Allman, Gregg - Oncoming Traffic Lyrics

Tuesday found me, standing on the highway
Seems like no one, no one, is going my way
Was I waiting on the wrong side of the road?
I just don't give a damn, which way I go

Tell me where has my faith gone
Has it walked out on me
Or does it still lie, somewhere inside of me?
Your just too close, for my tired eyes to see, yeah

Tell me when, when is my ship gonna come in
I ain't cold, I ain't hungry, gotta little money to spend
But a man cannot live, oh no, on riches alone
He needs love, friendship and a home
Without these he stands alone

There are some many roads, which you been to
Or somebody by you win, others you will lose
Lord, it ain't never been so clear
It is always, Lord, it is always, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
What is all up to you
All up to you now, baby

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Allman, Gregg Oncoming Traffic Comments
  1. g man

    I ate a candy bar with Gregg when i was 8 yrs. old at the Tenneco gas station on Rocky creek rd in Macon GA. told him i played guitar , he gave me some pointers , and alot of cool advice on the do's and dont's of the biz............Ill never forget that day as long as i live

  2. Pamela Knowles

    Brilliant performance,,you are never forgotten!!🎼🎹🎙🎶🍑🍄

  3. Efrem Nulman

    A masterpiece.
    Miss the man and his music.

  4. Selina Lankford

    I miss you Gregg! 💙🦋🍄🍑💔💙💕🎹🎤🎸🎹💙😘❤️💔💔💔🌷🍄🍑💙

  5. The Elderly Nerd Crew

    It's been two years i cant believe it. I miss you Brother Gregg. -Shooter-

  6. cheezhead Z

    37k views and I'm the first one to "like" it in 5 years!

  7. judy Girl

    Tuesday found me
    standing on the highway.
    Seemed like no one was
    going my way...
    'Cause I was waiting on
    the wrong side of the road.
    I just don't give a damn
    Which way I go....

    Tell me where has my faith gone?
    Has it walked out on me?
    Or does it still lie somewhere
    inside of me?
    Or is it just too close
    for my tired eyes to see....

    Tell me when when is my ship
    gonna come in?
    I ain't cold, I ain't hungry
    got a little money to spend
    but a man cannot live on riches alone
    He needs love, friendship and home
    or Lord he stands alone....

    There are so many roads
    which you may choose.
    Aw.... some you're bound to win
    others you will lose.
    Lord, it ain't never been so clear
    that it is all
    that it is all
    that it is all up to you....

    Gregory Lenoir Allman

  8. Brian Homka

    I'm not sure how long it's been since I listened to this song...8...maybe 10 years. Sent chills up my spine...and a short time later....a tear to my eye.

  9. Eddie Smith

    This is one of the most soulful haunting beautiful painful blues songs ever written.

  10. Scott Papel

    This song takes you on a good path its worth it.

  11. David Maggard

    I ant cold i ant hungery got a little money .no one can ever top gerg.s song wirting abilty .what some lyrics .makes cold chills come on me .RIP gregery.your music will go on for ever

    judy Girl

    I must tell you that, IMO, he writes as well as some of the best American poets and authors....any day of the week...sorry about the Gregg thing, I didn't notice the Gerg...most likely it was a typo....Gerg! LOL!

  12. tommy76blues

    the soul of a Man

  13. Betty Morton

    Great song RIP Gregg almond

  14. Mark Chacon


  15. tommy76blues

    God bless You brother Gregg , I will never forget You

  16. 88Gibson LesPaul

    Is Gregg Allman really gone? I thought it would go on forever.



  18. Bobby Babin Jr.

    I'm turning in 30 this year and discovered this song today. It brought me to tears and I'm about to take a seat at my old upright grande and I'm ready to feel this baby out

  19. Sharon Stark

    What a beautiful song. Gregg nails it😊wish there was a video of this somewhere. Thanks for uploading this. This made my day!

  20. Troy Tempest

    Wish they had edited out the screaming moron. Otherwise a brilliant song and performance.

    Barry Lokey

    I understand what your saying and agree, except on this soulful song Gregg is doing live he still had that voice cutting through any noise like it wasn't happening and he wasn't effected by the crowd at all, just singing the awesome way he always did.

    cheezhead Z

    I was so lost in Gregg's voice I didn't even hear the moron.

  21. lost94133

    I would have beat the shit out of that loud mouth pos

  22. Hayward Hilton

    Masterful. R.I.P. brother.

  23. Justine O'Toole

    listen to the Bonnie Bramlett version, it's just as magical:

  24. Conrad C Hanafee

    He was a cat!

    judy Girl

    His brother was a skydog....

  25. Deborrah Oliveri

    so much soul and heart in this. be at peace my brother and thank you for all your wonderful music. your legacy lives on. now you join the other greats. as you told us recent..." ROCK ON !"

