Anderson, John - Bad Weather Lyrics

Well you got time off
And your plans are made
Your baby fixed you up some lemonaid
The radio is groovin'
With your favorite song
But somethin' coming down
You haven't counted on

To say the least it's a conrtadiction
To the weatherman's latest prediction
It was supposed to be such a pretty day
The wind starts a moanin'
And the sky turns gray

Bad weather is comin' in
Bad weather is back again
In the howlin' wind
And the drivin' rain
Don't go out tryin' to catch a hurricane

Bad weather comin' round
Bad weather really gettin' down
When the lighten flashes
And the thunder rolls
Don't go out tryin' to catch a tornado

It always happens on your holiday
Just when your thinkin' everythings OK
You grab your things and run inside
Yeah you can run but you can't hide

From bad weather Comin' in
Bad weather is back again
In the howlin' wind
And the drivin' rain
Don't go out a flyin' in your aeroplane

It always happens on your holiday
Just when your thinkin' everythings OK
You grab your things and run inside
Yeah you can run but you can't hide

From bad weather is comin' in
Hello its a back again
In the howlin' wind
And the drivin' rain
Don't go out a sailin' in a hurricane

Bad weather comin' round
Bad weather is really gettin' down
When the lighten flashes
And the thunder rolls
Don't go out tryin' to catch a tornado

Bad weather
Um m m bad weather

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Anderson, John Bad Weather Comments
  1. billy kraus

    A Country Legend

  2. wrangler5106

    I'm proud of your Seminole culture.....I love all native American culture.....

  3. Tammy Nickelson


  4. Will Wipf

    This song would not sound the same if someone else dang it,it just fits John

  5. boltwevl

    This song is a prayer. It even calls upon the personal Name of Yahweh.

  6. Joe Campbell

    Why not upload in HD

  7. Patty Ramos

    Had a horse farm in Astor,FL. Lost it and many good friends. Miss you Bonnie and Fred. Bless the Boyz in the Woods, Chapter 23!!

  8. Jacob Davenport

    This song is nothin but the truth

  9. John Gorham

    One of my all time favorites.

  10. Kathy Stokes

    not a country music fan, but I LOVE THIS SONG

  11. Hammerschlägen M

    Seems like most of the folks commenting on this video are half something or other(I guess from the waist down.. or up?). And the "bad half" seems to be Irish.
    Dafuq is up with that?

  12. completely strange music

    It would have been better if America had been discovered by the Europeans 600 years later.

  13. Deagan Z

    This song is perfectly put together.

  14. Shaun Smith

    The majority of people here in the land of the Seminole wander lost, and never see the beauty of this land right in front of them. Put down your phones, get off of the computer, get away from the cities and the people who continually destroy this land I call home. Get out and explore, and love the land we borrow.

  15. Keto trucker Ketones

    When I listen close I can still here the ghost of my assyhola cry.

  16. Keto trucker Ketones

    Way back in the days of oll, I ate a chili 🌶 bowl. Left my stomach turning, turning up stinky 💨

  17. Keto trucker Ketones

    Blow blow anal hole wind blow like your never going to blow again, I here u screeching at me gagging all of my friends.

  18. Keto trucker Ketones

    The last time I walk into the swamp, I splattered shit on a cypress stomp,
    I dropped a loof where the odders play long grass grows and the saw grass sway.

  19. Gregory Salter

    It's not jus country. It's southern

  20. Woody Walker

    nothing but a living legend.......

  21. Gregory Salter

    Victoria ur comment touch me. My pops loves this song

  22. Babe Clark

    John Anderson invented autotune and drones. "G" SHIT!!!

  23. Jeff o

    Listen to Shea Beautifull version Beautifull Lady Native American

  24. Mary Nace

    Beautiful tribute to the SEMONILES

  25. Lindsey Zacek

    I met John Anderson when I was six years old out of a little place called Eureka Florida this was in Florida off the Ocklawaha River he was sitting on a bench and sing by the river he burnt Sage for his dead friend as well that died on the river ... what a wonderful guy he gave grandma a CD he said don't copy it. And we never did ... we kept it forever

  26. Donna Lewis

    Love this song. I live in Florida, but didn't see any Indians, unfortunately.

