Allman Brothers Band, The - Nobody Knows Lyrics

Nobody knows about what's going on,
with the world and the steel,
the flesh and the bone.
River keeps flowing and the grass still grows,
and the spirit keeps going, nobody knows.
Poets they come and the poets they go,
politicians and preachers they all claim to know.
The words that are written and the melody's played,
as the years turn their pages, they all start to fade.
The oceans still move with the moon and the sky,
the grass still grows on the hillside.
Got to believe in believing,
got to believe in a dream,
freedom is ever deceiving,
never turning out to be what it seems.
It's amazing how fast our lives go by,
like the flash of the lightning or the blink of an eye.
We all fall in love, and we fall into life,
we look for the truth on the edge of a knife.
Heavens turn around the river still flows,
spirit keeps going, nobody knows.
Words that are written and melody's played,
as the years turn their pages, it all start to fade.
Oceans still move with the moon and the sky,
the grass still grows on the hillside.
Got to believe in believing,
got to believe in a dream,
freedom is ever deceiving,
never turning out to be what it seems.

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Allman Brothers Band, The Nobody Knows Comments
  1. Tim Gregory

    RIP Gregory Allman. You were the greatest, brother.

  2. Purple Daze

    Missin my brother Paul Dean... love you love me...KOOKOOKACHOO ON THE BEACH BUD THINKING OF YOU TRYIN TO MAKE LIFE TOLERABLE. One of their best right here.

  3. Steve Jones

    I was at the "Hell freezes over" concert at the Blockbuster Pavilion, had my kick ass music system in my truck blasting this, and EVERYBODY was asking who the HELL is this????

  4. Steve Jones

    This IS Allman Brothers "Stairway to Heaven"....

  5. Steve Jones

    If you have this song you deserve a Subscribe bud

  6. cathy struska

    Greg and Dickie play with a fire in the belly missing since Fillmore East....TJ STRUSKA

  7. Sharon

    I always loved this song. And the band doing it! Thanks for posting.

  8. cathy struska

    Best damn song since Fillmore East. Dickie shines like a cut diamond

  9. HaliniSnow

    5:15 Allen woody's bass licks underneath Dickey's amazing guitar gives me LIFE

  10. Steve Jones

    EPIC Song! It's their Stairway to Heaven, their Hotel California, IMO. Listen to it on some kind of legal drug lol

  11. Diana Leyva

    Interview with Dan Rather Greg Allman explains how he got sober after 14 rehabs. Advise you to look it up and watch it. It is an awesome interview
    Glad I saw them in concert at 21

  12. MRbjr8

    powerful - Gregg kills the vocals, the boys are at their best!

  13. sean mccarthy

    Legends never die.

  14. sean mccarthy

    If you have seen Gregg Allman interviewed just before he died and thought he was messed up on dope... Wrong. He has always been one of the most soft spoken and respectful people I ever heard. A true southern gentleman that thought about what he said before talking. Despite what his lyrics say and how he sings songs that are simply put, some of Rock and Roll's best, his career was nothing short of being the best songwriter, singer, and Brother that can say he stayed in the game for over 40 years. ... His true personality was without a doubt, someone that I respected above all for the last 16 years of his sober life.... and many years before that.

    Sharon Stark

    Amen to that😊

    Tuatha DeDanann

    wish you woulda pointed out which interview it is, so I could see it without a bunch of looking; hopefully just 'last interview' willl suffice; it's cool though, appreciate the tip

  15. 2003Cpayne

    Thier best album of the 1990s.

    jamie wesson

    thats not hard

  16. Wayne Rolfe

    Damn I love these badmotherfuckers keep thundering through life 🎸👹👊🏼

  17. Daniel Abraham

    I use to listen to them when I lived in Egypt in the 80's...powerful

  18. Mark Garno

    Alright......I owe Mr Dickey Betts my confessin & my loyalty......Now check this shit out people....I bought this casette tape in SAUDI ARABIA...... yes that's fucking right. I was a UNITED STATES MARINE serving in the Gulf War of 1990-1991, we happened to be in Aubu Daubi, and I went into the PX and I seen this album cover.......I said to myself "nigga please" I bought it!........When I heard " Nobody Knows"......I said to myself, the goddamned Allman Brothers Band is BACK!!!! THEN DICKEY FUCKING PLAYS "bright eyed desert blues, yes you do" says, this is just like their 1st ALBUM.....1990-1991 and they are playing like they just started. Fuck hair metal, Fuck ALL THAT! THEN......THEY......come out with "Where It All Begins" and Dickey whips the shit out of that solo on THAT SAME SONG?????? well listen here children........

  19. Benita Pretti

    Joe Pizzarusso this was recorded in Memphis in 1991. Produced by Mr. Tom Dowd.

  20. Joe Pizzarusso

    I don't know what year this was recorded, but it is Fuckin incredible. I've been an Allman Bros. fan since the 60's. This line up is powerful & the energy is alive. Duane has always been my favorite guitar player of all time, but I have to give credit to Warren Hanes. He has a deep sense of when to fill in & just how much to add. He doesn't try to steal the show or show up Dickey, it just happens naturally.

    Eric Bolt

    Fuckin smoking Joe. I've seen em over a dozen times starting in '89...."Where it all begins" tour in 1994- 1995 they were the sharpest I've seen them.

    Mark Garno

    Joe Pizzarusso 1991 I bought this in......well it just don't matter, let's just say ARABIA loves the ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND too


    There is a live version recorded on Halloween night in Miami from 1991. Warrens solo in that live concert was just out of this world. If you can find that show with good audio, its worth a listen.

    Steve Jones

    I was blasting this song at the parking lot, waiting for the Eagles concert, people kept asking me what the hell this song is, man, i was high as a kite, this song takes you somewhere [email protected]!

  21. Captain Hotlicks

    The rhythm section was huge on this album. Is this not currently avaliable

  22. Mark Garno

    This whole album reminds me very much of their debut album. Great Album and it should def. be reissued/re-released


    Maravilhosa canção...

  24. John Wolk

    This cooks, much stronger than they are now, Oteil is ok, just is not a great jammer

  25. vinmanr2d2

    i must say how lucky i am to have witnessed this line up many many times....... songs like this will change your life and leave you smiling ! live on brother woody your bass will forever rival the loudest claps of thunder and the strongest of winds !

  26. John Francis Mariano

    The most cookin' rhythmn section I ever heard! Allen Woody....

  27. Brad Davis

    Haynes plays the first solo, then Dickey comes in second

  28. Tuan Muda

    * * * * *

  29. ScorseseKubrick

    Correct me if I'm wrong please. Betts plays the entire solo, right? Except for the call-n-response later.

    Frank King

    Warren Haynes does the first solo.

    cathy struska

    Dickie steals the show with the second...TJ STRUSKA

  30. dimensionyoga

    politicians and preachers they all claim to know
    oceans still move with the moon and the sky
    grass still grows on the hillside.
    Nobody knows.

    Tuatha DeDanann

    don''t forget the poets coming & going (& our blues)

  31. vinmanr2d2

    MAN this takes me back............ love it