richest man in history from west Africa ruled over the Mali empire. He was so rich going to meca from west africa (Mali) he would give, drop gold to common people. He even messed up Egypt's economy when he came to the country on the way to meca in the middle east, because he was muslim. He was one of the many Musas(Kings) of the Mali Empire of west Africa.

    Mike Kings

    @Lee M that what say is crazy cause it can happen today wow

    O K

    He’s not the richest person ever Gengis Khan is


    @O K no genghis had the biggest empire but he wasn't the richest.


    @beatthecrowd001 It's also kind of hard to say Musa was the richest. We just do because we were taught that he was, but we don't actually know. Several other historical figures contend for that title, with far better documentation to support them.


    /X/EN musa, however, has a very strong claim. Its hard to deduce his actual networth, but his empire controlled massive amounts of the export of gold, one of the most valued goods of the medieval world, to europe and the middle east.

  54. mental doctor

    dope af

  55. Herbert Gonzalez

    Tf is this !!!!




    A fire song

  56. The Average Gamer

    She sounds like Cardi B

    Vincente Perez

    @Zoro Hitman shut your dumb ass up LOL!


    @Vincente Perez Lol calm down

  57. ‘‘

    Dre in 2018

  58. Colton Gates

    Just started learning about Mansa Musa in history like 2 weeks ago lmao

  59. Dylan Funk

    With my last name I'm required to vibe with .Paak's jams

  60. Harrison

    Never heard of cocoa Sarai and her first bar is talking about having too much money. Weird flex but ok

    Memory Love

    You new fans are bozo's go find another Music. Complain about this complain about that lol smh a whole song and the one thing you say is about a new female artist flexing smh sad state of mind we in.


    @Memory Love the whole album is great. This one song is OK, it's only OK and not great because of the feature from cocoa.


    how is that a weird flex when everyone else on this song and everyone in hip hop boasts money

    Royal rockateer OG

    damn lol, why you do her like that? XD

    bluemoon light *gem*

    @Harrison the song is about money sooooooo exactly what were you expecting her to talk about people? politics?

  61. Vincente Perez

    Glad Dre got away from Death Row....

    Monkey Magic

    @Secret Stash nah daz beats wack on doggfather without dre

  62. Unnamed

    Who watching in 2018?

  63. Sacred Kidd

    Day 3010... The ones who've disliked were never seen again. They deserved it. But what does the future hold?

  64. Adlane Chayeb

    Very innovative!! Amazing instrumentals!!! Perfect production!!

  65. AshtnMrtn

    Oh Cocoa ❤️

  66. Edi2019

    I have to stay hood rich! Thats it like the minimum cant go any lower i have to! xD

  67. Jay Sven

    "Made a billion of my bullshit and i did it nigga high as hell" 🔥🔥🔥

  68. Ebony White

    That beat is bananas


    Jalen Clarke dre didnt produced this beat

    Dubble J

    What? Beat is trash.


    Definitely creative and open to other Genre. It just shows the talent of the artist to be able to take it in other directions and still flow on it. The beat for sure has a nine inch nails / new retro wave type undertones among other things.

    iDemonKing- YT

    @Alexandra he did Him Focus..., and andre brissett did Dre did the drum programming Focus and Andre did the rest

    iDemonKing- YT

    @Dubble J Compared to other Dre beats sure it doesn't hold a candle but it's still dope

  69. CAsH M0NEY

    Dre 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    ImInfinite MidWest

    @Secret Stash shut yo bitch ass up

    iDemonKing- YT

    @ImInfinite MidWest Pac stan

    iDemonKing- YT

    @ImInfinite MidWest Actually no your a suge stan

  70. SahLence

    COKES!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU BIH!!!!!!

  71. On Da Radar TV


  72. Cody Dalton

    Anderson goes innnnnnnn

  73. dawg blanky

    Damn fire track! is dre still rap?

  74. Scotty Boi

    Yes Lawd! (2nd)

  75. Emerson de Oliveira

    Flow Zidane