Amici Forever - The Pearl Fishers Lyrics

Au fond du temple saint
Paré de fleurs et d'or
Une femme apparaît!
Je crois la voir encore!

Une femme apparaît!
Je crois la voir encore!

La foule prosternée
La regarde, entonée
Et murmure tous bas:
Voyez, c'est la déesse!
Qui dans l'ombre se dresse
Et vers nous tend les bras!

Son voile se soulève!
Ô vision! Ô rêve!
La foule est à genoux!

Oui, c'est elle!
C'est la déesse plus charmante et plus belle!
Oui, c'est elle!
C'est la déesse qui descend parmi nous!
Son voile se soulève et la foule est à genoux!

Mais à travers la foul
Elle s'ouvre un passage!

Son long voile déjà
Nous cache son visage!

Mon regard, hèlas!
La cherche en vain!

Oui, c'est elle! C'est la déesse!
En ce jour qui vient nous unir,
Et fidèle à ma promesse,
Comme un frère je veux te chérir!
C'est elle, c'est la déesse
Qui vient en ce jour nous unir!
Oui, partageons le même sort,
Soyons unis jusqu'à la mort!

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Amici Forever The Pearl Fishers Comments
  1. Bernie Brennan

    It was written in 1863, heaps of big fat Italian tenors have sang this song but this version is the best I have heard.


    I don't know the big fat Italian tenors :-) but I also do like this version the most by Amici Forever. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Bernie Brennan

    I saw Amici Forever when they came to Perth Western Australia several years ago, they were amazing! I have read that you would never find a better tenor duo as these guys

    Carol Van Weert

    these guys are good but the Bjorling and Merrill version is quite stunning

  3. rosie beattie

    Beautiful, absolutely Beautiful.

  4. T Y

    gives me the shivers still


    +xFailage Me too!

  5. John Jenkinson

    I wish could sing as good recording  so expressive and with feeling


    @John Jenkinson Yes they have done marvelous work with singing this song, I still love to hear them!

  6. Theresia Swiebel

    The song is great Truus!


    Yes it is Theresia, I still love this song!

  7. traylorvh

    Some things are just to beautiful to forget.

  8. Truus1949

    @Sshort57 As I already wrote in the info box this song was the first song I heard through the radio and still I love it very much. Thank you for your beautiful words and it was my pleasure to share this.

  9. Truus1949

    @skipjack49271 Thank you for taking the time for watching :-)

  10. traylorvh

    Truus, this is another of your videos I never forget because it is so beautiful. The story is sad and tears are in my eyes each time I watch and listen, but the beauty takes my breath away.
    Warm wishes to you my sweet friend,

  11. Truus1949

    Wat ik al schreef, het was mijn eerste kennismaking met dit lied toen ik nog een heel jong meisje was en dat maakte een onuitwisbare indruk op me.
    Ik doe mijn stinkende best om mijn filmpjes DAT extra te geven, wat het nodig heeft. Dank je voor je warme woorden.
    Hartelijke groeten van mij!

  12. Arda Konings

    Het kippevel loopt bij de eerste tonen al over mijn lijf heen....
    Ik vind je filmpjes steeds meer op kunst gaan lijken. Bijzonder fraai gedaan, Truus!
    Hartelijke groetjes van hier.

  13. Truus1949

    Thank you very much Floyd for seeing my memories :-) it was really sweet of Georgina to share this video with you.

  14. Truus1949

    Dear Georgina, thank you so much for your kind words and that you shared this video with dahoser.

  15. Ginatheroma

    Dear Truus ....
    Thanks for posting .... so beautifull ...
    Love it ... regards Georgina ...

  16. Truus1949

    I hope you had a good holiday Daria. I really like it that you where impressed :-) Thank you for your nice words and I know that you like mermaids :-)

  17. xodariaox

    Wow! I came back from my winter holidays, watched your video and... I'm sooo impressed! :-) Amazing song, it was a pleasure to listen. Now I know why the song has made such a huge impression on you when you were a child. Beautiful images of the mermaids as well. :-)

  18. Truus1949

    Can you imagine my dearest Helga, when I heard this song when I was a little girl how the impact was then?
    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful and lovely words, stars and fav. You know that I love that when you do that :-)))
    With big warm hugs, my love and kisses for you!

  19. Truus1949

    Thank you so much dear Shon for all of your nice words. I love it to read it!
    Hugs and kisses

  20. Shon Barryson

    It's exciting when a song brings memories of childhood. All my pearls for you. Hugs and Kisses.

  21. Truus1949

    Thank you so much Virginia, you are very kind!

  22. Truus1949

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Truus1949

    Thank you Virginia for your lovely words.

  24. Truus1949

    Dank je Marilyn, je hebt toch telkens weer mooie en lieve woorden voor mijn creaties.
    With love

  25. Truus1949

    Thank you so much Helen for all of your nice words, I really love this to make it.
    Kind regards

  26. MissMarilyn1962

    prachtig mooi weer Truus... 'stemmig en perfect' tot in hart en nieren....
    Je blijft 'boeien' meid ! je bent gewoon geweldig...!

    dank voor al 'jouw moois' wat je ons elke keer 'met liefde' laat zien...


    With love Marilyn

  27. Truus1949

    :-))) I love it!!! Especially your last line!

  28. Truus1949

    Thank you very much Dio for your nice words, the stars and the add to your favorites. I feel honored my dear Dio!

  29. Truus1949

    I really love this kind of information and that is unaffordable!
    Thank you for letting me/us know!

  30. Truus1949

    Thank you very much for your beautiful words Anindya.
    Best wishes for you too!

  31. Truus1949

    Thank you very much ytel!

  32. Truus1949

    You are very welcome :-) It was my pleasure to do this one.

  33. Truus1949

    I think your son does that often :-) Just kidding my dear David.
    I love that picture too Dave.
    Thank you for all of your nice words, I love it!

  34. dgcmusi

    This is very elegant. I started singing and my son looked at me like I was crazy !

    Nothing like the human voice. The reason you liked this as a little girl is because of the passion.

    I love this very much. This with your incredible images made my scalp tingle.

    I love 4:19 !!!!!!!!!

    Truus your the real deal !

    Your David.

  35. Truus1949

    Thank you so much dear Dobri for all of those kind words!

  36. Dobrita Almasi

    Precious video! All this pearls, so pures,so beuatifuls! And the music, precious like pearls!!In one word,not ,two words: wonderful,amazing!!Congratulationes,my true artist friend !

  37. Truus1949

    Yes I do, very Bizet! :-) I'm born in June, but I thought I was a moon stone, we check our birthdate Terry :-) What I have written in the description area, this song was always in my memories and now it have a nice place here. Thank you for your nice words.

  38. Truus1949

    Gracias mucho fantasopera

  39. Truus1949

    Gracias mucho Lareyl!

  40. Truus1949

    Dank je wel lieve Raul voor je lieve woorden voor de video en voor mij persoonlijk. Ik koester dit, wat het komt uit een warm hart.
    Een warme knuffel en een kus.
    Je vriend.

  41. Lareyl

    Una maravilla de video. Felicidades por el 5*****.

  42. Truus1949

    Thank you my sweet lo, for all the pearls and stars, you know I collect those kind of things :-)
    And thank you for again your lovely words!
    Big hugs and kisses from me for you!