Amici Forever - Prayer In The Night Lyrics

Cala la notte
La luna brilla
Lei mormora nel buio
Il nome d'un altro
Bramae passione, l'alma accende
Maundub-bio mi viene
I say another prayer in the night

Alcielo sale
Rottoil silenzio
Nel cor il desir agli angeli svela
L'amorsem bra forte

Ce'doal dolore
Mi miene
I say another prayer in the night

Destatiamor, guardami ben
Parli di lui nei sogni tuoi
Al trove sei?
Che vedior su?
Vacuo viso l'ombradi me?

Cala la notte
La luna brilla lei
Mormora nel buio
Il nome d'un altro

We shared emotions
Found new horizons,
but now doubt pervades me
I say another prayer in the night.

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Amici Forever Prayer In The Night Comments
  1. Amelie Poulain

    Çemberimde Gül Oya'dan geldim 😍

  2. samara samarax

    cemberimde gül oya


    Dilan Oztop efsaneydi👍

  3. rparker98

    sadly i cant find one but if i do i'll link you it sorry

  4. Kyanna Sutton

    Does anybody know where to get an instrumental version of this song or even a score? I absolutely adore this group and LOVE this song. And am looking into songs to sing with a small group in my choir. Any advice please? X

    Andrey F

    Kyanna Sutton sarabande

  5. rparker98

    @morganflint001 same here thanks for commenting

  6. Jennifer Hutchins

    This song. This right here. This is all I will ever need. RIGHT HERE.

    I have been listening non-stop for an hour now. Still love it.

  7. rparker98

    @venusmenguante yes they are and i hate going on to a video and the quality being so bad you cant see or hear the video

  8. rparker98

    no problem i always reply to comments

  9. lisaannejane2

    It's a movie from the 70's - oops I just aged myself! But the music was Baroque - the beginning sounds like the opening of the movie. Ryan O'Neil and Marissa Berenson were in it. Thanks for your reply.

  10. rparker98

    to be honest i don't know never seen Barry Lyndon but if you find out that it is please tell me thanks

  11. lisaannejane2

    Isn't this the opening music in ""Barry Lyndon"? The tune sounds so familiar.