Amanda Marshall - Believe In You Lyrics

Somewhere there's a river
Looking for a stream
Somewhere there's a dreamer
Looking for a dream
Somewhere there's a drifter
Trying to find his way
Somewhere someone's waiting
To hear somebody say

I believe in you
I can't even count the ways that
I believe in you
And all I want to do is help you to
Believe in you

Somewhere someone's reaching
Trying to grab that ring
Somewhere there's a silent voice
Learning how to sing
Some of us can't move ahead
We're paralyzed with fear
And everybody's listening
'Cause we all need to hear

I believe in you
I can't even count the ways that
I believe in you
And all I want to do is help you to
Believe in you

I will hold you up
I will help you stand
I will comfort you when you need a friend
I will be the voice that's calling out

I believe in you
And there are just so many ways that
I believe in you
Baby, what else can I do but believe in you
Believe in you
All I want to know is you believe, yeah, yeah
Believe in you

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Amanda Marshall Believe In You Comments
  1. Leah Keith

    Amanda Marshall went to my uncle’s school

  2. Julian Villarreal

    This Is My Favorite Song For “Kermit’s Swamp Year’s” (2002). It’s So Beautiful 😍 and Romantic 😍 but almost sounds Emotional 😭.

  3. Dylan Wurfel

    Wish David Foster would have got his hands on her. She would have been a megastar of epic proportions

  4. Matthew Bourbon

    At 3:50 who died

  5. qalbalhadia

    Dear Amanda, I first heard your song 20 years ago on VH-1. I loved it from the very first minute.I was 14 and your song inspired me, gave me hope for the things to come.
    I failed. Everyone and everything, I failed them all.. This was 10 years ago.
    Your song somehow still stuck with me always. I so much wanted to be like the guy in your song/video. Until I finally figured it out, 3 years ago - in 2016.
    I am just a guy somewhere in Berlin/Germany but I overcame my anxieties and all the things standing in my way. I shaped up, I am successful now, because I prayed a lot and because I always had your song in mind.
    Long story short;: I couldn't have done it without you and this song.
    This is the first time in 20 years I'm listening to it again. But it was always there for me, somehow. It stuck with me. Even when I stopped believing in myself, somewhere... there was always you and this song, telling me to keep on going.
    Thank you,. So very much.

  6. Willow Wants

    Is she his spirit guide?

  7. Kathryn Watkins

    This was sung in kermit's swamp years, wasn't it?

  8. Sulu Imli

    Still listening👂in 2019🤗🤗🤗

  9. EF2000CanFly

    What a good motherly like figure Amanda is. What would we do without good mothers!

  10. Ricardo Pomales

    I dedicate this song to all those out there going through trials, and having negative thoughts SOMEBODY believes in you

  11. Emily Petsche

    She’s amazing and gorgeous! ❤️❤️

  12. Pisces sun Scorpio rising

    In my own opinion I really think we should have more songs like this it’s very inspirational ☺️

  13. IsiahTomas

    I totally forgot about this song.

  14. Doug P

    Still love this song

  15. HC3053

    IMHO this is one of the best songs ever and I can't understand the people who don't like this very touching song (or video)! (... resp. I can understand them at least insofar that it is not always easy, to bear such deep and partially also a little sad feelings.)
    It would be absolutely great if, after 18 years, Amanda would indeed soon release a new album, as the following Calgary Herald article of July 10 states:
    Anyway, as a - still - big German fan of you, I wish you all the best, Amanda!
    P.S. Can it be that the nice girl at 1:07 - 1:14 is a well-known actress, and if so - can someone tell me her name, please? (Don't worry - I don't want to stalk her, but I'm only interested in whether I actually saw her in another movie.)

  16. littlemiss 604

    2019 and I'm crying like a baby


    ... and I love you for it, if I may say so, because it shows that you have a good heart and empathy! Or are you maybe sad because you’re alone and/or nobody believes in you? That would be really sad, and you should look for good friends as soon as possible!
    But if that's you in your Barbie video, then I can hardly imagine that you are very sad because then you are a very humorous and beautiful woman!
    Anyway, I wish you all the best! Keep your ears stiff, as we Bavarians say, if we want to cheer someone up! ;-))

  17. Al Huggins

    her voice and ability and desire to be so magnificent a musician are a memory to me that will live on forever but what really took her under his wing to help her fly was Jeff Heally, one of our Canadian geniuses to get her there. RIP Jeff, my friend cuz Amanda wasn't even old enough to play in clubs when he made that happen.

  18. Jack Carolina

    talk about a hottie ! :)

  19. Jack Carolina

    KILLER !

  20. Julian Rodriguez

    Kermit’s Swamp Years brought me here.

