All Saints - This Is A War Lyrics

You weren't holy, that face
Written in the bad books
Trouble all the way
Just like a fighter
Me, same story, same page
I was a ladder searching for fame
Together we burned brighter

Looking for a battle, ready for the pain
Knew it was a challenge, everything's a game
Seemed easy, seemed so easy

If I gotta fight for the right
To be loved and to love, then this is a war
If we can't be free, you and me
To be loved and to love, then what is this for
If this is a war

You wasn't perfect, dad thought it was cool
You were my bad boy straight out of the hood
Yeah it was all good
You, a little tragic, me, a little bold
Dangerous, ecstatic, we couldn't be told
Together we weren't alone

Looking for a battle, ready for the pain
Knew it was a challenge, everything's a game
Seemed easy, seemed so easy

If I gotta fight for the right
To be loved and to love, then this is a war
If we can't be free, you and me
To be loved and to love, then what is this for
If this is a war

Will the words ever make a change
We've come too far to turn back now
Stronger together, we are one
One world a million miles away
Two hearts, one life
One you and I

If I gotta fight for the right
To be loved and to love, then this is a war
Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me
If we can't be free, you and me
To be loved and to love, then what is this for
If this is a war

If this is a war
Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me
If this is a war

You weren't holy
That face
Written in the bad books
Trouble all the way
Just like a fighter
Me, same story
Same page
I was a ladder searching for fame
Together we burned brighter, brighter, brighter, brighter

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All Saints This Is A War Comments
  1. Claude Ghanimeh

    Amazing song!!!


    *2019 ... ...* ⚘

  3. Lea Lerucse

    All Saints still the same..wOw👏🙌👀

  4. Zach Campbell

    Shaznay lewis is a legend and my favourite member of all saints because she's beautiful.

  5. USS Akira

    All Saints r my favourite Girl Band Ever & they r all so the sexiest EVER

  6. Keyit Day

    the whole album was too good and too classy for today's market, not a money making business more just a satisfaction business of making something great. the audience just isn't there in comparison to the audience that is there. everybody distracted by gimmicks. they did good love having this album in my life thank you

  7. Milino

    They are incredible.

  8. ernesto rivera glez

    Qué hermosas mujeres.....

  9. SoMbreRerO LocO

    Reinas 🤩🤩

  10. Wrestler Man

    W O N D E R F U L L 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍

  11. martha puccino

    What a fucking perfect amazing! Glad to see these girls back😘

  12. roxblue257

    Why you girls haven't had the acknowledgement you deserve on this track beats me. Universal need to sort out their PR and do some groundbreaking moves on the creative aspect of your brand. Shaznay's songwriting is at its best here. This should have been massive. Love you long time xx

  13. Marieta Hristova


  14. Jessica Watson

    Love the song n video ...great!!!🎶🎶🎶🎶

  15. Luis Mata

    excellent girls...i like this song...thank you for me favourite

  16. Star Empress

    Cool song,by the way!! 🙂🎶🎤💘💗💕

  17. McAli Bee

    Why did I just hear of this?

  18. Glenn F

    Underrated group, sound amazing

  19. johnny cash0009

    when i was in navy i was playing your ,,all saints'' album all day everyday ! much love !

  20. skyllo

    This ain't All Saints. This is ALL SLAYERS

  21. Ramu AJ

    Best girl group ever 💕💕 they’re all so gorgeous

  22. Jeseppi Wildfeather

    The cream always rises to the top. So they left and now they come back and the right says, "We're right and you left." This is politics. Makes no difference if this song was heard or no, the truth sets you free long into posterity.



  24. foad ali

    lovely old frindes.never forget them.great music.beautiful girls.lovely.i hope to see them till I alive.i hope they are alive till end.nice remembers.


    ALLSAINTS please never stop making music

  26. Karo [NSC Photography]

    I love it, besides with Dobermanns in the video, it's wonderful.

  27. Andre Te

    💖 nat

  28. Jennifer Gonzalez

    I love All Saints so much x

  29. renacer espiritu

    Excelente Album, sonidos agradables a los sentidos.

  30. Абдурашид Мухамедов

    Damn, these women trina say something, but nobody hears it yet.

  31. Абдурашид Мухамедов

    Thank you for sticking together , it means a lot to me personally, if one wills.

  32. Абдурашид Мухамедов

    By the way, u did it, cant imagine my life without you too , after God. U just all saints!

  33. Абдурашид Мухамедов

    Sometimes when one just says i love u, seemed to me like just word. But, now i can't find a better words. You know what, I love you!!!

  34. kbrigsby61

    Well.....; that WAS a great song, 'til the last 10+ seconds, where they 'AWFUL-tuned' her voice. W-T-F??? I, REALLY like it, yet, HOW am I supozd to reconcile that crap ending....(??)

  35. Charles W

    Q tiro!

  36. Lloyd john Lyons

    Shazney lewis is brilliant but the other girls love all there music as group but grew up listening to all saints and every album I have on cd I am glad these girls were able to become friends again and make there legacy even stronger all saints are back and loving it


    Why have i only just herd this ????? Feel like the industry done them dirty ! This should have been a massive hit ! PR or management needs changing . Great song and video!!

    Madison Mark Kamara

    KATTRINA KISS I’ve only just only just heard this and I was a massive fan as a boy to teenager. Had singles and all albums, even up to their 1st come back I supported bought Single rock steady and album . I actually like this and would have bought had I known of it

    NikonChic 954

    Have no heard anything about them in the states for like forever!

