Amanda Marshall - Last Exit To Eden Lyrics

The walls are thin here in this motel room
Some fool is raging overhead
He's preaching the gospel according to
Johnnie Walker Red
Four hundred miles talking to myself
Me and your memory end up here
I tell myself I'm gonna be alright
But it's still not clear

Did I just miss
The last exit to Eden
Is this the only love I'll know
Like a Judas kiss
Did my heart betray me
Back on the road I never chose

There are some sins that you can justify
But not the one I'm guilty of
I had a choice one last chance ago
But I turned my back on love


I can hear the man upstairs, he's crying out
'Fall on you knees, the end is near'
We both may need a saviour, tonight I fear that mine
Is the one that I left waiting far from here


Did I just miss
The last exit to Eden
Did I just miss
My only way out of here
Did I just miss
The last exit to Eden
Did I just miss
My only way out

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Amanda Marshall Last Exit To Eden Comments
  1. Levi Call

    The best singing voice ever, Amanda Marshall is amazing 😁

  2. Kamel T

    Proper singer, raw talent

  3. Shari Fess

    Love Her. What happened?

  4. Adrienne Kettle-Verleyen

    Narrow minded people. There are so many great things about this song.

  5. Super Mario0004

    The Best Voice Ever Ever Heard!!
    Love ya miss ya!!

  6. Mike Gledhill

    God, I miss this singer.
    Is her Sony Contract mess really not sorted out yet ? We need a new album !

  7. Jamie Lou Martin

    I was there when Kristin Hall folded. Love your music years later.

  8. Stefan

    just great, one of my favorit artists since years

  9. Pat Ayuk

    ça au moins c'est du texte bien senti.But i think these lyrics have been written by a "male",not by a "feu-male"(a dead male in french!).Nethertheless,Amanda seems to feel these words and she gives great emotional and existential scope to them.
    The kind of bad girl that sounds "truth" to me !Thank you also for your voice so deeply anchored in your "lotus"!


    Français, hein ^^ ?
    Ou alors tu es juste bilingue.

  10. 가을나그네

    god !! ^^*

  11. GNAV TV

    Check out Amanda Marshall in Phoenix from 1999!!

  12. Ms Bee

    The gospel according to Johnnie Walker Red..... is exquisitely honest.....and burns off all the bullshit...when we take a clear and lasting look at ourselves 

  13. kkitty44

    i love the gospel according to johnnie walker red.  that's what originally hooked me on to this song so many years ago

  14. astrokmb1

    one of my fav. amanda marshall songs. the music track gets me every time.

  15. Brian Black

    I think i like her nonetheless !always will and always wont have her .

  16. Brian Black

    A real country feel to this song i feel and love he way it reaches epic heights with ref to story of poor Johnny .Cindy lou ...i really do miss you and will -always you know .But always think of me as a man who needed love badly his heart was broken and lonely...thats alll okay !???

    Llazar Pri

    Brian Black j

    Llazar Pri

    Brian Black

  17. mia8425

    true story

  18. CodexArgenteus

    What ever happened to this woman?! I'd love for her to come out with a new album!

  19. CodexArgenteus

    Because industry execs don't know what good music is! :)

  20. mia8425

    still wondering why new popular songs are not good like that ...

  21. DragonGirl9897

    LUV!! -3

  22. rtogurl

    I have always like Amanda & she's Canaidan:)!