America - Special Girl Lyrics

Into each life a little sunlight wants to shine
Let me tell you, a fortune like that once was mine

She was a special girl
She meant the world to me
I gave her everything

When I found her I'd been looking everywhere
When I lost her I was lost beyond despair

She was a special girl
She meant the world to me
I gave her everything

Dreams are hard to take (dreams are hard to take)
Could it be I loved her too much

Oo, a special girl
Oo, a special girl
She was a special girl

She was a special girl
She meant the world to me
I gave her everything

Bottom line is, she was fine in every way
And it's not with hesitation that I say

She was a special girl
She meant the world to me
And I gave her everything

Dreams they come and go (dreams they come and go)
But thoughts of her are like a floor show

Oo, a special girl
Oo, a special girl
She was a special girl

She was a special girl
She meant the world to me
I gave her everything

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America Special Girl Comments
  1. Subhash Pawar

    If you have loved you'll know what this song really means .......Masterpiece

  2. Mills J

    This is the best rendition of Eddie Scwartz original version.

  3. Bea Smith

    its been 2019,still listening...

  4. Cynthia Webber

    One of my favorite '80s songs.

  5. Peter Edward Falconi

    1969 is my year, and keep 0n l0ving this s0ng.

  6. Dopie Senju

    I'm born in 2004, but i love so much old song like america and air supply.

  7. Edrian Jusi

    My college music

  8. Alejandro Amor

    ILOVE ,,,IT...

  9. Jamie Racines

    One of my favorite Best song in 80''s I love it!!

  10. Irwin Wesley

    A cover of the original special girl written and performed by canadian eddie Schwartz. The original is superior to this version.

  11. Marco Prosdocimo

    None of the Covers as photographs are the band members. The Ugly English do the covers of themselves faking takeover as musicians. The Songs themselves are sung by America. King Robert Dundalk is the Singer.

  12. stringsdon verano

    idk what exactly it was, but, is it string muting..damn it really sounds good!

  13. sal economos

    This has that 80's "sound" in studio production.
    Like Starhip's music was back at that time.
    Somehow overly produced?
    Still, the vocals are great.
    And it's America....a great band.

  14. YD's Autumn Sonata

    Pashare po again😊


    sure! sige lang YD's Autumn Sonata

  15. simon marshall

    He sounds like Glenn Frey of the Eagles !

  16. Logan McCarrell

    Another Great performance by America. Can anyone explain to me why They are not in the Rock an Roll Hall of Fame. They should have been inducted long ago. Great Band.

  17. Canadiana71

    Makes me think of my mother. Love and miss her so much.

  18. Howard Perlman

    So glad I found this song again, it came out just after I lost my mother in 1985 - would always make me cry back then...and still does

  19. Sledd Ed

    eddie schwartz!!!!

  20. james Robinett

    love the song

  21. dconstab

    Thank you for such a lovely video and lyrics to accompany this wonderful song.  It came to my mind today and to be able to not only listen but read the words was a true pleasure.  Also I have to say that one of the lines in their lyrics "floored me"- LOL- Here's the lyric: "Dreams they come and go/But thoughts of her are like a floor show"  FLOOR SHOW??!!!  Huh?!  I love this song but that has got to be one of the lamest lines... perhaps I don't know what they meant by floor show but it's such a sweet gentle song and then "floor show"... LOL  Again, thank you!


    maybe it means flower show?

  22. simon marshall

    Sounds Like Glen Frey from the Eagles.

  23. mkl62

    Today, August 23, in 1987, I saw America at The Boathouse in Norfolk, VA. They really rocked the place. However, I forgot who opened for them. Maybe someone who saw them around this time can refresh my memory.

  24. walter zeballos

    We all had a "special girl" in  our lives,the difference is that  sometimes they are just not anymore  next to us...  but we keep the wonderful memories for ever...
    wonderful song... 

  25. sailormelodyguy

    To my someone special!

  26. rodski rotts

    i really like this song, watched a lot of their live performance.. HOW COME THEY DONT HAVE THIS ONE?? CANT FIND ONE

  27. cyberman000051

    @owencliveisaac you're welcome!

  28. Rosello Ampong

    My pleasure...............

  29. cyberman000051

    @gypcsy thanks a lot.

  30. Rosello Ampong


  31. cyberman000051

    @Dominikan02 many thanks for watching.

  32. Jin

    oo nga galing talaga nang america!!!!

  33. foci3173

    like ko nanaman ito bossing..aba! mukhang inlababo ang bossing ko ha,,i'm very happy for both of you at sana lumawig pa ang inyong pinagpalang pagmamahalan..nice music video again and brilliant selection bossing...regard! ^_^

  34. cyberman000051

    @RX93FM you're welcome. enjoy!

  35. RX93FM

    many thanks for uploading this song. great!

  36. MiAmor Channel

    tagal ko na di narinig ang kantang 'to...salamat for posting ed..

  37. MonsterlyInLove2

    cno kaya yang special girl na yan naks! mukhang inspired ang uploder ah hehehe another great work tol Ed... one of the best song of America...


  38. vilma sindayen

    wow i want to dance ganda ng music nice video friend

  39. magicman75100

    whoa! sibo ba yang special girl na yan utol? this song from america.