Allman Brothers Band, The - Low Down Dirty Mean Lyrics

Ain't that low down, low down dirty mean
The way you've been treatin' me,
Beats all I've ever seen.

I loaned you my brand new car,
Said you was goin' for a Sunday drive,
Yeah, here it is now four days later,
I don't know if you are dead or alive,
I got on the telephone this morning,
Put the word out on the street,
And I heard you was down in Memphis,
With a big man in the driver's seat.


Got me a hidin' in the bushes,
Peekin' in the window pane,
Shadow moves along the wall,
I know you're in there with another man,
Tried to get in the front door,
Went around to the back door too,
I believe you've got a side track man in there,
Making my sweet love to you.


Makin' my last proclamation,
Gonna lay it on the line,
Baby I'm runnin' out of patience,
And you are runnin' out of time,
Tired of all of your mean things,
And all your dirty tricks,
If I ever turn on you baby,
You're gonna be in some kind of fix.

[Chorus (twice)]

Yeah so low down, I know, low down dirty mean, ahhhhhh!

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Allman Brothers Band, The Low Down Dirty Mean Comments
  1. Penny Carr

    Such an underrated album. It should have had more acclaim.

  2. judy Girl

    I love that you gave us the words....I have been going around trying to fill them in the comment, though....What a fun song....I love thees kind of know, there are all kinds of NO MONEY DOWN....I love that slow...then crazy this...How cool is made a blue me very happy...I am sorry, I thought I already subscribed....I have now, Skywalker. I run into you a lot....

  3. Scott Moore

    Fuck u your doc and tupoc!!! This is the real thing!!! U should get 30 years for writing that shit, stay the hell off here!!! Long live the Brothers!!! Tupoc burn in hell!!

  4. Scott Moore

    A great come back album but it's the Brothers need I more!!! Sure as hell miss them and will and from now on!!!

  5. Muzman60

    Allman's voice is just out of sight.......................!

  6. Michael Turcott

    You gonna be in some kinda fix...

  7. Eldie Valenciano

    Legends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. yourdoc00

    ps..............aint no TUPAC

    Samuel Krugh

    Thank goodness!

  9. yourdoc00

    the...."DUH" factor

  10. yourdoc00

    ps..........took many ..years...............for a figure

  11. yourdoc00

    most............wish....when all were alive..was a victom..or blessed

  12. Willard Chapman

    Not their best album but the songs that are good are really strong. A good build up to the next album which is just a bad ass masterpiece of classic Allman Brothers!!!

    Samuel Krugh

    I agree, Willard. Certainly not Live at the Filmore or Brothers and Sisters

  13. Jim Brill

    Love the rythym shift on the on the second verse from 4 to 2 downbeats, making it sound faster, which it really isn't!


    Yeah, it shifts between straight beat and shuffle, pretty cool.

  14. Ray Wright

    dedicated to my downstairs neighbor.....DMMF'r

  15. jim lewis

    great tune

  16. Tuan Muda

    * * * * *