Allman Brothers Band, The - Good Clean Fun Lyrics

Well I am on the prowl, baby
Looking for someone to satisfy my needs.
Some way, somehow,
I'm gonna find someone to spend some time with me.
I ain't looking, out forever, for some woman to treat a good man right.
You look so good, you got me thinking.
You might satisfy my soul tonight.
Theres no harm done, I know you're the one
You don't got to worry, no hurry.
The night's still young,
I'm just looking for some good clean fun.
I am looking for one woman,
Ain't always tryin' to put me down.
I don't want nobody,
Who's always givin me that same old run around.
I ain't leapin'. I'm just leanin',
Looking for that good kind thing.
I can tell by the way you're acting,
you know exactly what I mean.
There's no harm done, I know you're the one.
You don't got to worry, no hurry
The night's still young,
I'm just looking for some good clean fun.
I better slow down, I don't wanna move too soon,
I'm so confused, I don't know what to do.
Please don't think I am movin' in for the kill,
But if you don't want to love me somebody else will.
I better slow down, I don't wanna move to soon,
I'm so confused, I don't know what to do.
Please don't think I am moving out for the kill,
If you don't want to love me somebody else will.
There's no harm done, I know you're the one.
You don't got to worry, no hurry
The night is still young,
I'm just looking for some good clean fun.
Some good clean fun...ohh, baby.
Just looking for some good clean fun...........

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Allman Brothers Band, The Good Clean Fun Comments
  1. Dave Stang

    This makes me think of "BLACKLITE2017 Full movie".

  2. Giovanni Maria Tavano

    with this band forever and ever...still together....always in ours life 'allman brothers' supporters and holligans....

  3. Everly Cole

    I am so thankful I grew up close to Macon and Capricorn Studios. Every band that came out of there was spot on. I'm also thankful for getting to work with some of those bands. It just doesn't get any better than the ABB.

  4. Leo Webb

    no harm done looking for SOME GOOD CLEAN FUN..GET IT ON !!!

  5. johnmaer

    This was the proverbial one moment in time when the Allman Bros. came back to life after a very stagnant, unproductive musical period that lasted almost 2 decades. It also was the moment when they were fortunate to have Dickie Betts still playing at the top of his game and the great addition of Warren Haynes. Beautiful, kick-ass guitar parts, solos, and they couldn't have sounded this good without those 2 gentlemen. When Betts left and Derek Trucks came on board, it just wasn't the same, even though Derick rekindled or channeled Greg Allman slide guitar style to a degree. I preferred Haynes and Betts....unmistakable Gibson Les Paul overdriven, crisp treble guitar tones... yummy, yummy.

  6. Nicholas Latsaras

    Allen Woody R.I.P. tasty bass licks

  7. Monsieur Renard

    Typical hair-metal styled mtv-music video.
    Women, motorcycles, bad-ass-poses by the bandmembers.

    At least the song is great. Excellent groove and solos by Dickey and Warren. The video is ridiculous.

  8. judy Girl

    This sure is entertaining. In fact, it is one of the only videos I have seen of them being more than music entertaining...

  9. AndyGinterBlues

    Loved this when it first hit the charts, love it still. R.I.P. Duane and Greg, saw the bros. twice live, back in the day.

  10. Beat Lehmann

    Great Reunion (the 2. Reunion after
    1979) !!!

  11. Leo Webb

    Good clean fun = Good clean living.. yeah a classic R.I.P all who were playing in this session who have passed away !!

  12. judy Girl

    Nobody has a sexier voice!

  13. chais jo

    the most legendary American band ever.

    Scott Carlon

    chais jo think the stones have that title, but the Allman brothers were outstanding.

  14. Star Geib

    "You don't have to worry, no hurry, the night's still young, I'm just looking for some good clean fun". Phenomenal.

  15. Heath Davis

    I never saw the classic lineup play but I saw this tour and OMG it was great!!! RIP Gregg Butch Berry Duane and Allen !! IMO The Allman Brothers Band are in the top 5 greatest bands ever!!

  16. Rick T

    boys had all the right pieces here , turn this mfr up !

  17. Chris Marino

    This album stands up well to classic rock, southern rock, modern music and the entire ABB catalog.

  18. 905Alive

    this is one tight unit

  19. Slayer Hippy

    Did anyone know other guitarists except Hughie and Chris?

  20. David Leija

    There's one bad ass jam session, somewhere in the cosmos, where the cognac is sweet and the tears flow from the heart. In peace and blessings, David doc Leija

  21. By Myself

    Yes Yes Yes Great Grooves Great Song TY 💙

  22. Antonio Washington

    R.I.P./R.I.H. Gregg Allman. You will be joined by your brother Duane playing Rambling Man in Heaven.