  27. Sarah Lamb

    My name is randy my wifes name is on there but i go to my garage everynight and sing all ur songs

  28. Sarah Lamb

    He is my hero he got me to start singing at 12 years old i can sing this song and his other songs i sound just like him thank u john Anderson

  29. Halley Balentine

    i love i mean i love this song it's like a history lesson in one song but for real im semanole

  30. IslandPilot

    God what’d they film this with, a fuckin potato?

  31. dumdrop17 dumdrop17

    a deepened depression in gold, land of seminole. society's fingerprint copied? treating Indians with respect not topsy turvy.

  32. Proyecto de Vida Arbol

    My music teacher sang this to us

  33. Wilfried Frieauff

    so beautiful. Just awesome. Miss the good old country music times...

  34. sarahstacy81

    Who knew that a song about ecological destruction of a people. Would be a hit. Missing the days when music actually had something to say. Kudos to Mr John Anderson.

  35. Happy Monk 420

    Hey John, this song is so sad but true. You move me to tears, I think of all the greed of industry with no regard for the natural world. They rape the land as long as they are making money.

  36. Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation

    King Mekko loves you child 👑✝️🌹💋🔥

  37. Juanita Buron

    14:12 9/28/19

  38. Rick Hughes

    There is so much truth and feelings in this song

  39. stuart markman

    I am part Cherokee and my grandmother was a part Cherokee. I wish she was still around to tell me of my ancestors but that won't happen and thats sad.

  40. jrpone

    When Country Music was more than Cookie Cutter "Beer, Trucks and Chicks" songs.

  41. dirtyjew1974

    Brilliant song. He really brings the story to life.

  42. Scott Fox

    Listening to this, drinkin' a cold beer, smoking a cigarette enjoying the night time air by my firepit. Relaxing as hell and thanking God for all I have.

  43. Robert Vosburgh

    All very good I enjoy them all

  44. Kelly MD Royal space Nakajima MD director of W H O

    This song Reminds me of my childhood

  45. tim millan

    This is one of those songs...

  46. Arthur Walker

    this song makes this white eye tear up for the native folks

  47. BigBossMan Bearcat

    Real country music! Southern style ! Flo-rid-a

  48. Darrell Crowder

    "Seminole Wind" is one of my top 20 all time favorite country songs. The musical composition is perfect in that it tells a story without lyrics. Then there are the lyrics. I can count on one hand the number of popular songs that reflect honor and respect for Native American culture. Then there is the pathos and tragedy of the disrespect of the Glades (Mother Earth) by commercialized development from White culture. What a song!!! 🎼🎶💞🙄😁👏👏

  49. David Bradley

    An airboat ride is on my bucket list!

  50. Hammerdown

    Saw him in concert last night. He still has it. Awesome

  51. Tammy Nickelson


  52. Mitch Dunn

    I'd call it folk music.... it doesn't suck like country music does. John sure hasn't aged well has he... lol still a great song.

  53. luckyotter

    This song makes me cry.

  54. Josh Jacobs

    I was high back then

  55. Mid West

    John's best song by far. REAL country music!

  56. Jeanie Delgado

    Good country music!

  57. REDSKIN3116

    Aug 26 2019

  58. Harris Naseem

    This is such a beautiful song!😢

  59. Loretta Brockmeier

    The Seminole man featured prominently came into the schools with me to teach students about Seminole culture in the 80s...Bobby Henry. He was a fantastic craftsman and shaman...he knew how to flintknap points. The man shown very briefly on the airboat (with his shirt open) is James Billie who was chairman of the tribe at that time...He was a pilot and I wonder if the videos from the air were made with him....

  60. Jeff Rubenbauer

    They took my great grandpas land to build high rise apartments and a new road and new Supdivision. It had been in our family seance before the civil war.

  61. Gunzmith Dragonkind

    id love a high difinition video version of this

  62. vela matson

    love you john Anderson!

