Allman Brothers Band, The - Loaded Dice Lyrics

Pocket full of money
Got a big smile all on my face
Boy and I can charm the diamonds
right off the back of a rattlesnake

But you've got me so confused
Cut me cold as ice
I ain't used to losing
Guess I'm playing with loaded dice

Well the first time that I saw you
Said you'd just dumped your old man
Then the next time you was dealin
Must have dealt me a losing hand
Woman I tried to win your love
Just can't pay the price
Keep throwing in sevens
I keep on playing with loaded dice

Well I thought I was a hustler
But you sent me back to school
Keep playing some new game
Making up your own rules
Must be some kind of crazy
let you fool me twice
I don't know why
I keep playing with loaded dice

Well, tonight I hit the jackpot
I was shining like a diamond ring
Lady luck was smiling
And the old snake charmer was doing his thing

You saw the tables turn
man it sure felt nice
Now we see who's laughing
Now we see who's playing with the loaded dice

Girl you ain't like nothing
I've ever seen before
Keep throwing in aces
I keep coming back for more
Guess I should have listened
But you can't give a fool advice
Don't know why I keep playing with loaded dice.

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Allman Brothers Band, The Loaded Dice Comments
  1. Penny Carr

    fabulous. This whole album!!!

  2. Mike Zinner

    There is nothing to dislike about good wholesome southern rock.

  3. ricky johnson

    the road gos on for ever miss Greg Allman.what a legend and got go. Macon to see his grave ny uncle lived in gray rest in peace my friend ur were something man

  4. Eldie Valenciano

    Legends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. yourdoc00

    yup.....dat ole white likker.outlaw it

  6. yourdoc00

    bout bleeded to death

  7. yourdoc00


  8. Debi Clark

    love this song!!!!!!

  9. ricky johnson

    loaded dice let's roll um Gregg allman lives on what ride rib bro

  10. mark sun

    Kick ass tune! Haynes kicks it here!

  11. Free Bird

    My goodness, a song I love and no thumbs down! Is it Christmas?

  12. Rich Picchietti

    Smokin' song!!!

  13. bowslap

    YESSIR......THIS was my introduction to Warren Haynes some 23 years ago...16 years old and my late father played this for me while on a run up to Iron Mountain, Michigan. Killer tune(hell, I liked the album on whole)....need to find a CD version as the cassette doesn't do much good anymore. Thank you for posting this up!