  23. Tate Chasers

    now this is the Allman Brothers

  24. Nick Robinson

    Love and Miss you Greg!~ R.I.P.~

    judy Girl


  25. Michele Mezz


  26. ReneeNme

    The main riff of this song was stolen from me through shadowy contacts of mine. I decided to let it go. That's alright. The Allman Brothers took it and turned it into a fine tune.

  27. alrobin

    some of the finest music on the planet.

  28. michael taylor

    great song! RIP duane and greg!

  29. DodgedABullet

    Where did they find these bimbos in this video?

  30. Lovely Storm

    Badass song! Dammmmm!!! Been to so many Allman bros & Gregg, Concerts, can't remember How many!!? But I kept Most concert stubs, Been gonna put em in a poster frame ( that many ) 💜🦋💋

  31. Chris CJC

    Hadn't heard this one in awhile , Great Song !

  32. Marcellus Bull Miranda

    Gregg ur bluesy soul will still warm our souls til eternityI deeply thank you , brothers Duane, Berry, Lamar, Butch,Allen  and all the others for all the great music , for have gave us so much inspiration and happiness , trough the years.

  33. Kiltman

    Great Song

  34. Jan Trieger

    man, those guys sure knew how to ROCK IT!! R.I.P. gregg allman reunited with brother duane, amen.

  35. Rick Flynn

    this tune has always been on of my ABB fav's,... I love to watch them Jamming and having fun,... RIP Gregg, Butch and Allan!!! I saw you at Red Rocks in 1994 and that is still my Number 1 concert EVER!!!!

  36. julies444

    Great song, miss you Gregg Allman.


    How bout I can

  38. Wild E

    Stupendous outfit... alltime greats!

  39. Janice Cargan

    rip Gregg..............sorely missed...:(

  40. hotsox

    RIP Gregg Allman...❤🎸🎵

  41. AmericangirlKim

    RIP Gregg 5-27-2017...forever live thru ur music...ty for all the great ones!!

  42. Steve Roberts

    RIP. Gregg Allman, Leon Russell, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, whose next? Van Morrison? Lost alot of greats!

  43. Jesús Granados


  44. Addylicious Joyal

    R.I.P ❤ ❤ 🎶 🎶 Gregg. .This Music is FOREVER

  45. augustkobs

    So sad to hear of Gregg Allman's passing May 27, 2017. Grew up listening to their music, big part of my life. So sad! #RIPGreggAllman

  46. Clark Taylor

    RIP Greg Allman

  47. jeff zeppelin

    rip gregg

  48. marios ds

    rip Gregg

  49. Mariana Martins

    R.I.P. Gregg Allman :'(


    I'm there with you Marianna. I just happened upon this song, not recognizing the title, but as soon as I heard it, I remembered it. Tho' Duane wasn't here to make music with his bro, I'm glad that Gregg was here to grace us with his presence... and music... like this song. This doesn't get the airplay that it should. God rest the souls of the Allman Brothers that have passed. This tune Rocks up there with the best of the Allman's!

  50. tintoweno

    RIP Gregg :(

  51. Longonus

    so great.....I love this shit. What year was this released ???? anyone???

  52. Muddybagclean

    Jesus Loves You

  53. Tateo Blues Band

    Where's brother Mark Quiones in the video? I sure do hear him.

  54. YO MAMA

    2017 still diggin' this tune!

  55. mike n

    we had 2nd row seats at blossom music center for this tour we were so high and had this bad ass bitch with us they had the roadie come and ask us if we wanted to come back stage, well they wanted the chic and needed to get a little bit of what we were high on, true story we accomidated them and the girl we met at the show she hooked up with them we beat it after, true story I have pics.

  56. Ingrid Connor

    Masters of music <3

  57. Richard Reyes

    R.I.P. Butch


    I had been in the Army when this came out stationed in Germany deployed to Desert Storm with just this cassette Tape.


    CREOLE VIKING thanks for your service 👍😎

  59. bernard_hossmoto

    RIP Butch Trucks, rear wheel drive of the best band ever. What a sad day :(

  60. Salvatore Orichiella


    Jordan Verley

    Salvatore Orichiella yeah

    first name

    hard to argue against that, multiple guitar masters in 1 band!

  61. ckelley63

    Such a great hard driving song from Greg and the band a true Allman Brother's classic!!

  62. julie Heath

    Get well Gregg Allman we sure did miss you on July 29 in Wilmington.  But the band came out and played and rocked it

  63. KSue LovastayDrumastay

    Rest heal and get well Gregg Allman! You have to give the world more of your music and soul!

