Amici Forever - Zadok The Priest Lyrics

Zadok the priest
And Nathan the prophet
Anointed Soloman, king

And all the people

And all the people (Alleluia)

Zadok the priest
And Nathan the prophet
Anointed Soloman, king

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Amici Forever Zadok The Priest Comments
  1. Leonell Cawayan

    This is probably one of the best renditions of this marvelous anthem. ❤

  2. sion nozco

    Wow very beautiful

  3. Valerie d

    Definitly will put this song in my wedding ceremony when I will walking down the aisle

    Nancy Couch

    It's reserved for Royal Weddings, period. It would sound inappropriate and ridiculous at any other wedding.

  4. João Fyllipy Lima


  5. David Martin

    Handel may be turning in his grave. WTF is this shite?

  6. Dennis Liew Dennis

    The Champions! Hail the Champions!

  7. Derek Stallwood

    I love this arrangement.

  8. Valerie d

    de toute beauté...

  9. rosie beattie

    Beautiful, utterly Beautiful.

  10. François Charette

    It is not "composed by" Amici Forever. It is composed by Handel and PERFORMED by Amici Forever.

    François Charette

    Definition of stupid

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    4a :  lacking interest or point
    b :  vexatious, exasperating



    Nancy Couch

    @François Charette This is the best response I have ever read to any comment ever written! Bravo!! You win the internet!

  11. t-wez

    This has to be the best out there

  12. Angry Face

    Handel is dead......too bad, he would have said to himself, fuck I made a screw up, I should have made it like this....fuck fuck fuck!

    Kevin Molloy

    +Angry Face He did make it like this!

    Angry Face

    @Kevin Molloy nah the one Handel made cuts off pretty much at the chorus after the majestic part... the rejoice rejoice part wasn't that much epic as the first half of this amazing piece. Handel should have heard this and say to himself, fuck me...they're really good!

    Kevin Molloy

    +Angry Face I know buddy, I understood. I just meant that all interpretations can be good, even if it's not like the original. It's one of my favourite pieces of music ever, and they do it well, really fucking well :) And thank you for getting back to me, my friend!

    Angry Face

    +Kevin Molloy Yeah, I just wished Handel could have heard this...too bad he's fucking dead...cheers to this fucking good composer, may his soul be caressed by every fucking blessing bestowed on him!


    Angry Face Hahahaha !

  13. Bella Rodriguez


  14. Dubhglas Zaffa


  15. Franco Smith

    This group was excellent!!!!!!!!! Brought operatic and classical music as an introduction with great appeal. Pity they stopped performing as a group. Some of them persued solo careers. Bravo Amici Forever.

  16. walter maynard branson

    awsome beutifull thank you

  17. Patrick

    very nice, unfortunate that it's incomplete. Does the complete version excist?

  18. Luís Gustavo Pereira

    The best version of the all.

  19. faeryquene

    Awesome version! :)

  20. Paul Anthony Fort

    Never heard these guys before but wow phenomenal.

  21. Margareth Panggabean

    The best!

  22. Jisrael Millan

    the best versión , it so beutiful!!!! hermoso!!!

  23. Rafael Espinal

    I want this song in my wedding ceremony!

    Nancy Couch

    I thought the same thing, however, it is only reserved for Royal Weddings and would be inappropriate for any other type of wedding. At the end of the day one doesn't want to be laughed at during their wedding.

  24. josesitocay

    no puedo creer que no canten mas eran super buenos juntos regresen

  25. A Paradox

    A good lesson in how to murder Handel,they deserve to be taken out and shot!

    A Paradox

    Does ANYONE here know how it SHOULD sound?It seems not judging by the fact that so many people think this mutilation is great.

    Gabriele Bernardini

    Something called "classic", in my poor opinion, is able to re-live in more than one "shape", including commercial ones and remixes. So, I am not surprise of this unoriginal version, which takes advantages on one of the most powerful themes of this Haendel's composition! I ever wonder what if Heandel did extended the first part of the cantata to a single piece...

  26. Ronald John Knight

    Stunning!!! Very beutiful voices

  27. BambiNighthorn

    Does anyone know where I can get the sheet music to this??

  28. Alexvision07

    great song but now i am dissapointed :'(

  29. arry5419

    Love this!!!!!!!

  30. ENS Rey

    As if angels sung them selves.

  31. 廖唯羽

    I love it a lot

  32. melly79belly

    I have always loved this version of this song. It just sings to me.