American Juniors - Sundown Lyrics

Friday twilight in the big town
Party people getting ready now
Somewhere, baby
I know your waiting, the city's vibrating

The city's in a heatwave
Praying for the sun shade
Hoping that the evening will chill down the streets

And I'm a little hot too
'Cause I can only think of you
Hoping that tonight you'll find out what I like

Friday twilight in the big town
Party people getting ready now
Somewhere, baby
I know your waiting, the city's vibrating

Air gets cooler but my heart pounds
Loud and fast, I'm getting ready now
Somewhere, baby
I know your waiting, the city's vibrating

I don't know if you see me
Don't know if you are dreaming
Hoping for someone who can show you who you are

Tonight I'm going to find you
(Find you)
Flying on a breeze and blind you
(Blind you)
Take you from this club land and send us to the stars

Friday twilight in the big town
Party people getting ready now
Somewhere, baby
I know your waiting, the city's vibrating

Air gets cooler but my heart pounds
Loud and fast, I'm getting ready now
(Ready now)
Somewhere, baby
I know your waiting, the city's vibrating

Bring back, back and forth, uh yeah, yeah

Time don't need to rush, we can make it right
'Cause we are meant to be, you and I
It's in the air we breathe all around, all around
Say you're longing too, 'cause I will look for you at

Friday twilight in the big town
Party people getting ready now
(Gettin' ready now)
Somewhere, baby
I know your waiting, the city's vibrating

Air gets cooler but my heart pounds
(Yeah, you know, you know)
Loud and fast, I'm getting ready now
(I'm getting ready now)
Somewhere, baby
(Baby, baby)
I know your waiting, the city's vibrating
(City's vibrating)

Friday twilight in the big town
Party people getting ready now
(Ooh yeah)
Somewhere, baby
I know your waiting, the city's vibrating

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American Juniors Sundown Comments
  1. Kousaburo

    This. Is. Horrendous.

  2. Desiree Jacobi

    SC8 are 100% better

  3. theregoesbrad

    And they do S Club 8 songs, because it was the same management group that made both American Juniors and S Club Juniors, and American Juniors were, purposely, closely modeled off S Club Juniors. S Club Juniors, or S Club 8, are a lot better though.

  4. theregoesbrad

    S Club 8's ORIGINAL version is so much better!

  5. megan gilmour


  6. Peter Denton

    @Gemmarose9 theyre not frauds infact s club 7 made s club 8

  7. Gemmarose9

    Stop listening then moron!! Twice you've commented on this with negative comments!! Grow up!!!

  8. Gemmarose9

    Same to juniorcasemiro who also should bone up on his spelling!!! lol. x

  9. Gemmarose9

    Everyone GROW THE HELL UP!!! If you don't like this version F**K OFF!!!!! Go watch the skimpy little tarts in s club!! Far as I'm concerned they're the frauds as they're imitations of the REAL S club 7!!! GET A LIFE!!!!

  10. Gemmarose9

    You obviously don't rule and you're deaf!!!! The S Club are mere imitations of the REAL S club 7. Merican Junionrs are much better than S club. Plus the girls aren't tarts who dress in really skimpy skirts!!!!

    Steph Hulme

    Actually S Club 7 themselves chose who was in S Club Juniors/8 and at least they didn't copy songs unlike American Juniors did, please do your research before posting your comments. Plus S Club 8 are way better and actually can sing. Also they aren't tarts, they were older then the American Juniors and were more adult when they changed to S Club 8 so you are so stupid for saying they the girls in S Club 8 are tarts in skimpy skirts.

  11. Ashley Dykeman

    then you should bone up on your music history and realize that S Club 8 isn't the original singer... It's an old song.

    Steph Hulme

    Actually Sundown is originally an S Club 8 song, maybe you should do your research...

  12. HeyGiirl55

    Katelyn is so much better!! I don't like this girl.. singing at beginning.

  13. HeyGiirl55

    Katelyn is so much better!! I don't like this girl..

  14. Dan Molloy

    @sgsolitude13311331 well when sclub8 were s club juniors they were the same age and they could sing a damn lot better

  15. Roms Antonella

    is best S CLUB 8!!!!! is the BEST!!! >_> thas is a shit hate AMERICAN JUNIORS .|.

  16. Yo Hows you

    Ouch my ears!!! this should have 'caution turn volume down! way way down!'

  17. Kayleigh Natasha

    @SazzyBabe1 totally agree

  18. Kayleigh Natasha

    @Abi4scotty Er, s club juniors were between the ages of 13-16 and american juniors were 11-15 when they released Sundown, I checked on Wikipedia, sorry if it offended you

  19. Saz Cannon

    no offence but for once i prefer an orginal version S CLUB 8 RULE

  20. Kyla Dickerson

    Did they re-record it? I liked it way better with all five of the American Juniors!

