Allman Brothers Band, The - Straight From The Heart Lyrics

You've heard every line before
My life's a revolving door
With no way out and no way in
You know just what's on my mind
Could you take a chance one more time
Maybe we could start all over again
Straight from the heart
Baby my love

Your eyes can't tell a lie
I can see what you're feeling inside
Don't give up before we start
'Cause this time love is
Straight from the heart

I know what they're telling you
I wish I could say that it's not true
Love is so hard to find
But I never took the time
I never let you in
Please let me try again
Straight from the heart

Your eyes can't tell a lie
I can see what you're feeling inside
Don't give up before we start
'Cause this time love is
Straight from the heart

I thought I knew about love
But I didn't know at all
Didn't take the time to see
Until I started to fall
Straight from the heart

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Allman Brothers Band, The Straight From The Heart Comments
  1. Rusell Shaw

    From 1980 to 1983 was a really bad time for The Allman Brothers Capricorn records collapsed jamo wasn't around

  2. Wolf_At_The_Door

    People, don't judge the song badly from this posting. The song is good, the audio recording not so good. Tinny and crackly like the old vinyl records, for sure. But that's how it was with records.

  3. Tom Wilson

    Worst. Allman Brothers song. Ever. Bleahhh. That is all.

  4. DavidRagan3134

    Okay, this song is catchy as hell 😂 It just doesn't feel very much like the Allman Brothers save for Gregg's singing and maybe that guitar solo.

  5. wayne pitty

    Seems like they were shooting for a top 40 hit single. Thats were the money is... When I was in a band back in 1981, this song was in our repertoire .
    It was a fun song to play! Not your typical ABB...but it still had those harmony guitar licks 😍

  6. Mark P

    Not a bad song. Just doesn't sound like the Allman Brothers. What producer thought it was a good idea to take them in this direction?

  7. Todd Sundell

    Sorry he's gone! : (

  8. Steve-O-Matic

    Man this is sacrilegious by Allman Bros. standards. Sounds like something from a made-for-TV movie starring David Naughton.

  9. kewkabe

    His love is straight from the heart, guys. Straight from it!

  10. john serino

    This sounds like an 80s sitcom theme.

    Jackie Brown

    Sounds a little like the theme from "My Sister Sam".

  11. kewkabe

    This song was awful in '81 and even worse now.


    Snap Crackle...Straight From The Heart :)

  13. Colin Sanders

    entered Billboard Aug 8, 1981 ..reached #39

  14. Trev Mac

    this is what's called embarrassing mid life crisis southern pop rock

  15. Trev Mac

    thanks for posting

  16. John Smith

    I am an 80's music fan much more than the 70's, I don't like any of their over played 70's shit, this was not too bad though. The 80's music as a whole was about new and exciting sounds, but yes it all has a bit of cheese in the mix. That being said it is still my favorite era overall for music.


    John Smith Boo.

  17. ElCartero

    So, this is what Southern Yacht Rock sounds like.

  18. gary engle

    Very meaningful lyrics '  Maybe for a love that never happened

  19. Jacie Hamalainen

    A Very Doobie style influence..You can't even hear the bass..Sounds very tin like..I'm not tearing it down..Just calling it the way I hear it..Sounds very far away from the Filmore..

    The Train

    Jacie Hamalainen worlds away from the Fillmore. This is Allmans trying to fit with the times and failing badly. Thankfully they came back strong starting in the 90s

  20. AORCrazy

    All of you so called true fans calling this shit, shut yer ugly mouths up. All of their music is good not just the old one, suckers.

  21. bucky468

    Sound is fuzzy, but it's the only existing version of the song unless you want to endure the time to go through the entire "Brothers of the Road" album which is a shitfest. 

  22. Erik Stone

    I Love This The Allman Brothers Band 1981 Hit, "Straight From The Heart," Which Became A Top 15 Rock Hit In America, And A Top 40 Hit In America.

  23. Dave Wollenberg

    I know Dickey Betts wrote it, but, it sure doesn't sound like Dickey singin' it. They hit #39 in Billboard, 9-19-81. Bless you, John, for postin' it. Thanx! Have a blessed week!


    Dave Wollenberg Gregg Allman sang it.

  24. johnmichaelfoy1

    I wonder if they reworked this and removed the e cheese it might be a good song.


    johnmichaelfoy1 There wouldn’t be anything left.

  25. Frankincensed

    The Replacements: Goldflies, Toler, and Toler. Just not the same. Times had moved on and the Brothers had lost their way. Pop was not their thing, for sure. Maybe we can blame it on the Cher influence. Sorry Gregg, love you but fail.

  26. Michael Patrick

    This was the second of the two albums ABB released under Arista. I still have a hard time understanding why people hate this period. Sure, if you compare it to Enlightened Rogues or Win, Lose or Draw it may be subpar material, but this really isn't bad. IMO this sounds alot like the Doobie Bros. Even their Reach for the Sky LP has its moments.


    Michael Patrick Enlightened Rogues and Win, Lose or Draw are the two examples you used? They (esp ER) are definitely better than the garbage they put out on Arista, but most things are.

  27. diamondkal

    I've always personally loved this song for the story it tells,not because of the past songs by the Allman Brothers..because if it's not straight from the heart,well then you haven't got a chance..this will be my new motto from now on,going to give it a shot and see where it takes me..

  28. Dave Wollenberg

    The ABs hit #39 in Billboard, 9-19-81. Dickey Betts shouldn't've been fired! God bless ya, for postin' it. Thanx!


    Dave Wollenberg He wasn’t fired in ‘81. He left in 2000, rather than taking some time to dry out. I was at one of the last ABB shows with Dickey, and he wasn’t at his best, to put it mildly.

    Then there’s the interpersonal band drama. He assaulted bandmates, pulled knives on them, missed dates while in jail, etc. They’d finally had enough, and they originally just asked him to take some time off and get help, but his ego unfortunately got the best of him.

    He’s a legend, and for good reason, and he deserves all the credit for leading them through some tough times, and writing classics like Liz Reed, Blue Sky, Jessica, etc., but that’s sadly not the guy who was showing up in early 2000.

    I do wish he’d gotten it together and played with them again, before it was too late.

  29. DEADHEAD712


    The Brothers are my favorite band but this was a bad period. 1979 & 80. They took some time off after this until 1989 when Warren Haynes helped rejuvenate the band. If this was what all the Brothers music sounded like, I never would have been a fan.

  30. Koz07

    @DEADHEAD712 Are you crazy? The Allman Brothers Band never retired, they are still playing today. They are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they won a Grammy Award for the song Jessica and they are listed in Rolling Stone Magazines Greatest Bands of All Time. Their music has brought joy to millions of fans, for over forty two years. The only crap here is your your sad uninformed post, in fact it was very uncool, mabey you were having a bad day, chill out, everything will be ok. Peace


    Koz07 They did retire after this crap, and got back together 8 years later with a new, much better lineup. They pretty much sat the 80’s out.

  31. aWindydog


  32. DEADHEAD712

    So glad they retired after this crap.

    Nash Burnette

    Ummm ...... They never retired, Idiot.


    Nash Burnette They broke up shortly after this was released, and reformed in 1989, idiot.

  33. GodslaveRocks

    I saw them on this tour in my hometown -- which is incidentally also the hometown of Warren Haynes, who has been part of the band.

  34. pardyhardly


  35. Doobie1975

    I've just heard this song on the 80s station from Slacker Radio and while I'm personally not a big fan of these guys I really like this song a lot.