All Saints - One Strike Lyrics

Stone cold
You wake me when the phone vibrates
Your voice sounds dulled, but loud enough to hear you
Distant, echoes of my heart unbreak
Silently now, I'm waiting for this storm to come
I'm waiting for this this storm to come
Listen to you load that gun
I'm waiting for this storm to come

And with one strike
My world lights up a fire
Call it a sign
Don't need hindsight
I'll make my emotions clear
And then disappear
With one strike
Mmm, one strike

Shattered, pieces of your words take aim
Your poisoned tongue
But I don't want to believe you
Torn up, stitches of my own heart ache
Violently numb, I'm ready for this storm to come
I'm ready for the storm to come
Listen to you load that gun
I'm ready for the storm come

And with one strike
My world lights up a fire
Call it a sign
Don't need hindsight
I'll make my emotions clear
And then disappear
And with one strike
My world lights up a fire
Call it a sign
Don't need hindsight
I'll make my emotions clear
And then disappear
With one strike
One strike
One strike
One strike

I don't want to stay, time to go
I don't want to be in this home
Broken promises, time to leave
I had everything that you needed
I don't want to stay, time to go
I don't want to be in this home
Broken promises, time to leave
I had everything that you needed

And with one strike
My world lights up a fire
Call it a sign
Don't need hindsight
I'll make my emotions clear
And then disappear
And with one strike
Mmm, one strike

Why'd you go lie?
Why, oh, why?
Watch you go by
My, oh, my

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All Saints One Strike Comments
  1. Mike Neirinck

    Funny thing I thought this can't have been a nineties song and I was right!

  2. Angela Webb

    Heard It In ASDA Yesterday Still As Good Today In 2019

  3. MIke Murray

    Please come to Dublin for a show

  4. When D Noon

    All Saints
    The best girl band on Earth.
    I honestly think that.

  5. Marc Viquez

    For a girl group from the 1990s to come back with this banger--amazing! You're right, should have been a bigger hit in the UK.

  6. Sagar Waghmare

    GTA - V told me that you exist.
    So I've to dive in your other songs.

  7. erasure1378

    Brilliant. Pop at it's best, even today. Much love & respect. ❤

  8. Lottie Mae

    Always wondered if Nicole was in the group to make up numbers?????

    smck 2016

    Nicole was in the group before Natalie as she was best friends with Melanie Blatt who asked Nicole to join the group after their original third member Simone left. Nicole later asked Natalie to join and they become the All Saints we all know and love. There is more to being a girlband member than just amazing vocals.

  9. BUNNY27

    August 2019 who's still her

  10. anthony Poole

    So pleased when they came back. Their sound was still as great. Great album.

  11. Medic90s

    I still love this!

  12. nibbler3311

    Amazinginly talentented and beautiful ladies❤

  13. Anjoli D

    This used to come on at Lane Bryant... so glad I looked it up .

  14. George Robertson

    They still got it!!! :-D

  15. Zach Campbell

    Shaznay lewis is my favourite member of all saints and she can have my babies any day .

  16. Angelica Escurel

    Long Live All Saints👀👏🥰

  17. vincenzo raspavolo

    Love them since 1997

  18. USS Akira

    All Saints r my favourite Girl Band Ever & the Sexiest

  19. envy99976

    This would/should have been No.1 back in the early 2000s.

  20. Vresnor

    They deserve justice. Amazing song!!

  21. charlifarli

    How the hell did this not become a hit??!!

    Brilliant song.

  22. Elvis Yarda

    The bridge in this song is POWERFUL!!!

  23. The Irish Romeo them..Like the spice girls,and alot of girl bands,but All Saints..such a substance to there music..thought out,and delivered..Would marry Nicole tomorrow :)

  24. jiles zeed

    Nat i think has a close resemblance to Debbie Gibson.

  25. craig smith

    This tune is too good for nowadays as are all saints..

  26. Cristian Gonzales

    Such a gorgeous song. How this song didn't hit #1 all over the world is beyond me.

  27. Alexander Bustos

    Me encanta demasiado esta canción es super buena 😍🇻🇪

  28. Ján Holík

    Sorry for my grammar. I'm slovak.

  29. Ján Holík

    My teacher , Tomáš Vörös , love it. We were listening this in the school at his hour

  30. The Sim Sinner

    awesome <3

  31. Willlll1m

    This deserved so much more

  32. ernesto rivera glez

    Amo su música desde siempre....

  33. Julie Laughton

    This needs to be the official anthem of strong women seeking divorces from weak willed 'men'.

  34. Julie Laughton

    Back again. Random Repeat in March 2019...

  35. Julie Laughton

    This is class. Pure and simple. My daughter is only 10, I have enrolled her in All Saints 'school'. An education in decent music,lyrics and sassiness!!! Gallagher, you are Mancunian cool, no doubt. However, you created an emotional mess and this song clears it all up!!

  36. SoMbreRerO LocO

    Amo 🔥🔥🔥

  37. Hikari

    almost all this comments are from 2 years ago, THIS IS A JAM, WHY??

  38. Pablo Garcias

    What a great song

  39. john scatman

    2019 ?still listening?

  40. Michael

    Their best song for me.....Black coffee 2nd


    Michael it would have been in the top 5 if it was released back in the day!


    @envy99976 Defo, such a shame

  41. MMG - Moon Man Guitar

    Omfggg is that Natalie??? ❤️❤️❤️

  42. MMG - Moon Man Guitar

    Dammnnnn still sounds vocally sharp in 2019!!!

  43. Kacper Zeller

    only 1.4 mln?!?! wtf O.O

  44. xxxTIN0xxx

    This album "Red Flag" is a MASTERPIECE. All Saints are some of the few artists I still enjoy nowadays. They're talented, original and creative. It's a shame that the album wasn't particularly successful, apparently people are more interested about corny songs, appearance, trivial lyrics and gimmicks more than true talent and artistry.