  64. Natalia Castro

    That voice... jeez.. i can't describe the feeling. So good.

  65. Kerry Charles Masterson

    good song, fun video. thank you AllmanBrosBandVEVO

  66. Sherri Hester

    Gregg and his sexy self!

  67. Mortomer

    Hadn't heard this in a while, but they had it cranked up at the Hard Rock-Tahoe today and it sounded fuckin' great, kickass tune.

  68. Thomas Rice

    Great Song from their big 1990 comeback!

    Michael Allen

    Saw them at the Peach Festival in Scranton before Butch did the deed, greatest live set I've ever heard, the whole Peach Album. So glad I did.

  69. Sherri Hester

    Absolutely love this song!

  70. Owen Chase

    Strong, solid music.

  71. Preston Presley

    there will never be the likes of them again. that's for damn sure.


    +Preston Presley ...greatest of all time.

    Jason Delombarde

    Yeah will be if one the Allman bro. family

  72. Andre Breemen

    Lotsa rebel flags here..big fan!!

    Travis Hawkins

    Andre Breemen with a Black guy playing in back. obviously hes not aware of what that flag means

    Kim Brewer

    Maybe for him it's not the flag, it's the attitude.

    Travis Hawkins

    kim brewer Or the money.

  73. Joseph Winters

    They wanted him to make a comeback with this song

  74. TreeTopFlyer"s Trix

    Wow,,,,Back when it was REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Star Geib

    Abso-freakin'-lutely, back when most everybody was lookin for some good clean fun. Alas.... the night's still young...🎸🥁🎹

  75. georges-eric Richard


  76. Antonio Castillo

    allman blues?

  77. rbagel55

    Love this song, Kinda of a jazzy shuffle, Only the Bros can put that certain flair
    to it-coolest song they did in years

    Star Geib

    You are most certainly correct. To this day that song is one of my all-time faves.

  78. Putnay Thomas

    Can anyone tell me who's in the band? I see Gregg, Jaimoe, and Warren. Is that Dickie Betts?

    scotty alumbaugh

    Gregg Jaimoe Warren Dickey Butch Allen Woody on bass and Johnny Neel is the other keyboard player. This song was the first song off their Seven Turns album back in 1990.


    @scotty alumbaugh
    Too bad they're done as a group.   Gregg is going solo and Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes are going with their own bands.   Sucks.

  79. J W Howard

    Somebody else will!!!

    Star Geib

    Ahhhhhh yes.....
    the night's still young....

  80. rodrigo jesus gonzalez

    que banda !!!!

  81. AceClay69

    Fabulous !
    Exceptional !!!

  82. WillThePlank

    This song seems to be the anthem to my life!

  83. George Jasper

    how fast can Warren Haynes switch guitars?  every 3 seconds apparently

    John Maas

    It's video magic @dumb

    Joel Stevens

    +George Jasper I kept feeling like I was seeing stuff...strat to les paul to strat....Don't see him play a strat ever anymore.

    Jason Delombarde

    He good with fingers and entitled for sound hears just switch them out like that play music you learn for that

  84. William J. Mendes

    Gibson T-bird......$1,200.00- $1,450.00+ new at the large music stores. Ebay usually cheaper. I believe that's the late Allen Woody, who loved Epiphone basses as well. A lot of us do.

  85. Bruce Davies

    Anyone know the brand of that red bass?

  86. Cora Visser

    Love this either,it is so great to hear it.

  87. Randy Petree

    Legends, if you don't get it than you are hopeless.


    That chic waving her dress at the 15 sec mark is outta sight...just crystalizes the attitude and sexual undercurrent of the tune...Kudos


    This song just hits with such force,a knockout punch, guitars just blast off with an ultimate blues riff....SWEET STUFF! The ABB live on forever....

  90. dukeofplook

    I love the Brothers, always have, saw Duane, stuck by them even in lean times, but I cannot stand the sound of congas with their music, why they ever included this guy into the band is a mystery to me...he must be a pal..sure he plays well, but sheeesh, congas? is this, Cuba?

  91. rocketman63

    I'm sure Rainbow would DISAGREE.

  92. impalaSS65

    Get a hearing aid.

  93. Carl Andrews

    Nice mama! can you introduce me to the girl at 0:49?

  94. Nathan Batten

    Warren's cool..Dickey's a dick!


    Warren and Dickey absolutely Killin It !

  96. Richard Philip

    WTF, a massive ad for Nicki Minaj encircling the video screen with a watch now link. That's terrible advertising, can't imagine there's too many Allman Brothers fans who dig her shit haha

    Star Geib


  97. Rogério P. A. Flores

    best video, great song