  21. Jake Niemi

    Life-changing words. Pristine performance. Discovered this song in the late 90s, at a radio station I worked for. Still listening 2 decades later. Timeless record!

  22. Mario Hinsche

    Amanda , WOW

  23. anthony silva

    79 people still listening to cftr

  24. Glitter Gypsy

    ok. pause. at 1:14 am i tripping or is that lohan lol

  25. Ludwig Dietsch

    Amanda, your song lead me to my darkest sides of my life...

  26. Anne brien

    Love you 60s yeats old .and i rember when Amanda opened up for Jeff.Healey..iRock and roll Heavens..i knew u was going to be the Super star then...Love u Mandy..u go girl..

  27. Kitty Paws 4747

    Beautiful song

  28. Tec

    I want to thank this woman from the bottom of my heart, this song inspired me, and helped me to achieve my goals. If I could hug you Amanda I would lol.( i'd like to add though she will prolly never read this, Same applies to you gorgeous )

  29. Doug P

    I miss having a woman tell me she believes in me

  30. ImaMonaKnight

    Love love🎁❤️ lose the rainbow fleg🖖🤓

  31. lanteri salvatore

    Wow what a voice I haven't heard from her I believe since 2000's 2001 talent at it's best

  32. Marc Paradis

    LOVE that song.!!!!!!

  33. Abbie Price

    Who else heard this song on Touched By An Angel?

  34. SilentKnight43

    Anyone know where the video for this was shot? Parts of it look like downtown St. Catharines.

    Ken Moncton

    Kitchener definitely, at least in part.

  35. ImaMonaKnight

    Ahayahs Beauty💯🎁❤💋

  36. Christy Sander

    My friend sent this to me saying he believes in me and he loves me

  37. Mario Hinsche

    Love Amanda

  38. Kamel T

    Wonderful memories!!! what a talented singer. Thx

  39. ImaMonaKnight


  40. Strange Smile

    She's another Jewel in the Music World <3

  41. Mary-Ellen Wayne

    This was pretty good in the 1990s, when it was a new release/current, but this song really struck me when I heard it on a local terrestrial adult contemporary/soft rock/mix radio station in May-June 2010. It's like the time from the release of the song, the intertwining with "Don't Give Up (You Are Loved)" by Josh
    Groban, and the current moment combined with all my past life experiences created something so electric.

  42. Mario Hinsche

    Just Love Amanda , WOW

  43. Tavoi Aiono

    Dont let others validate you. You validate YOU!!!

  44. Christopher Malcovish

    One of the most powerful videos to go with a song. Don't take life for granted or the people who cheer you on along the way. Those that believe in you are the most precious gift you'll ever receive.

  45. Cierra Swaye Lyle The Anime & MK fan girl

    love that song, my childhood.

  46. Cierra Swaye Lyle The Anime & MK fan girl

    song tribute to avengers endgame coming april 2019

  47. ImaMonaKnight

    I Love You Deeply💯🎁❤💋

  48. Colin McMahon

    I know. Thats WHY we WIN.
    Hahaha. .

  49. Colin McMahon

    I'd would. But you haven't.
    That's not my wall.

  50. Colin McMahon

    Done. THEN.

  51. The Heart Followers

    You inspired the start of our We Can clan to all follow our hearts through your soulfully beautiful cr8ions. #legendarymuse #legendarymusiq #followyourheart thx Amanda for always being there for the world with your #timeless voice... Uni verse ... we believe in you too.

  52. Rachel Perry

    I used to love playing this on the guitar and singing it :)

  53. newsreader4321

    This is when I couldn't break through..

  54. CCRider100

    The music industry is a strange beast, Amanda Marshall was a small blip in the US market, while fellow Canadians with a fraction of her immense vocal talent, ie Beiber and Drake, became household names. Timing, management, marketing, and being appealing to one of the core music buying demographics, is far more important than raw talent to sustainable mainstream success.

    CD Smith

    I have to believe that if Amanda were to walk on stage at any of America's current mega-huge TV talent shows and laid down a performance like this she would utterly and unequivocally win hands-down. Which of course underlines the sheer myopic stupidity of whomever was part of her former management team from back in the day.

    Thankfully Canadians saw the gem that she is, seeing as several of her albums went platinum here. Can't really fault the Americans though, they never got a chance to hear her full range of hits like we did. That blame lies elsewhere.

  55. Carol C.

    3:41 - He reminds me of Tom Hanks

  56. Andrew Sutherland

    Amanda, you are a wonderfully talented lady. Thank you for the wonderful music

  57. Carol C.

    Everyone's running their own race, in their own time - everyone's going their own way

  58. James Henderson

    beautiful song .....!