  21. catperson1993

    @juliaann1997 no they didnt ever time a new person gets in to the group they make a music video like when Taylor made it in she did "cheeseburges for me" as a solo then tori made it in they did "bring the house down" and when all five were in they did "you are the one"

  22. catperson1993

    thease are just the 1st 3 ppl that made it in the group lucy was the 4th and danielle was the 5th

  23. evilsnakes1

    and s club 8 didn't write it either, they just sing the songs like slaves

  24. josh2k765

    UK 1 - 0 USA

  25. catperson1993

    s club 7 is the band that orignally sang/wrote this song

    Steph Hulme

    Don't you mean S Club 8?

  26. Jarmila

    American Juniors are better!!!!!

  27. Tiffany Smith

    polydor ect was trying to make more sclub 7's and failed.. so shut up. anyway sclub 8 is good and the juniors but no one will EVER be sclub7

  28. cclark13

    wow. ok. why do yall have to freak out about it. first of all, maybe they did copy S club's music. why do yall have to make it personal? it's not like they got to choose what songs they did. secondly, the whole group was only between 9 and 14. they did their best. personally i like them better than sclub, but it shouldn't matter. yall probably couldn't do any better, so just chill out and leave them alone.

  29. Stephanie Benson

    I noticed that...that most of all of the songs they sing are by S Club

  30. llahyrrek

    Ok they are better than s club 8 live but this is terrible...Sclub 8 worked hard on this song they sound like they are just singing not even trying

  31. Roms Antonella

    I hate American Juniors and I hope they rot in hell and they're all copioenes of S club. And sing like hungry chickens at sunrise, are sons of his @ # * 3% $! face fucking shit.
    and if you take away these descepcionando to S club

  32. sgsolitude13311331

    You all do realize that they are from two completely different age groups, right? Of course there's going to be a difference.

  33. Benji LloydTMUK

    s club juniors well better.
    they MADE this song!

  34. masterofstealthcj

    Why do these guys suck so much!??????
    And why are they rippin of S Club 8 songs!!!!???

  35. shocker1300

    I don't know why everyone is whining and complaining that they are bad and kill sc8, i mean, no duh sc8 is better, obviously because they are older, and these guys are still kids. I'm sure they didn't pick the song sing in the first place, So suck it up, and don't even listen to the song, instead of wasting your time writing a comment saying "they ruin the song, my ears are bleeding, they suck!," etc. Honestly...

  36. beejer

    why are they hanging out with 28-30 year old muscle daddies?

    just sayin.

  37. Emma Cooper

    HAHA that well made me laugh!

  38. Scott

    2:03 SUN DOOOWN, LMAO!

  39. ooCathrynoo

    They didn't do one the week she made it since for the final week they sang with all of the other contestants. ;)

  40. ooCathrynoo

    They hadn't made the group yet. ;)

  41. EmilyT

    their harmony isn't tht good, S Club Jrns/8 were WAY better

  42. Daniel G.

    i think what makes this so bad is becasuse they are soooo young. S Club Juniors were a little older. Some of these girls look 6 years old. lol

  43. Melissa Mamarella

    well ilovechocoate1996 you suck and have no taste in music >:[ i heart the aj group

  44. Ilovechocolate1996

    They suck, s club 8 is far better. What were the judges thinking?

  45. EmilyT

    idk know how they won the compition!!!!!
    there was auditions for this just like S Club juniors! If I were the judge I would have them out 1st round

  46. EmilyT

    Yh well around this time they let ppl who couldn't sing embarres themselves on TV GET FING LESsons or don't sing at all

  47. HaydnC95

    they are really pissing me off, how they keep takeing S Club 8's song and turning them into something SHIT! S Club version is way better, at least they can sing!!

  48. bluebomber87

    This is fucking terrible. If I were S Club 8, I'd be insulted.

  49. Littlemitashy

    omg there terribal...... itz 1 of the thingz that makes mi glad 2 b english and NOT amarican

  50. leavethepeices11

    its like a mini version of the s club 8 one its cute!

  51. gr8sk8hkn

    No they dont suck!

  52. gr8sk8hkn


  53. gr8sk8hkn

    umm their names are Tori and Chauncey and taylor and they rock

  54. chloe may

    haha they cant sing or dance or nout...s club 8 are so much better
    these look like their 8 years old

  55. natz351

    this is an awful video
    they should have done something completely different
    by doing the whole roof thing as well as the same song how can people help but compare them to sclub juniors?!

  56. Breezy Winter

    I don't know why your hating on the children it wasn't there idea to copy, if anything blame idiot America for putting stupid programmes on the tv. So don't make yourself look like a total wank by making fun of 9 years olds.

  57. Cecily Cooke

    Good lord this is awful.

  58. lolipop245

    r they copy from s club 7 n s club 8?

  59. gr8sk8hkn

    no their not they r a rip off

  60. Aidan Smeaton

    what was the budget for this video? :O
    sclub8 are way cooler :P

  61. wonker2223

    is this a joke??? coz they cant sing im sorry they cant. Now s club juniors can sing.

  62. donald conlan

    S CLUB 8 are SO much better. these guys aren't even in time!!! grrr. i know they're singing live or whatever but it just is not the same as S CLUB 8.

  63. gr8sk8hkn

    I am an obsessed american juniors fan all the way but i have to agree this isnt that good it is better with the whole AJ group including Danielle and Lucy

  64. Chellzsound

    sclub8 is better

  65. TVfan296

    they didnt make the band yet

  66. Cristina V

    Tori Made the Video Spark.

