Allman Brothers Band, The - It Ain't Over Yet Lyrics

Well, it's rainin' out the window.
With no sadness on your face.
As you're cleaning out your closet.
Throw your clothes around the place.

I can't stand to see you leaving.
I'm not ashamed to beg you to stay.
I can't lock the door and keep you.
I won't stand in your way.

Guess I've got to let you go.
But there's just one thing you should know.

It ain't over, it ain't over yet.
You might walk away but you won't forget.
I'll never stop loving you.
My mind is set.
So do what you gotta do yeah.
Cause it ain't over yet.

Guess I should have seen it coming.
But I can see it clearly now.
Gonna change my way of livin'.
Try to get you back somehow.
Some night when you're lonely.
And your thoughts have turned to me.
Just when you least expect it.
I'll come walking through your dreams.

So go on take that taxi ride.
Cause I know time is on my side.

It ain't over, it ain't over yet.
You might walk away but you won't forget.
I'll never stop loving you.
My mind is set.
Do what you gotta do baby.
It ain't over....

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Allman Brothers Band, The It Ain't Over Yet Comments
  1. Penny Carr

    Love this song. Best album.

  2. midnight rider71


  3. Patrick Hite

    Johnny Neal's piano solo is the best since Chuck Levels on Jessica...indeed it is.🍄🍊🎸🍊🍄

  4. Jp Holloway

    The best of the best...always!!

  5. Derek Suddreth

    RIP Gregg... I hope you find what you were looking for.

  6. Elyce Oleary

    I agree with all of you. Got to see him many many times. They will always be my favorite. Ever since I heard Idlewild South. I was 12. Fun to fine out where the album got its name. Right now Im reading;One Way Out. Buy it ebay. Good reading.🍑🍄Elyce in Pa.

  7. sandra r

    Gregg you are sadly missed! <3

  8. 88Gibson LesPaul

    This is a great song.


    88Gibson LesPaul l

  9. Eldie Valenciano

    Legends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Pamela's Hiding Place

    The Allman Brothers were the creators of a new sound which was named Southern Rock. Gregg was not fond of the name since Rock was invented in the south anyway. They took it to a level never before or since matched. The Allman Brothers Band is one of a kind. I am so glad i was there to see them. Gregg you are Missed. 1970 Piedmont Park one of my favorite memorys

  11. Russell Strong

    The Allman Brothers as far as i'm concerned stand on their own as the all time best southern rock/blues group of all time, bar none. Cant forget Marshall Tucker Band either. They also are wonderful!. Lynrd Skynard on the other hand completely suck! ABB Rules!

    Marilyn Mack

    Russell Strong LS stinks?! Wow! Everything the orig band did was pure perfection.

  12. Ed Keene

    Well it's rainin out the window with no sadness on your face. Wow what a brilliant song. #The best voice ever thank you Mr. Greg Allman. #The heart and soul of rock and roll

  13. Clay Simerly

    better than Skynrd  Allman brother are god fathers of southern rock  &  Marshall Tucker Band . this is great song very catchy

    charles pease

    The Allman Brothers are kings of southern rock....

    John Baker

    There ain't nothing southern rock about this. This is jamming blues

  14. DEADHEAD712

    Sure is a great cd Niki. Looking forward to seeing the Brothers at the Beacon in NYC.

  15. John Slomko

    Great song the greatest band ever like the ending

  16. Mordente73

    great great great!!!!

  17. skywalker1389

    thanks to ABB :))

  18. skywalker1389

    thanks to ABB :))

  19. Tuan Muda

    * * * * *
    thanks for uploading

  20. Brian P

    This song got my wife and I back together..... we almost made a bad mistake if I hadn't talked her into dancing with me to it while I sang the lyrics to her. Music actually heals the soul.


    Brian, glad this tune made a major change in yours and your wife's lives. Its a great... and, very much, unsung (if you will) song, by the Allman Bros. Band (God rest Gregg's soul). A great tune deserving of more acclaim than it has received. It goes up there with Melissa, Jessica, Ramblin' Man, etc. Rock on Gregg, along with you, Brian and your wife!   :)

    Brian P

    Fenderguitarboy, couldn't agree with you more. ABB has so many gems like this one that only true fans hear and appreciate.


    Yes, that is so true. I'm glad for you and your wife that it had such a wonderful and profound affect on yours! :)

  21. Phil Harri


  22. rebelmom67

    How was this song not a major, major hit for them? It's one of my all time favorites! I will never, ever understand why this song has never received significant airplay. Huge loss for those who have never heard it!!!


    While I do agree that it deserved more acclaim, on the other hand I am not a "Pop" music fan, so I'm not opposed to some of the greatest tunes to ever be recorded, to drift into alternative / progressive semi-obscurity. Thank goodness for YouTube so we can find and enjoy music's greatest gems. :)


    this album was published in 1990 so you have to judge the lack of attention referancing the time man. In 90s people were listening dumb things like grunge and pop so the allman brothers were like an old school thing.