  45. Tolufo Cédric

    Masters of vocal harmonies...

  46. *Vanessa Rueda Rdgz.


  47. Nikki Mckay

    I love this song

  48. Marie Eliasson


  49. José Daona

    Amazing song, beautiful voices

  50. Peter Piper

    How did this song not sail to the top of the charts

  51. truediva18

    My song for the month!

  52. Cristyan Bravo Ludeña

    I love it

  53. Slade. exe

  54. SYA


  55. NikonChic 954

    Omg I have not heard from them in like years!!!!!

  56. collette briody

    Love you guys this is amazing xx

  57. Abigail Brown

    Beautifull All saints we have missed youx

  58. Robin Dorian Gray

    This I think is one of the greatest All Saints songs of all times what a master piece love it! x

  59. Lucho Portuano

    If only your most recent studio album, Testament, were as beautiful as this song.....This song is sheer perfection...just like Pure Shores or Black Coffee....and many, many more. But as a fan that has followed you since I was a child (and trust me, I still do love you very much), I felt somewhat disappointed with Testament...... Please, don't stop, never stop giving us more new songs and new albums, I beg you, but please, go back to your songs, magical songs, dreamful songs. I know that you won't read this comment yourselves, but I just hope you will, and will listen. I love you.


    Lucho Portuano I preferred Red Flag over Testament. Testament was good but Red Flag was great.

    Lucho Portuano

    I agree. But the best of the best is Saints and Sinners. I still love every single song of that album.

    Lucho Portuano

    I don't get you. According to you, those two albums are great (masterpieces)? Or people went lazy and slept on them? Which one?


    Red Flag is a masterpiece, as a whole it's probably their best album by far.

  60. Aj Lfc

    Melanie blatt ❤️❤️

  61. Wonder Bruno

    I love this song. Love their harmony.

  62. Bobby V

    Glad the all saint girls are back. Their voices are still fantastic but I don't like this song though.

  63. Skinny Project

    Still The best comeback of the Decade. High and Clear.

  64. Rafael Bravo

    Very good song. Shazney's great composer and the four of them sound soft together.
    I liked this song from the first time I listened to it.
    The video is ok, fit their budget.

  65. Blondeandchatty andmelodic

    So glad they're back! Always loved them. Feel musically emotionally held now they are! Lol xx

  66. Skaterbun

    This doesn't sound like a rushed comeback track, sound and lyrics don't disappoint, well on point as another All Saints classic.

  67. Aleksandr


  68. Evelyn Galicia

    All the girls in this video are fabulous. Congratulations ladies ! But Nicole here you have a big fan in BA. AR. Love and peace girls. I love you!❤ 🌹

  69. 19Vulcan69

    uplift central ! ... great stuff

  70. Rose Michelon

    2 years old and i still love this track.

  71. Em H

    Love this song

  72. Lívia Ladone

    They're so good!♥♥

  73. Andrea Stephens

    WHAT a comeback. Amazing

  74. Nacera Beno

    J'aime ce clip this mazing

  75. Suhaib Alroomi

    Staying true to their style of music... All Saints Fan

  76. Suraj Arvind

    finally Natalie is singing lead


    Love too

  77. Andy O

    Just Great!

  78. Gimp & Toxic

    Most Brilliant comeback of all time.

  79. andrew turvill

    These girls come from an era where lyrics and music were forged in fires of the soul. They are intelligent and compared to todays mass produced shite these girls should be more mainstream. However in a sea of faceless talentless, paid for views, shoved down your throat rubbish i am happy that they arent so mainstream!

  80. Lloyd john Lyons

    I am glad this group hasn’t gone electro pop and haven’t changed for modern music

  81. Ariadna Lara

    I remember hearing this for the first time when it came out and I was really happy they stayed with the same style. I love them 😍😭♥️

  82. BMk'er

    great song and love the video.. deserved to do much better in the charts.

  83. manco82

    See kids, this is how pop music used to be.

  84. Marcos Pinho

    What a very good comeback!

  85. Julio Cesar Ferreira de Almeida

    This song is amazing

  86. lils 99

    My favorite song 💎💎

  87. V Reacts

    Would you girls consider doing vlogs? :) Loyal fan from the 90's. fun video girls!

  88. Jésus Christian

    i’m here cuz of liam gallagher and i feel really bad for nicole and this song does not make this better

  89. paul dougherty

    Really underestimated song and band in general. All saint's are great

  90. Karollyne Souza de Queiroz Lopes

    São melhores que Spice girl

  91. Just Not Mirx

    Can't wait into u perform in england Roman people

  92. thiago ozaias

    Maravilhosas! Obrigado por isso! #Brazil

  93. Alison Abraham

    They haven't aged one bit

  94. Alison Abraham

    This song was so underrated. I love x

  95. Ulala Bibeh

    I like when female celebs wear covered clothes which is rare but classy.

  96. Nick Clark

    im still in Love with Mel Blatt!

  97. Blondeandchatty andmelodic

    Stunning track! So glad they're back, used to love them so much. Beautiful strong women who don't feel the need to be trashy and strip off is rare these days. They have genuine singing talent. Shaznay's voice is amazing!!! None of them have aged either. I feel so sorry for Nicole but to be honest she was always too good for that d*ck. well done girls xxx

  98. Letícia Ferrarezi

    Que banda boa do caramba! Maravilhas!

  99. perla miguel

    esta canción me encanta y el sonido esta muy pegajoso 😍😍😍

  100. Hlumie Moloi

    Rip off of sleep party people.