Alphaville - Montego Bay (Live) Lyrics

The air is oh so thick
There's not a single breeze
The day lies dazed upon the shelf
Beyond a painted window out on a far horizon
There stands a steamboat in the sun
I rised my eyes and stared into that paralyzing light
But god had left the iron skies
This day will last forever, we pushed the final buttons
And someone disconnected time
We are here in Montego Bay..

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Alphaville Montego Bay (Live) Comments
  1. Jaroslav Grůlla

    To je to Nejkrásnější co Jsem Slyšel. s Karlem Gottem.

  2. Sebastián Cretón

    Best version live of Big in Japan!!!!

  3. Milan Majer

    Super, jen škoda té kvality ....

  4. 21willyx21

    5:05 Sounds Like a Melody
    11:43 Dance With Me
    18:00 Victory of Love

  5. DenniMan

    0:00 Wishful Thinking // 5:05 Sounds like a Melody // 11:42 Dance with me // 18:01 Victory of Love // 24:50 Return to Paradise // 28:05 Monkey in the Moon // 32:35 I die for you today // 37:55 Forever Young // 41:22 Jet set // 45:05 Big in Japan

  6. Jennifer Dalida

    Bummer that Marian got so fat (sigh).

  7. Pierre Schmetz

    Great voice ! 30 years ago...

  8. 21willyx21

    Skvelý koncert, nenašla by sa HD kvalitka? :)

  9. rmcduarte

    Blind me! this gig sure sounds almost like a heavy synth pop metal band! I loved it!!

  10. Daniel Tichý


  11. Markus Duesseldorf

    Das ist ja grauenhaft.

  12. blueseasbluesky

    Love Alphaville! Love Marian!

  13. massimo tammaro

    Marian..... I love you <3 <3 <3

  14. mary irvine

    totally awesome!!!!! i love Marian Gold, I love Alphaville!!!! I think if it isn't for their fans, they would have slowed down years ago .Two thumbs up to them. RIP Martin Lister

  15. vallentinik

    koncert na živo, klobou dolu, forever young s mistrem bezkonkurenční.

  16. Odan-Urr

    37:55 forever young

  17. Calinopedia H

    Amazing... He was 55 in 2009! Very good for an fat...senior... Forever Young is not always Forever Slim...
    And the original studio recordings quality it is very difficult to reach in an live experience, practic impossible. So it is good! Very good!

    Rez Zircon

    +Calinopedia H What's really amazing is how he can still hit those high notes.

  18. henio zenobiusz


  19. Glorines Domigues Lombello

    Simple Perfect

  20. Okan AYHAN

    Good bless you Marian GOLD and ALPHAVILLE ,I love your music forever ...

  21. Shervin Azad Arya

    Wonderful. Many thanks. I only wish the quality was higher.

  22. mfactor88

    love this live recording, the guitar gives an amazing depth (and balls) to whats on the albums (electro pop fluff) makes me wonder if they may have actually been more successful if they had sounded like this in the first place m54
    ps dont shoot me Dimi :)

  23. Aladeen Madafaká

    Dance with me!

  24. Gorgar 001

    Looks and sounds good for and old man... He is in his 60's...


    +Kjetil Espetvedt Not quite yet, Gold is in his 50s :)


    +MojoDupree Indeed, he is now, but in 2009 he was in his 50s :)

    Calinopedia H

    +Kjetil Espetvedt He was 55 in 2009! Very good for an fat...senior... Forever Young is not always Forever Slim...


    Not that old and he does sound good

  25. andrey

    eto   lutshee  chto   kokdanibut  slushal  ,respekt

  26. molekulaTV

    OH MY GOD! VICTORY OF LOVE (starts around 19:00 for dummies) GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!

  27. bogdan78pop

    Playback....a lot....just say it, and we'll be fine...


    @bogdan78pop TWAT..

  28. 116camus

    Drummer--great Job.....

  29. Rafał Staniszewski

    Lata płyną.... życie mija..... Alphaville trwa wiecznie

  30. Richard Ramos

    MIN 15:48 Dejaremos lo pasado........para estar en el cielo de los amantes

  31. Richard Ramos

    mint 20  hooping return  
    hello ......... hello 
    reality angel 

  32. Krissy -

    I understand why he uses playback so much in his concerts. This sounds terrible. He sounds like a cats wailing thats been warped to low pitch. My friggin ears are bleeding. ><

    Artem Va

    He does not use playback, only his band as background singers.
    His voice is still absolutely amazing, especially for his age (63 atm, saw him last month)!

    BUT... I have to admit this concert wasn't really the real thing. It was pretty short and not too great of a performance. Maybe he was sick idk

  33. antonio caetano

    0:01 wishful thinking
    5:00 sounds like a melody
    11:55 dance with me
    18:15 victory of love
    24:50 return to paradise
    32:40 i die for you today
    38:00 forever young
    41:00 jet set
    45:00 big in japan

  34. Wolfgang Reitshammer

    great that he is still around good rock for his age

  35. rené díaz urrea

    good,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,see and listen 2013, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,very good

  36. arturo hernandez

    WTF¡¡  desafinados.... desatonados.... fuera de armonia.... lastima¡¡

  37. Rags Morales

    Sure wish the would've played To Germany with Love, Lies, Sensations, and Fallen Angel. Great show though.

  38. Orest Buciora

    i also recomend you to check out NEW ORDER concert on YOU TUBE !!!!

  39. Orest Buciora

    someone doesnt like MR. MARINAS voice, i really wonder how you people will sing at age of 60 !!!, GREAT JOB MARIAN AND ALPHAVILLE !!!!


    Géant !!!!!!!

  41. David France

    FORMIDABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19min....

  42. Gorgar 001

    Fantastic concert. Really amazing!

  43. hmtp177

    Good music but voice live is SHIT!!


    after 30 year? :)


    he's only winded. he can still bring it. cut him a couple yards.

    Wolfgang Reitshammer

    just saw a mother concert he still got it... just listen to victory of love

    Bechristian! music & art with Jacki

    I think sounds better live sexy accent


    hell, yeh.

  44. MoonKnight

    A Victory Of Love, una de las mejores canciones techno-pop de la historia.

  45. Loko

    38:00 Karééél. :D no jinak se to nedá poslouchat...

  46. Fer Ferre


  47. conny Lampo

    Wow super alles!

  48. MrMaxmck

    Marian is GOLD

  49. MrLancer2007

    Karel's also a very great singer.. great performance!

  50. Jan K

    big surprise for me! Excellent! New Alphaville! :-)

  51. Wolt Rey


  52. Vito Sgara


  53. Manu Herdez


  54. Radek Stachowiak

    Let us die young or let us live forever .Nigdy nie było lepszych czasow niz wtedy gdy bylismy młodzi i nic nie było oprocz muzyki.

  55. stecky1

    absolute fantastic concert we need you to come to hull england please :)

  56. YoutubeTrollu

    45:04 BIG IN JAPAN Their best song ever

  57. René Wehrli

    Nicht das ganze Konzert, nur ein Mitschnitt fürs TV! Alle neuen Songs wurden nicht gezeigt!

  58. suxs13


  59. vilaktube

    love it!

  60. Isaelcho

    I love Marian, but I still don't understand why he sings like that on stage!