  38. xxxTIN0xxx

    All Saints and Melanie C in 2016 did two of the best albums I've ever heard in my life, "Red Flag" and "Version of Me". It's a shame how such talented British artists that were very successful in early 00's are under-exposed and overlooked nowadays while Americans pop-stars who make bland commercial lackluster music continue to have success and dominate the charts. There's something wrong in the system, it's crazy how things have changed for the worse.


    Couldn't agree more with you...

  39. jaroh bonham

    Briliant 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  40. Jocef Jose

    Wow! Forgive me for sleeping on this one. I never thought they did something after the Black Coffee era. These talented ladies are still a thumbs up to me!


    They made an album in 2006 as well, I suggest listening to it because it's a masterpiece. It's called "Studio 1" and it's a nice blend of pop, reggae and R&B.

    Jocef Jose

    xxxTIN0xxx yes im catching up on Studio 1 and they have TESTAMENT coming on july 13 so im HYPEDDDDDDD

  41. Michael Walker

    Quite good.

  42. Oscar Myers

    My fav girl band of the 90’s! And their Tom boy get up !👌😍

  43. freddy hernandez

    esas pures carteluas...

  44. Saints

    Love those harmonies!


    Harmonies are All Saints' strong suit.

  45. Elizabeth Burridge

    Heard this first at the BBC Radio 2 500 Words Competition. Was hooked then, still am now. This is such an amazing song. Love it!!!!!!

  46. Fabrizio Lambrugo

    great album.

  47. TechRob

    Great video great song, let the Appleton's sing more tho

  48. PRINCESS DeeDee

    I love what Natalie is wearing

  49. PRINCESS DeeDee

    The first video where nick and nat actually look like twins instead of sisters!!!!

  50. Nicko Beduff Royalty Free Music

    I SAY WHAT A LOUD OF OLD TOSH.............

  51. B2Bfreek

    didn't change a bit!!!
    WOW im in love with them!!!

  52. Art Conde


  53. Reyginabelle971

    I love this song !!! love all saints

  54. Kevin Dawber

    The harmonies, when all 4 girls are singing, are amazing

  55. Soap fan

    They age so beautifully ❤️❤️❤️

  56. Mik Lazarus

    Bad bad bad .... commercial

  57. Marie Barry

    Sound amazing look amazing they bring back great memories for me

  58. Oscar Myers

    Love me some saints 💕

  59. Tania Zorro

    Elles ont pas changé pour des 40 nere

  60. wafa abdullah

    this what real pure creativity is

  61. Rosy s2


  62. Queen Doll

    this is sooooo underrated

  63. Efron Efron

    ive always been their Big Fuckin Fans... love you guys

  64. Vresnor

    They are bloody BAAACK!!! YAAY!!!

  65. Ej Soriano

    Wtf did i watched?

  66. aLeX Pi

    i love this girls . Thanks so much

  67. Tania Zorro

    Ca fait un bail j'étais gamine quand j'écoutais leur musique elle n'ont pas beaucoup changé vive la chirurgie

  68. Chrissimie Swift

    Amazing <3

  69. Antonella

    Like si sabes hablar inglés

  70. Waffle Jester

    Sorry I don't like it. All Saints' were best when the mainstream sound suited them. They need to set themselves apart from everything else in the music industry. They sound too mediocre.

  71. Sean M

    Amazing make more

  72. Café com Rafa

    wow, this sounds amazing!

  73. Dmitri Deke Parker

    Beautiful song. I'm so glad All Saints made their comeback with such lovely songs. This one sounds a bit like an anthem of gay. Or i like hearing it as such..

  74. Diabreudt

    WOW..!!! Incredible, excellent music, excellent return of ALL SAINTS ....

  75. Jonathan UK

    One woman man should have a video for it. Makes no sense because it's a better song. But this is still good, why not many views :-(

  76. Wil D

    releasing the wrong single ladies.. it should be one woman man, summer rain or make u love me!

  77. Hugo Sañudo Baez


  78. Endtyme

    I N C R E D I B L E album!!!!
    "Red Flag" was one of the best releases from 2016 and seems like no one has noticed! So sad...
    Perfect,from start to finish!

    Anton Medvedev

    Endtyme I sign up for every word of yours! )

  79. TheGodParticle

    They all look like mums now.

    Rafael F.

    You're totally wrong. All of them are mature and beautiful

  80. Pedro Arthur

    Its good see this in 2016!

  81. Dynah Freitas

    Still ❤. Classy ladies. Thank you for coming back AS.

  82. B Howie

    Perfect song for now! Don't come for "them"

  83. titi mo

    Sounds like something sugababes would be singing

    Andrew Mark

    titi mo To be fair, Sugababes whole sound was based on All Saints. In fact All Saints longtime producer Cameron McVey went on to produce for Sugababes after this group split up.

  84. Genaldo Filho

    You're so wonderful, please, don't leave us again!

  85. Data Clipe

    Hino da geração ❤

    Rosy s2

    Data Clipe Brasil uhuuu

    Rosy s2

    one strike é hino tb!!!

  86. Celee .e

    qe feo tema u,u

  87. Maya Abu Dhabi

    Love From Abu Dhabi :)

  88. skyllo

    this is so hauntingly beautiful. much love to the girls!!! great comeback

  89. skyllo


  90. Masi S

    love these girls

  91. Gerardo Aleman

    i think they are very talented but they choose horrible songs... even their hits album contained like 6 remixes and just 7 or 8 good singles... this songs it's not bad at all but... idk

  92. Irwan Zirwanda

    I love Natalie's outfit. She looks like a warrior !!

  93. Daniele Testa

    Non capisco queste poche visualizzazioni. Il pezzo è bellissimo e il video davvero figo. Meritano molto più successo. Peccato. Ottimo lavoro ragazze!