Allman Brothers Band, The - End Of The Line Lyrics

And now the gravity of trouble was more than I could bear,
At times my luck was so bad, I had to fold my hands,
Almost lost my soul, rarely I could find my head,
Wake up early in the morning, feeling nearly dead.

I was never afraid of danger, took trouble on the chin,
Mountains I have climbed, that have killed a thousand men,
Spent most of my lifetime downtown, sleepin' behind the wheel,
Never needed anybody, I was king of the hill.

Oh, when I think about the old days,
Lord, it sends chills up and down my spine,
Yeah life ain't what it seems, on the boulevard of broken dreams,
Guess I opened my eyes in the nick of time,
'Cause it sure felt like the end of the line.

No matter how hard I run, I just can't get away
I try to do my best, but the devil gets in my way
Spent most of my lifetime downtown, sleepin' behind the wheel
'Till it all came down to kill or be killed


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Allman Brothers Band, The End Of The Line Comments
  1. HarmonicTrading

    If you were lucky enuff to catch the ABB rebirth from '87-95 (w/ Dickey), you know it was RnR history! All ABB variations were magical. This era was only 2nd to Duane+Berry imho! Peace to All Brothers and Sisters

  2. Kent Larson

    Good God! Greg's voice holds that sublime pitch all the way through.

  3. Kris Shuty

    i didn't realize that Dennis Hopper could play lead

  4. DuckTalesWooHoo1987

    Man Gregg was looking REALLY rough here. They lived their music. That's for sure.

  5. Gary Edwards

    This song speaks such fukn truth about addiction cuz I felt this way too many times

  6. Bestoink Dooley

    This is my favourite song of theirs. They were all at their best at this period too.

  7. KJ Armstrong

    Duane is smiling....

  8. Rick massey

    Very powerful song, Story of My Life

  9. Blukosu Q

    ABB in rare form! Hear greggs voice? Sends chills up and down my spine!

  10. John Baker

    I'm like a fat kid in a candy store I couldn't pick 1 favorite but definitely top 5. ABB4EVR

  11. Bill Barton of the best songs I've ever heard

  12. Keyser Sozie

    One of the Greatest Live Bands ever.

  13. john schmidgall

    R.I.P. Greg Allman

  14. David La Faber


  15. joe

    I could listen to this every day, wait, I already do


    joe YES!! Live my life to this music...miss these guys ALLMAN BROS BAND

  16. Sharon Stark

    No words to describe this except out of this world!😊best version I have seen of this song. Thanks for posting

  17. Eldie Valenciano

    Legends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. tonymontana357

    fuck u tobe

  19. tonymontana357

    keep fucking with my spelling

  20. tonymontana357

    as top. no. lunar no

  21. tonymontana357

    somebody tell me who's better. just listen to that shit, as. no lunar no. Sinatra fuck no. who's better no one

    Sharon Stark

    There is no one better they are the best😀

  22. tonymontana357

    these mothrfuckers tear shit up. nobody better

  23. Robert Glancy

    Just another great song from ABB

  24. william kerr

    I have those fellings and I1ve been listening this tune for years!Too much underrated song!

  25. joe

    God I miss Gregg Allman What an influence he had on my life

  26. Evan Grant

    Can anyone break down the line up for me? Just got into them and am trying to figure out who's who.

    Jonathon Marks

    Evan Grant Lineup: Gregg Allman vocals and organ, Dickey Betts guitar (the one with the gold top les paul), Warren Haynes (bigger guy with the red strat), Allen Woody bass, Jaimoe drums, Butch Trucks drums, Mark Quinones percussion. Best ABB lineup in my opinion.

  27. FoMoCo1

    Damn! Gregg was bad ass!

  28. 114BW

    HAYNES PLAYS A FENDER !!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Jerry Thomas

    Sick!! Lost art

  30. A.R. T. ll

    everytime i hear one of their soultouching songs i lose a little bit of my heart and each and every tear. and every time we lose one of you, each and every ABB fan feels the same as me.....we lost another member of our family.....

  31. Eldie Valenciano

    Yezzzzzzz ! £¢€€€¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥€€€¥¥

  32. Overtime Freak

    Göttlich, Warren Haynes und Dicky Betts.....

  33. mike G

    These people has no idea what they here seeing..36 dummies thumbs down

  34. MrJylong

    RIP Gregg - you will ever live in this song !!!!