  63. Fisherman Fever

    This man is my relative my mom's maiden name is Anderson

  64. Ronnie Frutschi

    Sad but true

  65. John Golden Britt

    Does anyone remember who directed this wonderful music video?

  66. 88jamesventure

    This song got me through many bad nights stuck in Somalia.

  67. Angelina Hall

    Ur right John they are messing w our land even now

  68. Britt Nicole

    It breaks my heart what's happening to my Florida.

  69. Sandra Seals

    2019, still loving it.

  70. Junior high Flyslikeeagle

    Hey country girl...

  71. felonious craphammer

    This is a much better version

  72. Florida Boy

    Greetings and love to all from the deep South

  73. Bonnie Harness

    Love to hear all your songs but this is the best thank you

  74. Tina Stephenson

    GOD BLESS YOU MR. Anderson for this song because now people will stop and see what damage their progress has actually made.
    Their Progress = Genocide..

  75. Lisa Donnell

    He had the hit "Swingin", it opened the door to his very best song. His heart and sole is in this song. Although I couldn't turn the station fast enough when "Swingin" came on, but I thank it's success and this great song that followed

  76. L Schweigman

    Great to dance to.

  77. Thomas Atherton

    Love this, kinda sad though

  78. Wilfried Frieauff


  79. Mike Oxlong

    Its it called "Semen-ole" wind when you have the cum farts???

  80. Justin

    This is real country music. This is tells a story and you can feel the music it is that great:)



  82. John Mcconnell

    Beathfull song true true classeic song very good video 😀😀😀

  83. Hugo Boccio

    I was alone studying in Arkansas..... when this song came out it felt like a warmth welcome.

  84. Tennessee Arkansas Williams

    I don't know how to describe the mood of this song but I really like it. It's kind of ghostly. Midnight in Montgomery by Alan Jackson is another one.

  85. Trevor VanDerWall

    I love Ohio

  86. security codeo326 seclema York James

    lord gogSent

  87. security codeo326 seclema York James


  88. J Arnold

    Wow. What a video. 🐝

  89. Carlos Chavez

    Ive lived in Florida all my life and this song is all true about how Florida was changed for all the snow birds can live in this climate with mega water consuming mansions and golf courses for which now sink holes are swallowing homes . Florida is ruined???
    John Anderson is true in the way this song is sung from the heart and meaning for all the southern Florida natives.
    God bless John Anderson

    Frank Davis _

    There’s still a few of us left don’t stop fighting screw these urbanization of subdivisions keep Florida wild

  90. _kenneth_`_jo&_ _harris_

    joe show,talk with all and what ever or who ever all day I'm me :?:-

  91. _kenneth_`_jo&_ _harris_

    chill back n you the shit every day their isn't another day on any day home or away no concern no matter where😆😃🤗:-D

  92. _kenneth_`_jo&_ _harris_

    she all sht lies which hurt n talking where hurts n broken things which aren't any thing cause free people who stay with lies care about their lies.

  93. _kenneth_`_jo&_ _harris_

    what set of set up,s or dick lips 🚣

  94. Zachary Smith

    This was my favorite song s a little boy

  95. Gabriel Gamble

    Today's country music sucks , tho I'm not the biggest fan of it but like other genres I stick with influences that come from a line of music that has lasted

  96. Patricia Baldwin

    What a great tribute to the Everglades... River of Grass!

  97. Linda Crooms

    2019, we're still fighting to keep nature here in Florida. Will the majority of man never realise, we've one shot at life and without nature, we and our next generations, can't truly, survive.

  98. John Gannon

    great song

  99. Andrew C

    reading the comments..mostly hate...nothing has changed.

  100. Dawn Marie D

    Airboats & all I friggin love this video! Love seeing parts of South to central Florida that are not often in your typical music videos people (mainly tourists) think South Florida and think of South Beach & for central it’s Disney World but REAL Florida natives know the Everglades to the Okeechobee I love the Everglades & the Seminoles (aka the real Florida native Americans) I’m a proud South Florida native born & raised, I support the tribe & I STILL friggin love this song!🤟🏼🔥🌬💨