  26. Mr. Skin

    RIP Greg

  27. Jerry J

    RIP- Gregg- You were the best White blues singer that ever roamed the face of the earth!! Thank you for being so kind to me when I Met you 25 years ago- I will never forget the weekend we spent together on the road- SAD

    Chris Sigler

    Jerry Joiner Bar none!!!!!!

  28. lydia lee

    love this dad is a huge allman brothers fan and listening to their music reminds me of all the good times we had...

    cheezhead Z

    Love when a song can bring precious memories to mind.

  29. Mark Garno

    this song was NEVER on BROTHER'S AND SISTERS

    judy Girl

    It was on the tour album.

  30. Mark Garno

    this song gets me........seems like no one, no one, is going my way, was I waiting on the wrong side of the road? well I just don't give a damn.....which way I go......

    ann cooley

    This song stops me - "When is my ship going to come in..." This song shows a lost lonely person. His voice is haunting, one of the best songs he sings.

  31. Mark Garno

    I try to sing this song, my voice is similar but no artist has the gift of this man. artists out there, hear me now.....this MAN HAS TIMING down LIKE A Fine lubed piston in a well made European Automobile


    Mark Garno "

    Eddie Smith

    An absolute master and a legend who has crossed the veil into the ages. He has left us his gift of timeless music.

    judy Girl

    And, don't forget, the band can jam for 17 minutes and 'this man,' as you call him, always comes in at the right time, on the right note...he was/is just amazing. He also wrote the song and the lyrics. The way he helped Jackson Brown with These Days, Brown had the words and he had the music, he couldn't put them together. He called on Gregg and Gregg just sang it...put it together timing and phrasing those words into the music like pieces to a puzzle. Then, he took the liberty of changing the last line to..."Please don't confront me with my failures, I am aware of them."

  32. Abner Stall

    there is a studio version of this song on the ABB album Brothers and Sisters....very soulful brother Gregg!


    Must be a version of "Brothers And Sisters" I've never heard... they played it live a bit in the 2005-2010 period, and of course it is featured on the Gregg live album featured here, but not on "Brothers And Sisters".

    Tim Hoover

    DarkeningSkies1 I also have that album and its not on it.possible they reissued it at some point with extra songs.

    Conrad C Hanafee

    Just Gregg & Cowboy album

  33. Kimberly Caballero

    I also tried to get to New York City to see them at the beacon theater but they were sold out  Sunshine the same girl as before

  34. Kimberly Caballero

    love Gregg Allman and the Allman bros and have all my life  I saw them when I was 12 years old and that was a long time ago believe me I love them they are my or one of my favorite bands of all times  there's nothing like them  it comes from their soul and you can hear it in their music      sunshine

    Boo Mil

    +Kimberly Caballero superman

    R Zimmerman

    I am with you. The music is timeless, Gregg and Duane became what they worshipped while young musicains . Musical and Cultural Icons!!

  35. Harvey Moon

    Gregg's best! 

  36. Paul Snith

    I had the lp in 74. Great find for someone now.

    judy Girl

    ''''''still have's a mess, but, I got it...I have them all, some, I have 3x over...still all messed up. Bad stereo and a lazy me....who knew I would be listening soon again, and just carpeted my bedroom with had to tip toe through the albums to reach the bed. The stereo was right at the

  37. Ann McCaskey

    I love this song

  38. gfink2

    This is such a wonderful track; I hope the audience beat the ever loving crap out of that screaming jerk near one of the audience mikes. You just want to tap him on the shoulder and say "dude, shut up!" 1:08  2:35

    judy Girl

    I have not been able to find a studio version. Only live or Dan Rather's house.

    ann cooley

    You might want to try One More Try: An Anthology, 1997. I don't have a copy of this CD so I don't know for sure if it is a studio recording or live from 1974 Gregg Allman Tour.

    judy Girl

    It's called Gregg Allman (makes me sad to type his name) TOUR. It's live. Have a lot of copies of this album, tapes and CD's....This is a good version. There are others I have found just recently, that would knock your socks off, Ann Cooley. One is the session before they go on this tour....THAT is an amazing version. It is older. He says he wrote this in 1974. Check them out. I think you may enjoy them! :)

    Roseanne Salyer

    Gregg Allman and Big Mike @ A.P.s on a Sunday. A lovely live version of Catfish Blues.


    He's in to the music. nothing wrong with that.

  39. Roseanne Salyer

    After all these years of listening to the Allman Brothers, I just rediscovered this song. I know, how, right? His lovely voice and piano playing makes me weak in the knees. Love you, Gregory, this is a great song.

    Roseanne Salyer

    SS- Thanks for this post. I love this song.

    Bonita Tucker Clark

    Roseanne Salyer. We seem. To always be. On the same page. Sister!!! Our love for Gregg. Is how We met. He has brought soo many. Sisters and Brothers together.... And that is amazing!!! Ily.