Allday - Baby Spiders Lyrics

Streaming out, we're streaming out
Scattering in all directions and we're going home
We're just like baby spiders
Sicker now, I'm sicker now
And you're not making it better, you're no antidote
You make my sunrises violet

Tired of fluorescent light
Well it seems as though my friends were right
You're quite unkind

You're always fucking round with your hairdo
Always fucking round with my head, too
Just be sorry, at least pretend to
I said to someone 'I'll run and get you'
But you're shining like a heirloom
Everywhere except my bedroom
All the vapid squad you keep close
Feed your ego, not me though

God please give me strength
I need stronger faith
This is more than me
In my heart you'll see
I don't have a plan
Hope I have a chance
I'll leave this with you
You are everything

You, you, you, you, you, you
You, you, you, you, you, you

[Allday & Mallrat:]
Don't need you now, don't need you now
It only took me a little while to know
The truth is sometimes violent
Speeding down, we're speeding down
To the city where the teeth are exposed
It's the only time we still get excited

Burning fluorescent light
Well it seems as though my friends were right
You're quite unkind

And the boys form an orderly line
And you call it your fate each time
And your house is big and beach-side
And your photos get plenty likes
On that gin and I'm catatonic
Full of pills and I am euphoric
I know your friends won't let you text me
They trying to end me, these bitches messy

God please give me strength
I need stronger faith
This is more than me
In my heart you'll see
I don't have a plan
Hope I have a chance
I'll leave this with you
You are everything

God please give me strength
(God please give me strength)
This is more than me
(You are everything)
I don't have a plan
(I don't have a plan)
I'll leave this with you
You are everything

You, you, you, you, you, you
You, you, you, you, you, you
You, you, you, you, you, you
You, you, you, you, you

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Allday Baby Spiders Comments
  1. Paul Maybury

    Soooo cute 2gether

  2. Collin

    It only took me a little while to know 😥

  3. Adam Busby

    literally sung this song to my partner last night and she melted..... thx Mallrat/Allday

  4. paula detota

    you and mallrat are such a great combo. more please

  5. ethan reynolds

    2019 still listening to this

  6. Missn Piezes

    Mallrat is so cute in this video

  7. Leafs2020

    What a tune. my word.

  8. Sun Shine

    when you havent roller blade since 1991 but baby spiders just made u do it. love it <3

  9. Megan Shelton

    all my favourite happy beans 🌱🌱🌱 it no joke warms my heart next level 😘🎀🤩

  10. ElectroWench

    also mallrat is dreamy af

  11. ElectroWench

    sweet bangs

  12. Ryan

    What happend he looks like the girl who always complains in class now.

    I only just realised that cloude monet was 4 years old so I checked out some newer songs and was surprised.

  13. Anjelino 199x

    I listen to this when I'm high, really relaxes me..

  14. Timothy Ainsworth

    I get the coolest vibe from this song

  15. WNS Cooke

    this group looks like they'd get along with the group hanging with Chela in her video Handful of Gold -

  16. BubL Gum

    Gaynor's & Greg's

  17. BubL Gum

    who is the dude with massive beard? Alberto

    Missn Piezes

    Looks like the dude from Smart Casual

  18. Punkish Pink

    Any other Americans?

  19. Briana York

    I really luv u allday😝💖

  20. Bevan B

  21. Ashley Kelly

    I think i just got cancer listening to this

  22. Bevan B



    Hey all, can anyone help me is this all day back in his day???

  24. Max

    Who else is here because of a Google assistant mistake?

    Danielle Alexandra

    Max lol what?

  25. Gemelah Fearn

    Omfg I'm in love

  26. Dean Cook

    Loving the music (and I hate to say it because why do I need to leave constructive criticism) but not loving the music videos sadly. I get the vibe of this video, but the direction of having you in the carpark lipping is weird. Felt like it wanted to be a whole bunch of different things.

    Ivan Privatus

    Deanishes lipping?

  27. moon kim


  28. Maighan Brandwood

    Is that the baby bunting store on South Road? hahahah
    Bless ur groovy tunes and Mikey and Clancy !!!

  29. No Frills Twins

    That chorus tho 👌🏻

  30. Sarah Fitzpatrick

    soo good

  31. Rubae Kingz

    youre a star rollerblader


    thanks mallrat stacked twice

  32. 不与烂人论短长K

    You are a god

  33. Kawhi Leonard

    Fuckin hypnotic tom


    thanks kawhi good to see you back from injury

    Kawhi Leonard

    alldayofficial baby steps brother

  34. ellie martin

    Such a down to earth guy..

  35. Inigo McVinish

    That fidget spinner triggered me

    Love u Alldezy

  36. Colby Cox


  37. Dee Emm

    Yes!!! I was obsessing over this song and there's finally a video to go along with it. Much love AllDay <3

  38. Mary O’Reilly

    Amazing I love you so much

  39. Cutlass

    Look Allbae, if you're not going to marry me can you at least marry Mallrat plz kthnx.
    Your celebrity couple name can be "Mallday".

    Adam Busby

    this comment wins...