  35. sean mccarthy

    I'll comment when I pick my jaw off of the floor.

  36. frank maffa

    Warren's slide can't be touched by anyone on this one.

  37. 4syth

    I have to agree with so many others saying this is the best version of this song. Every member of the band is absolutely on point. That hand over from Dickie to Warren's perfect slide section in the solos was a thing of beauty, Gregg's voice was so powerful, Woody's bass was amazing, Butch and Jai killed it. If I had time machine I would see this concert in person. I've got the DVD so I'll upload sometime for everyone to enjoy.

  38. Jeremy Barriga

    warren was at his best when playing w betts . love you gregg my gods love be yours .

  39. 2003Cpayne

    144p? Jesus. Great performance though.

  40. Scott Isenberg

    RGR that!!!

  41. Wade Jones

    Serious Southern band !!!! Betts is epic ...

  42. roverfinch

    end of the line for gregg allman

  43. Terrell

    One of their best songs. Too bad most folks have never heard it. RIP Greg Allman!


    Terrell yea, no shit!

  44. Brandon Maxwell

    RIP Gregg Allman, Allan Woody and Butch Trucks

  45. view865

    RIP Gregg

  46. Konstatinos Arvanitis


  47. felinefanII

    R.I.P. Gregg.

  48. Tim Rummell

    Best post Duane song in my humblest of opinions.

  49. Dale G.

    Love that ballzy raw edge.

  50. Armando Pace

    mr haynes, he played sooo fine on that slide, by tge way that strat rocked hard


    So did Dickie's Les Paul

  51. rubbersole to tell when a band peaks.

  52. J H

    Such an underrated tune. Monster riff.

    Jerry Thomas

    Jerome Hershey I stumbled across this, blew me away!!


    Agreed on both counts. For me, one their modern anthems along with "Soulshine".


    Jesus Christ. Just played this AGAIN-it's just MINDBLOWING. The Brothers at their very best
    'Nuff said

  53. dave lastman

    thanks for posting...........the bros

  54. fer mudinyourface

    great southern rock will always ride free

  55. theonemodifier

    my kind of music!

  56. Ted Henry

    There you-go. Warren Haynes backing-up  Mr.. Richard Betts

  57. Dave Thomas

    Wasn't into ABB when they were so popular, but now they're my favorite group.  Love me some southern rock!!

  58. Dwayne Wladyka

    This is totally awesome!

  59. Rene Mailloux

    Dickey Betts chops and Warren Haynes slide, does not get any better than that folks !!!

    Joseph Ciresi

    Rene Mailloux completely Agree. This lineup is my fav, and this Band has had Amazing Musicians with Duane, Derek and Jackie Pearson was no slouch !!!!


    DB overplaying my humble but still a helluva take - equals the studio version and that's saying something.

  60. frank maffa

    Best line up ever for Allmans, forget it Derek even though you are very good

    Tom Rott

    +frank maffa  Agree!!!

    Justin Green

    agreed. woody, warren and dickey made up for gregg's drunkeness

    Justin Green

    derek's stage presence sucks

  61. Mark Creech

    First time I saw the Brothers in 91 with Little Feat opening.

    Charles Monti

    That was this tour. I saw them with little feat in st louis that year as well

  62. TheTVisions

    Best version ever of this song, a pity about the picture and sound.

    Tom Rott

    +TheTVisions No!!! You're wrong! :) The best version Gregg ever done was in London, Hammersmith Odeon on 1991. It was beyond any f..... believe. Just his voice on that day. The concert was partly played on the Radio 1....both this and studio version are fantastic, but on that special night he was the God...And the guitar work - AMAZING!!!


    But this is close, is it not...? :-)

    Tom Rott

    +felinefanII    It IS! :)     At 1:17 Gregg starts his, let's call it ' top expression in his voice' or 'Howl' and the beginning in here goes a bit slower and more quiet - the version, I have got somewhere on tapes from Odeon (but where?) start with that aggressive 'howl' from very very beginning... not so melodic like that was supposed to be the very last minute of his life... I know it's a detail only...and does not matter really....I need to find these tapes, but the quality would be quite poor after so many years! The guitar work brings no difference - very solid: both here and Odeon. :):):)

    Tom Rott


    Gary Gilbert

    TheTVisions que

  63. BeardedBaby Teenagejesus

    classic from the …… long time ago anyway. this live event is as good as the studio version.
    Govt Mule picks up the threads later on. This was a favorite even way down here in NZ when men had mulletts and some would say the odd sheep was nervous

  64. Robert Griffin

    Was lucky to see them in Cumberland County Auditorium back in early seventies I was stationed in Ft Bragg NC no money. A roadie let me in back door, prob Red Dog.  Changed my whole outlook on life. Duane was gone eight months later!

