Allman Brothers Band, The - Gambler's Roll Lyrics

The dealer sits alone in the dark
Cigarette shines on his very last card
Everything he had... watched it come and go
On a gambler's roll

Cold wind blows a young girl's world apart
She bet it all she bet it all on the jack of hearts
Gained her freedom but lost her soul
On a gambler's roll On a gambler's roll

You know the gambler he rides... rides on a fools train
Ah tradin' silver for gold
Oh but his luck will change... time takes it's toll
On a gambler's roll

The dealer knows... it's just about his last game
Not even she knows all the sorrow and pain
As the forty-five deals the fatal blow
On a gamblers roll...on a gamblers roll

You know the gambler he rides... rides on a fools train
Tradin' silver for gold
Ah but his luck will change... time takes it's toll
On a gambler's roll... on a gambler's roll
On a gambler's roll... on a gamblers roll
On a gamblers... gambler's roll

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Allman Brothers Band, The Gambler's Roll Comments
  1. samansun

    Music and lead guitar by Warren Haynes. His first album with the brothers.

    Robert Fuhrmeister

    Alone in the dark,bad place to roll your dice!!!

  2. bluesman bb

    Good good !!!!!

  3. Francois Froge


  4. Stephen Taddonio

    A fucking masterpiece of a Blues song!!! Chills

  5. David Mohney

    God I miss Gregg.

  6. David Jenkins

    Seeing the brothers 32 times...since their reunion on the 1978. ..'''HELL YEAH..THE ALLMANS ARE BACK TOUR.''...i think ive earned my opinion...

  7. Blukosu Q

    All I can say is pissa!!

  8. David Jenkins

    And i have to say...ive heard later versions of this one with Derrek Trucks taking Dickey Betts solo....and nothing against Derrek..hes the master at the slide guitar....and taught by the brothers....but his style of blues guitar is worlds away from the master...Dickey Betts....not even Warren Hanes...could equal dickeys mastery.....Derrek is a slide player...and when hes not playin with the still sounds like hes playin slide guitar....and that seems to get under my skin...i rest my case...and will always miss the days of Duane and Dickey....

    David Jenkins

    Besides Stormy Monday.....Gamblers Roll...will always be the best slow blues Creation by the brothers..ever........the 4 year break that the allman bros took..after BROTHERS OF THE ROAD 82...was well worth it!!...they took a long needed break....and went back to their blues roots...with a vengence!!

    J Dubbiyou

    not taking anything away from Bett's but are you saying the second half of the two verse guitar solo on this song doesn't knock you on your a$$? 'cause that's Haynes

  9. Lisa Farrah

    Awesomeness ✌️Truer words never spoken 💙🎵🍄

  10. Randall A Ackley

    Without a doubt the best band of all time Greg just gets greater he and his brother are in heaven jamming to a packed house

  11. KSue LovastayDrumastay

    True Blues!

  12. Udo Matthias drums

    great music!! sound good-feeling good- all good

  13. Douglas Ranger

    My superset for the Allman Brothers.......Come on into my Kitchen, Soulshine and  Gamblers Roll.....

  14. Rodolfo Agustin

    pretty good song.super gold.

  15. A.C Borghiere

    That song is just fucking amazing. Can't stop listening to it, I really love it


    Still today

  16. Pat Hesselgrave

    Sooooo fine! Thanks for the post!

  17. David Jenkins

    i have to agree.....with mr dickie betts on this one........that seven turns...was the best studio album....that the bros..ever put out........they were infuriated with the way music was going in the early 80s....synthesizer they took a break....and came back in 86.......and truthfully went back to their BEGINNINGS...WITH A BLUES VENGENCE!!i myself was devistated....listening to this 4 the first time!!!LONG LIVE THE ALLMAN BROS

    Derek Suddreth

    David Jenkins, I agree... and believe Live at the Fillmore was their best live album. Became a fan on that one!

    Robert Fuhrmeister

    Gained her freedom, but lost her soul!!

  18. Vic

    Time Takes its Toll

  19. avila745

    the last past month i heard it more than a 100 times, best

  20. R L

    oohhh the bloooozzzz... so fine every time.

  21. Donald L. Marshall

    They would blow-out an ampitheater. Great Song! Great Arrangement. Above your class.

  22. driverdad71

    Seven Turns is one of the very best albums ever in my opinion. No downers for me on this disc, excellent top to bottom

  23. johnybladex

    @dapeachfuzz A lot of us would be grateful! ;)

  24. johnybladex

    Finally, someone upload this!