  59. PewterPics and ThePewterPen

    To this day this is one of my most treasured go to songs to listen to when I want or need an emotional pick me up.

  60. Roy Coles

    i belive in you amanda. thank you.

  61. Huy Tran

    This song and video is just perfect. Gives me so much 90s nostalgia. Music today just doesn't compare.

  62. michele madrigal

    I first heard this song on the Touched By An Angel soundtrack so long ago. I loved it then and I still do. Everyone needs to know that someone believes in them.

  63. Lucky Luke

    Beautiful voice Amanda!, great lyrics for the fullness of those notes you carry so well, you nailed this, never heard it better!

  64. flon57

    My favourite Amanda song

  65. Roy Coles

    always loved her.

  66. Dylan Wurfel

    Geezus that is a powerful video

  67. Dylan Wurfel

    She is an absolute monster. Such a powerful voice and so good looking

  68. Luis Alberto Ramirez Araujo

    Bella!!! Where is she now? I miss her!!! 🍁🇨🇦🇻🇪 2018!!

  69. Annika Heydl

    Anyone else here from that Kermit movie?

    Kitty Paws 4747

    Kermit's Swamp Years

  70. susan wallace

    I love this woman/ARTIST I listen to her every day!

  71. Christian Bosch

    Many, many THX, Amanda, for all your fantastic Songs!!

  72. Andrés E

    She sounds like Celine Dion.

    Kitty Paws 4747

    Now that you commented it she kinda does

  73. Roy Coles

    love her voice.

  74. Victoria Semenenko Real Life Victory

    Truly nice as inspirational song

  75. David Desintonio

    This is such a great song. It covers all cylinders of the human soul of a person. Thank you Amanda Marshall for keeping it Canadian and keeping ourselves positive

  76. John Warburton

    Thank you Jeff Healey (R.I.P.) for discovering this incredible talent and showing her off to the world.

  77. Gaston Palavicino

    Beautiful song sung by a beautiful Canadian woman, from Toronto, this song has inspiration, message saying we can all be better

  78. Derrick Sheldon

    I first heard this song while I was watching Kermit's Swamp Years

  79. DoinThupidThings

    So true, so beautiful. This should have a 100 million views

  80. ImaMonaKnight

    Gorgeous Woman*

  81. JDMod789

    I first heard part of this song of a scene of the 2002 direct-to-video movie "Kermit's Swamp Years" when Kermit and Croaker had went looking for Goggles and Blotch and heard the full song of the end credits.

  82. Joanie Jett 71

    My favorite song of 99 Amanda you rock girl! Love this video , your voice and the sound rock on I was gearing up to be married, but it turned into a very not nice person. but I still beleive in you!

  83. Stéphie

    Quelle voix et quelle présence sur scène! Un vrai bonheur pour mes oreilles . Je ne m'en lasserai jamais. A quand un nouvel album?

  84. Krysten55

    335,000 views on the nose!

  85. Kimberly Heys

    I saw Amanda in North Bay (most recently - have seen her many times!) in Aug 2017 ... as always SHE KICKED SERIOUS ASS! Can't wait to see her again. Does anyone have a copy of a song she performed at Casino Rama - Oct 2013 - 'I BUILT THIS HOUSE'?

  86. Derrick Sheldon

    I first heard this song while watching Kermit's Swamp Years

  87. Peter Charles

    I can"t even count the ways "That I Believe in Yoda " great song as I listen in My Buffalo briefs

  88. Luis Willis

    I''d forgotten about this amazing song! What ever happened to Amanda?

    Gerald Luimes

    she's back touring seen her a few nights ago in ottawa

  89. TheToyReviewer 1984

    I LOVE Amanda Marshall! She was so good! A shame she never made it huge in America. Her talent was surely missed here. She is one of the most talented female artists I have ever seen and heard! Love you Amanda!

  90. J Rowe

    Beautiful women beautiful voice! 😘

  91. Stacey Jesso Green

    At 1:40 do anybody else think that the teacher that passes him his diploma looks like Lisa Kudrow from the show Friends.

    Dnr Voeg

    Stacey Jesso Green yeah, i thought the same


    This is what I came to the comment section to see.
    Putting it on my list of things to look up when I have insomnia.

  92. Aaron Christenson Official

    excellent song!

  93. Corey Young

    Amazing singer that I always loved. Where did you go hun? Beautiful strong voice and inspirational.... Hugs to you.

  94. Edward Anthony

    Yet another gem by an under rated super talent!

  95. Lola Heatherton

    Every year I dedicate this song to my son on his birthday. today is the day.Happy birthday Spencer! Love you.