Amanda Marshall - Beautiful Goodbye Lyrics

I'm fed up with my destiny
And this place of no return
I think I'll take another day
And slowly watch it burn
And it doesn't really matter
How the time goes by
'Cause I still remember you and I
And that beautiful goodbye

We staggered through these empty streets
Laughing arm in arm
The night had made a mess of me
Your confessions kept me warm
I don't really miss you, I just need to know
Do you ever think of you and I
And that beautiful goodbye

When I see you now
I wonder how
I could've watched you walk away
If I let you down
Please forgive me now
For that beautiful goodbye

In these days of no regrets
I keep mine to myself
And all the things we never said
I can save for someone else
And nothing lasts forever
But we always try
And I just can't help but wonder why
We let it pass us by, yeah

When I see you now
I wonder how
I could've watched you walk away
If I let you down
Please forgive me now
For that beautiful goodbye

Baby, what can I do
Oh, to get through to you
And sometimes I cry, yeah
It's a fool's lullaby
Sometimes I cry
It's just a fool's lullaby
I'm dying inside

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Amanda Marshall Beautiful Goodbye Comments
  1. James Trent

    just a lyrical masterpiece, composed beautifully. This is true music!

  2. J. R. DUENDE

    Me encanta ❤

  3. SilentBob731

    I'm not sure that there's ever been a more Absolutely Fucking Fierce Vocal Performance that the latter half of this song.

  4. Peter Gurney

    I'm in East van new west🤗

  5. Tom Hodge

    Cool thing about this whole album is who's "tickling the ivories" (keyboards). None other than impresario and fellow Canadian Paul Shaffer.


    good voice**

  7. Krymera666 x

    Saw her live about 20 years ago. Still remember what a great show it was.

  8. rockdude5150

    love this song so much always have , have to cd

  9. Harry Blom

    So pure and raw. Much much better than so many female artists who try with their technial inadequate emotional tricks and bending of their voices to bring across a feeling lik this long sentence. It doesn't work

  10. Alfa75V6

    Beauty beyond Believe

  11. ian J


  12. goodchoice1079

    Joey Trife made an awesome job using samples of Amandas power ballad in his new song "luxury" from his new album "Banshee".
    If you like this song, you'll love "luxury", it renews the powerful greatness this song already has ;-)
    Greetings from a fan from Germany :-)

  13. Mario Hinsche

    Just Awesome

  14. Paul Crocker

    So true what all you discerning people are saying. This artist has everything. One, puny word to say to you, the immense Amanda: respect.

  15. michael talevi

    As great as this video is, the live performance has to be seen/heard to be believed!

  16. Marijn Timmer

    Goddamn the ending of this song.... went right through my fucking soul

  17. ImaMonaKnight

    I only feel my gay brother in anger👊🏼🤔💔

    Ben Oltmanns

    ImaMonaKnight what???

  18. Honorata Pałka

    Piękna piosenka 🌸...

  19. john nahodil

    still love this song...this whole cd is great

  20. ICD Media

    what a great song, fantastic Canadian artist people are missing out

  21. MissSilly23

    Phenomenal 💜💜

  22. Paul's Music Videos

    "Beautiful Goodbye" is a beautiful fool's lullaby that crescendos to an emotional plaintive wail that appears to summon her former flame. But to no avail, the mystery woman who finds the discarded notes may be metaphor for the uncertain reunion.
    One of the best power ballads and videos with a great orchestra and piano track. Filmed appropriately at the Vancouver (BC)Block clock tower.
    Her debut album/CD in '95, which I bought in '95, is one of my favorites of all time with the songs Let It Rain", "Beautiful Goodbye", "Dark Horse", "Fall From Grace", "Sitting on Top of the World", and "Birmingham" She was in her early 20's and sang with amazing range and talent. I watched her videos on MTV/VH1 in the 90's. Saw her sing in the summer of '96 at small outdoor event. I remember she sounded just as good live!
    Disclaimer: I'm not a reviewer or writer, in fact this is my first Comment ever! Watched it a few times looking for subtleties in the story line and decided to drop my thoughts here. Check her other videos that were published in Dec'18, and enjoy!

  23. L M

    This is the one song that really touches my soul - the incredible lyrics and Amanda's magical voice. It creates such a bittersweet experience. Thinking about what might have been. . .

  24. Jack L

    Great song. I'm pretty sure she's singing in Vancouver. Building is called Vancouver Block. I recognize the giant clock.

  25. Susan Griffin

    I've read lately that she has been tied up with recording studios and copyright problems for ages. I loved Amanda Mardhall's music. Superb. I wish her well.

  26. How T

    how can this voice only have 14k views ?

  27. Saysanne *

    Great voice... beautiful song....😊💓

  28. Alex Bertrand

    How can she 's not the N.1 female singer of all time? This is so powerful!!

  29. MarkEsqable

    Such a depressing, yet, amazing song at the same time. No matter what type of music you're into, this song can relate to anyone and everyone. Tell the people you love, you love them. You never know when your life will change. Tommorow is promised to nobody. This song is all too real.

  30. David C

    So underrated for her uniqueness. Visually I see similarities between her and Jess Glynne

    allie loulou85

    Love Jess Glynne as well!!!

  31. Leora Karoly

    How are there so little likes for this rock goddess?? One of my favorite ballads ever. She's so underrated.


    Agreed. The term Rock Goddess doesn't do her justice. She is something else. I discovered her through this gorgeous ballad in 2010 and will never abandon her. Her stunning heartfelt music speaks to me on so many levels that I don't know where to start.

    Daniel Smith

    spot on -- she's a Canadian treasure and has had lots of hits up here. She needs to get international recognition =)

    Diego Aguirre

    College years (90's and 2000s) would no be the same without her songs or Sarah Mclachlan ones, amazing rock ladies.


    totally agree

  32. Pierre M

    Best Canadian female singer ever!

    Tom Hodge

    Close. But I gotta give that honor to Heart's Ann Wilson. Opinions vary - but she's my "Gold Standard" for female vocalists. Any genre of music. Ever.

  33. susan wallace

    Amanda has no old school sounds better.

  34. Corey Schlueter

    Does anybody know where this video was filmed?

    Christopher L

    The clock tower in the video is the Vancouver Block Building.

  35. MapleLeafJade

    My hubby and I heard this song on the radio, we still remembered the lyrics. Fucking awesome song! What a beautiful voice. Cheers 🇨🇦✌

  36. Strange Smile

    i love it

  37. motomusiq

    This song is impossibly beautiful...I woke up this rainy and this tune was in my head. Long live 90s music, long live Amanda Marshall!


    I actually like to play it at dusk on a picturesque winter day and stare into the sunset refelecting. I had a relationship with a girl going back to my childhood and adolescence which failed when we became adults and this song makes me relate to it.

  38. Christian Bosch

    Fantastically beautiful woman with a great voice!

    Paul Figura

    True fantastic woman. :)