Allman Brothers Band, The - So Long Lyrics

So long, I hope our paths meet again some day.
Oh, but who's to say, who's to say, where or when?
And I'll be hopin' that it'll be real, real soon.
Yeah, I'll be hopin' that you'll be there sharin'
My little cozy bedroom.
We've been together down that long and lonesome road.
The happiness we've shared was through each other
And it's a doggone shame such a beautiful thing,
Should have to fade away,
Not too many people ever had what we had,
To throw it all away is oh, so sad. So long, so long.
So long. I believe our paths may cross again.
And I thank the Lord, thank the Lord,
that this time we parted friends.
So for this time, so long, so long, so long, so long.

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Allman Brothers Band, The So Long Comments
  1. Shane Crokett

    clicked this on 2yrs. ago, only 2 comments. glad to see many more. one of if not the best of ABB. always love this.

  2. Scott Clute

    So long my best friend...

  3. Russ Orent

    End of an era for great Allman brothers long!

  4. Karen Keheley

    I love this song he is singing right to her "his little cozy bedroom"I met Gregg at the tabby in the ATL one of the nicest and most humble guy you would ever meet HE will be greatly missed. RIP Gregg you were one of the best

  5. Clevelandsux

    Everyone says how bad the Arista albums were. They were pretty good I think. Different and not classic abb. But we're solid records.

  6. Charles Chandler


  7. Ricky Bass

    RIP Gregg Allman..! You were one of the best!

  8. Michael Soto

    Does any one know the solo parts Dickey betts or Dan toler?


    Sounds like Dickey Betts licks and tone to me!!

    Michael Soto

    blueeyesol thanks for feedback0

    terry sack

    I think it's Dan

    Karen Keheley

    Dan Toler he co-wrote so long I love this song hope this helps u. Karen Keheley. ATL

  9. Scott Thomas Webster

    love this song

  10. joseph turkowitch

    great song