Amanda Marshall - Sitting On Top Of The World Lyrics

Never seen a sky so blue
I've never been happy with anyone
Like I am when I'm with you
Look at the sun shining up in the sky
I feel a little closer to heaven, baby
When I'm looking into your eyes

And as long as we're together, boy
I'm sitting on top of the world
Wanna feel this way forever, boy
I'm sitting on top of the world

Last night I lay in the dark
Tryin' to figure it out
Tryin' to talk to my heart
But now it's morning and I still don't know why
All I know is that you got me feeling so good
All I know is that it feels the way that true love should
Ain't no one luckier than you and I


And everybody's got an opinion 'bout how this should be
But they don't understand it
No, no they just can't see
That I belong with you and baby Baby
Baby, you belong with me

[Chorus repeat]

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Amanda Marshall Sitting On Top Of The World Comments
  1. Levi Call

    Greatest song awesome singer Amanda Marshall 😃

  2. Tilia Hernandez

    I will always LOVE you Toronto Caribean girl...<3 <3 <3

  3. thefeet

    This girl kinda disappeared...i don't know why...she was an amazing artist.

  4. Jon Spratt

    I have loved this album for years, and this is my favorite song off of it.

  5. Jared Hall

    wow 34k views and not a single dislike, dont see that very often

  6. Rick Rock

    Good job Kelly!

  7. Daniele Pelaia

    a very beautiful song such a beautiful voice and a very attractive woman too.thanx for sharing.used to have this cd and Tuesday's child damn gave both away regret it to this very day

  8. Kelly Mark

    Well i just looked it up and she has been touring! Glad that you love the song :) You are most welcome.

  9. Kelly Mark

    You are most welcome! No Problem at all... Glad that you enjoyed it :)

  10. Island Lass

    Thanks for sharing :)