  67. xoxleyxox

    I meant this as a good comment, I really hope it is. Don't be mean though!
    Lucy and Danielle would have helped and the video should have waited for them as they had mature voices!
    About the use of 'S Club Songs': As younger children it was harder to create their own songs. Using another band's music it was easier.

  68. xoxleyxox

    Well, as Lucy and Danielle weren't yet in the group, the video was left with less mature voices, Tori was 9! Taylor 11 and Chauncey 11. I believe that this song was designed for older children. Also there is only one boy and both Tori and Taylor have extremely soft voices. They needed to add a harmony and put better outfits on, but I believe that if they had more time, better choreography and more mature voices they could have been FANTASTIC!
    Will say more in next post- over character limit!!!!

  69. jessie245

    If they had a bit more vocal training, you know, to make their voices blend together, then they could've been a huge success.

  70. smessecar

    they suck lol, come on us brits!!

  71. signer25

    Not at all. I'm saying they did pritty good. I can only imagine just how good they could be if they were given more time to practice and to get to know each other and be able to come together and closer as friends. Believe me, I've heard worse. Even if they were bad, which they weren't, it wouldn't have been their fault. Given the fact that they were very good, I can only guess how much even better they would be otherwise.

  72. signer25

    I must say that I agree. It does take time. Personally, I think they did rather well singing this song together, given the curcomstances. I'm not quiet curtain how that works, but it does seem that the stronger the bond of friendship is, the stronger they are able to come together and sing together as one. Your right, they weren't really given the chance to interact with one another. Despite that, they were able do rather well putting this song together as well as they did.

  73. singinshower

    I dont know about S club 8 but the Backstreet Boys took years to come into their own and be huge singing stars. It just takes time. Unfortunately a good singing group doesnt happen over night. They have to learn to blend their voices together. That is the problem they are having.

  74. singinshower

    For one thing, the video is usually the concepet of the director and the dancing is usually choreographed. I think they are a great group but one problem they had is that it takes groups quite somet time to get their sound right and learn how to interact with each other. They didn't have that chance. They were thrown together all at once. It takes time for a group to come together.

  75. ChiefR

    This video is almost a joke...

  76. Cristina V

    LOVE THIS SONG! Perfect for them. These 3 where perfect in the group. The others I dont they where good but like there where other good people-

  77. Hannah Liu

    this looks sooooooooo fake!!! s club 8 is 100% better!!!

  78. Althea Crockett

    dang. how many ppl are there?

  79. Djavan Miles

    SClub8 FTW!!!

  80. Emma B

    They shouldn't use little kids with big kids. I forgot to include that in my last post.

  81. Emma B

    They shouldn't use little kids. They should keep them in an age range like 11-14.

  82. snowprincess24

    why r ther onli 3 of them ter? i thort ther wer 5 of them??

  83. Emma B

    S Club 8 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

  84. sunnykris888

    They sound really weird and kinda funny lol.

  85. Regel2008

    The ending really killed it.

  86. cheekychoo1995

    they sound like there just shouting/talking the words ...its lame

  87. S. Simpson

    I'm surprised everyone's so threatened about a group that barely survived 1 week after the finale show in 2003. Not surprising at all, as there's no market for kiddie groups in the U.S. outside of the Disney Channel.

    For the record, this was not an official video. It was recorded in less than a week while the group was in the process of being put together, hence no Lucy or Danielle. It's no different than the cheesy videos American Idol puts together each week.

  88. glowinggstarr

    mhmm :D I agree.

  89. Matthew Preston

    why didn't 19 Entertainment just release S Club 8's version of Sundown in America? it is so much better than this version but also s club 7 was already known so it wouldn't have been that much of a transition to get used to another s club group.

  90. jessie245

    I agree with aznboy1122.Won't their parents get worried?I don't even think that these kids know that the sun actually goes down XP Why do record companies do this to kids?They know they're going to fail.

  91. vanny dinh

    omg what the hell is this! LMAO wow they really suck! 2club8 all the wayy! these lil kiddo's are garbage

  92. legolas1995

    ughh... s club 8 did it WAY better. these kids are just shouting. they're not singing. and their singing suck..

  93. Emily Mackett

    i agree


    s club 8 is the original.... go s club 8!!!

  95. samebutdifferent

    definitely an insult 2 s club 8. s cglub 8 was way better. this is just rubish!

  96. hollistrman

    i love the beginnin beat

  97. hollistrman

    the black kid is so gay

  98. hollistrman

    like simon says its horrid

  99. nicko02000

    I have nothing against America & theyre our neighbour. But I so hate American Juniors with passion. Their songs sucks! They always borrow other artists' songs. For example is this one, this is from S CLUB 8 of the UK. S Club 8's version is way better. American Jrs. sucks ass! They sound too karaoke. This band has no point in its existance. THEY SUCK! S CLUB 8 rules! 2 bad they broke up though.

  100. hollistrman

    they so copied s club 8, they dont sound good!!!