  65. Robert Griffin

    I liked this version, back when...

    Samuel Luria

    Dickey hadn't turned his mind to mush? And W.H. still had a drop of humility? Me too. God be with you, Mr. Dickey Betts.....

  66. Gene Holt

    greg allman you are the best....
    excellent tune

    Samuel Luria

    He was supposed to play with ZZ Top a few months back, but cancelled, for "health" reasons...... Snitches get Stitches.......


    Samuel Luria health reason we're stage 4 liver cancer. Bet you feel like a real genius now! RIP the great Mr. Allman

  67. Dennis Campbell

    Love Dickey's chops around this time.

    Samuel Luria

    Ditto. Sure do miss that fool. He's really really out of it these days. Sad.


    Samuel Luria - sad, really. He seems really bitter nowdays. Should have cleaned up :/

  68. Clay Simerly

    great video great song thanks for sharing with us .

  69. ThePeavey23

    Warren Kicked but on the slide

    frank maffa

    +ThePeavey23  best slide player ever I'd say


    +frank maffa This guy named Duane Allman was a touch better than Warren at slide guitar.

    frank maffa

    maybe ...


    +frank maffa Fair enough

    Robert Kinoy

    frank maffa Derek Trucks is better than both.

  70. Weef1967

    Gregg is in peak form.  Love this version!!!

  71. James Pearson

    I am glad to say that I was able to see these awesome fellas play during this exact tour in 91 in Indianapolis, IN USA. I am still a fan but I wish they could get Dickie and Warren back up on stage!

  72. bobnoshoes

    warren haynes acoustic version the best

  73. Christopher Young

    Been there...done that...don't ever wanna go back again!!

  74. Charles Morgan

    best version i ever heard...................

  75. Dennis Campbell

    I saw two shows at the Orpheum in Boston with this lineup. Some of the stuff made it onto the live album, An Evening With The Allman Brothers. The album's cover picture is from the Orpheum. They were smokin' in your face shows. It was a great time to catch em.

  76. Troy Ferguson

    Bad as Hell, Thanks !!!!

  77. Robert Hardman

    That was tough. I was at the concert the day after. Great show but the fill in guy just wasn't it. Dickie iss a tough bastard who maybe could have benefited from the message in this song

  78. robert taylor

    hell yeah

  79. Charles Morgan

    should have never got rid of dickey..............i am so hurt by that

  80. Freebird Seti


  81. Phil Lawson

    great tune been there done all of that

  82. kincoism

    Is one short commercial really so bad? If you compare that to a TV show:commercial ratio, it's nothing.

  83. maddman18210

    Absolutly one of the best recordings of this song ever. Amazing, brings back those old days. These guys still hold some of the best music ever!

  84. Jasutton

    Guy forgot his drumsticks.

  85. LonelyHippie420

    Anyone know what Chord progression they're playing during Dicky's solo ?

  86. Jim Shields

    One of their best songs, love this tune. Greg, you're one of the best in my book. The chemistry of this one really fits.

  87. tinmar1905

    it ROCKS!!!!

  88. tom prater

    I saw them in dinklesbule that tour with beachboys fanfredman earth band and little riverband. Awsum

  89. Bob D

    greed , damn commercials suck balls

  90. vamvampypyrere

    I was extremely upset when the top rated comment wasn't about the band/song....

  91. Dutchy1965


  92. Linda Garner


  93. Tuan Muda

    * * * * *

  94. Donald L. Marshall

    Marveling; The rest of the world took a left, somewhere. I didn't have much to say, Just kept marveling at moments like this.

  95. weezy28164

    man this is the ONLY best live preforming band to walk this earth no pedals no extorstion fuzz box none of the crap just dicky tuned low amp up and nothing but soul flowing from those fingers love this man

  96. Mark

    Warren Fucking Haynes !!!!!

  97. MisterNifty

    This music would just wear me out listening to it. Very percussion driven and Gregg Allman sure had a lot of range.

  98. daniel t. billings

    sheer poetry.

  99. pikiwiki

    @guinness903 oh gd, for the days of old youtube!!