Amos, Tori - Breakaway Lyrics

No I don't expect
You to forgive me this
Siding with the soldiers who say
We cannot win the day
A theatre of war the frame
Inner conflicts now reign
Their intent: division till
There is no side to take

You feel betrayed
I feel played
By our so called friends
Not the friends we should have made

So when the story ends
And the stage goes dark
And we both can hear
The writing on the wall
Then I beg the bard
To write another scene
Because you're the one
Who taught me to believe
There is something more
That I need to say
I should have said it though
I should have said it though
Before yesterday
Before your breakaway

This jungle is dark
But full of diamonds
That can cut and exploit
With just a whiff of blood
"Faith in spades" in us
So what were the odds
Our hand of hearts would have to fold
To their flush of clubs

You've been betrayed
And I've been played
At least they made me exit
Through their chopper on the stage

So when the story ends
And the stage goes dark
And we all can hear
The writing on the wall
Then I beg the bard
To write another scene
Because he's the one
Who taught me to believe
There is nothing more
That I need to say
I should have said it though
I should have said it though
Before yesterday
Before your breakaway

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Amos, Tori Breakaway Comments
  1. knstrkt abel

    Watching Tori Amos is like watching a whole life transpire before your eyes in musical confessional. Fascinating woman.

  2. Łukasz Tomicki

    what a ... ok - truly i mostly like KRISTEEN

  3. Nick Garnero

    Winds of change?

  4. Massimo Ambrogi

    I Always thought that Tori Amos songs are more intense if She sings and plays piano all alone without any arrangements. The arrangements don't add anything to her art.

  5. Jussi Lehto

    beauti... uh oh

  6. Steph Ss

    Tori, love you, love your voice, love the history and influences you have contributed, and this proformance is quite remarkable. I just need to say, that I find it hard to reconcile matching your voice, posture, and finally-your appearance to the memories of +25 years of watching you preform. If I didn't know better, I would assume an impostor was lip syncing. Yes she is entirely privelidged to do what she pleases with her appearance, but part of our identity is our history. I would only wish Tori happiness, and I thoroughly appreciate her artistry...but I just don't recognize this person that sits before that piano.

  7. Jaroslav Barus

    Moja baba...

  8. Jesse Beauchamp

    Thank yo.

  9. Quorthon100

    This has become my favorite on the album. I have loved this woman's music since Little Earthquakes. She continues to amaze me.

  10. Glynna Schmehl

    You should go on Dr. Phil and talk about your rape. Are you worried it will sexually arouse the viewers ? Dr. Phil can't talk to himself sweetie pie.

  11. Glynna Schmehl

    Is this song about being a les ? Stay away from my dog ! This girl's morally bankrupt, tren. So sorry. Closer. Nin.

  12. Pepper Mint

    I am just waiting for her to do her signature piano stool acrobatics...though

  13. Pepper Mint

    i haven't listened to her in decades, and just clicked this and immediately that voice gave me chills. She is absolutely genius. Gorgeous, velvet voice. I didn't even listen to the whole song before it hit me, I can listen to anything she sings.

  14. Shannon Kringen

    i love the whole album- especially bats,bang and climb. this one is great too

  15. Minori Ruba

    Still don't understand why cardi b is more famous than us??

  16. Raisingirl_ Indy

    Sigh, love this woman so much... can't wait for a new tour. I need my Tori hug!

  17. Glynna Schmehl

    I got a tattoo on my leg because they're never going to change. It's just the genes. I know how to use them too. I'm not a fridged Les like you. Hey, who's Les ?

  18. Devadip César Santana

    Years passing by, but her talent still remains... Beautiful song!!!

  19. JD Basic

    Oh I found you again today. I am immediately sorry for my absent years. What a beauty in every way. X

  20. Luca R

    she's more beautiful now than ever before


    i like much 1996 ;)

  21. chris ott

    super-talented feisty women have it tough in this caveman culture...nonstop respect

  22. Nikh Beghzr

    Nice music! Makes me think of Alanis Morisette's "Uninvited" -

  23. Emxs

    I'm in love with those eyes... those lips, that hair, that face... But mostly, I'm in love with that brain, that voice, that sensibility. Te amo Tori.

  24. bitch im shook

    I feel like her music at this point in her life is like a pilgrimage. She deserves love!

  25. Junnosuke Iijima

    I was quite happy with Unrepentant Geraldine and then WOW Native Invader turned out to be another masterpiece. All the songs on the album including bonus tracks, Upside Down 2 and Russia, are beautiful.

  26. Charles Ostman

    Beyond beautiful . . . many thanks for posting this

  27. Adam Black

    What a beautiful song from a fantastic album.......

  28. Anthony

    Look carefully at the way she disengages her body from that Bösendorfer at the end of her performance. Watch her head, her posture... but most importantly, watch her hands slipping away in caress.This is an artist in love her with her instrument, folks. And this is why her music is often so remarkable.Thank you Tori, and thanks to The Current.

  29. scannaunderscore1

    Why wear glasses with no glass in them?

    Rethateadmira gacha

    hmm, I think that you really need glasses (a real one as she wears)

    Francisco Carrilho

    look closer

  30. rexel666


  31. Jai Guru

    Mozart,Beethoven,Chopin...well for me they're alright! Nevertheless TORI AMOS IS A LIVING LEGEND WHO WILL NEVER DIE AND HER MUSIC WILL LIVE FOR FUCKING CENTURIES TO COME,JUST LIKE JOHN LENNON'S TORI GOD BLESS YOU,YOU FUCKING ROCK GIRL!God I bet that Elvis,Lennon and Buddy are sitting on the cloud thinking GOD that girl is real something!oh yes she is she's real something that girl is!God bless your soul Tori dont ever stop what your doing my dear as youre doing it so damn well😁xxxxx

  32. guitargirlutube

    Ooooh. Magic.

  33. william thompson


  34. psychowolf94

    kalee if you readin this you a nasty nigga. and you're totally a nigga not a bitch

  35. Nicolas PIETRUCH

    What piano was it The Current ?

    The Current

    It's a Steinway

  36. Yggd Millenia

    Continuuaaaa liindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  37. wilddave

    Is it just me, or isn't this woman just an absolute genius?

    Сергей Щепин

    eys she is

  38. 이니inni

    she is my goddess forever.

  39. Kofemord

    La wea buena



  41. Jim1971a

    Is that the Bose?

  42. Edad Martin

    Oh shell never make it in the music business, with those glasses. Kidding .great voice.


    Edad Martin she already made it babe.

  43. James Yarosh

    soooooo stunning. You just get lost in the artistry.

  44. Sean Curran

    This is one of my favorite tracks on Native Invader. The influence of classical can definitely be heard in this one but the content and the lyrics are so present in today's narrative. This is why Tori Amos is one of the greatest modern composers and song writers. I said it on the Reindeer King video and I will say it again, I am privileged and blessed to live with her music in my lifetime and to have her as a teacher that compels me to think and break out of my own comfort zones. I have loved Tori since 1994 and I cannot wait for more stories and more journeys with her and the music.

    Olivia Mojica