  40. riley

    lol hectic me and my friends are in this

  41. darcey dilevski

    my fave song with my new fav music video with my fav two artist wow lifes good

  42. Rosse

    The boss
    good work bro 👏

  43. Cooper Richards

    This is so good

  44. Victoria Schmieder

    Gosh I love this

  45. Bailey Blockley

    screaming because best song now with best video keep up this kinda vibe please it keeps me going

  46. Hannah Schneider

    I love the vibe of this! Killing it!

  47. jamieonn howardd

    this is so FKN cute and different of u i love the vibe of it man

  48. Freestyle More Freestyle

    hey Tom I'm Likha Tara your big fan from india. do not forget when you will win Grammy


    thanks likha tara i won't forget it xo

  49. Susie MacLennan

    Love this, both of you have done amazing work this year

  50. Kane Bell

    Why is allday so fucking relatable, keep up the good work man😍😍


    Check this one bro unreal

  51. Elizabeth LeeAA


  52. Verde cian

    Woah, always love your voice, keep going, allday!

  53. jordern

    mallrat is a god

  54. Maggie Shoemaker

    This is the video you show your future kids to let them know what a free spirited youth you were

    Ant Le Breton

    what are you 10?

    Prod. Hxrford

    @Ant Le Breton yeah i agree this is cringe

  55. pray for Bartlett

    Was this filmed with HyperCam 2?

  56. over urban


  57. Bailey Clarkin Music

    This song is love man 😍 and the cuts just give me chills man. Love the vibe ❤️

  58. amazingstyles 04

    IVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER THANK THE LORD now we wait for otto and send nudes. i love you❤️

    Danielle Alexandra

    amazingstyles 04 omg id love a video for send nudes 😍

  59. Georgie Paterson

    I love your friendship!!!!!

  60. Shinji The Sad

    Yes!!!! Loving this. Keeping on keeping on dude killing it 👌👌👊🏻👊🏻

  61. Jessica Sarin

    Best music video ever made. In love!

  62. alysha gail

    wow I love u both

  63. Dan

    Wtffffffffffff. The drugs must be taking their toll

  64. B - Barnation

    This is dope
    Check out my new vide too 😀

  65. Joshua Wilcox

    wtf is this , unsubbed dude.


    Joshua Wilcox fuck outta here

    Kane Bell

    Yeah good meme you'll be back tomorrow

  66. Elijah Thomas

    Wtf is it me or is this 15 years ago and shot with a Kodak.

    Grundy グランディ

    thats the point

    emily craig

    a e s t h e t i c s

    Bevan B

  67. iiiConic

    Love this :D

  68. Megan Shelton

    fAv boy feat. faV speeding track, this could not get any better.

  69. murayah kay

    This is beautiful 🐁🐈🐁

  70. Sean Chivers

    Such a 90's feel brah, loved it.

  71. Joe Ward

    more peezo


    never enough peezo

  72. Tim Ainsworth

    I wove it

  73. april is cool

    two favourite people

  74. ellie martin

    You Beautiful Human.. Marry the fuck out of me please


    ellie martin Fuck off, I'm first.

    ellie martin

    NO WAY!


    YES WAY, I will fite off all competition tbh.

  75. Lillie Kavanagh

    literally love u

  76. Ruby Milne

    Actually been in that Pet Barn haha

  77. Mr. Brightside

    All the positivity is so wonderful. Awesome video for an awesome song.

  78. DomWattam

    this beat is something else though

  79. olivia mitchell

    fuck yeah babe

  80. olly

    Somehow Tom makes dressing daggy look sexy


    didn't realise i dress daggy

    Cooper Richards



    C’mon man, you know whatcha doin😁 love your work bro.


    I bet these north Melbourne girls go crazy!

    Danielle Alexandra

    oliver saverino he dresses different. I love it

  81. ShazaTaza

    Omg 2000's music video vibes I am living!!!

  82. ShazaTaza

    Is this a new sport? Water bottle soccer? Fuck yes!

  83. Wonder X

    This made me so happy 💜💚💛🧡❤️💙

  84. amelia

    yeeeeaaaahhhhh baby 💝💝💝

  85. Emily Mahady

    beautiful !!

  86. Lucas Hearn

    Fire as always bro 🔥🔥

  87. They call me Mayhem and BAEPSAE

    Yo ALLDAY! I have always been a huge huge fan of your music...the first song that i ever heard was OTTO and i absolutely LOVED it ❤❤❤❤ since then, your music has always been a special part of my is soothing and so beautiful! I listen to it when i am sad, when im happy, to feel hopeful or simply when i just want to gape in awe at your witty lyrics 😂😘 My roommate caught me listening to BABY SPIDERS once and now she LOVES YOU AND ALL YOUR SONGS! Wishing you all the best for all you future endeavors dude ✌ I love you and your music and plz plz stay the same....your music is so unique and different from some of the mainstream music out there ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍

  88. Amelie Hunter

    this makes me want more

  89. Matthew Mathis

    Keep it up man!

  90. Kyle Eade music

    Love this song I love the beats it's so lit 🔥😍👌

  91. Sub Servants

    Roller blades, chips and gravy - new song idea alldeeyz?

  92. Michaela Rebecca

    This is so amazing, still in shock I got to see this live ahhhh❤️

  93. Michaela Rebecca

    LOVE YOU CHUBS❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  94. SlurpFanta

    great stuff mate