Alkaline Trio - The Temptation Of St. Anthony Lyrics

My tender carrion, the damage has been done
From the depths of your heart to the tip of my tongue
Not a word you can say can erase memories of that night
That awful night

It hides behind your eyes, I can feel it in my bones
It's come to tenderize us all tonight with sticks and stones
St. Anthony, this agony, it's eating at my soul
Much like nothing this world has ever known woah oh oh

I found a hiding place, not far from here
They'll never find a trace of you and I, my dear
In a world far away we'd pass out from the pain, but not here
We feel it loud and clear

It hides behind your eyes, I can feel it in my bones
It's come to tenderize us all tonight with sticks and stones
St. Anthony, this agony, it's eating at my soul
Much like nothing this world has ever known
Nothing this world has ever know woah oh oh

It's over now until it happens again
You haven't lived until you've seen suffering like this
It's over now until it happens again
You haven't lived until you've seen suffering like this (like this)
You haven't lived until you've seen suffering like….

It hides behind your eyes, I can feel it in my bones
It's come to tenderize us all tonight with sticks and stones
St. Anthony, this agony, it's eating at my soul
Much like nothing this world has ever known
Much like nothing this world has ever known
Nothing this world has ever know woah oh oh

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Alkaline Trio The Temptation Of St. Anthony Comments
  1. Steve Pavlik

    This video was an instant classic the day it came out!

  2. Jiordan Griffin

    Imo Dan and Matt are two of the best song writers of all time!! Any genre. Derek is a straight bad ass, too!!!

  3. Jake Palmer

    Old alkaline trio us better not that it matters but

  4. Northernlights4

    you havent lived until youve seen suffering like this

  5. Shawn Blackgoat

    Come check out my cover of this awesome song on my channel. Alkaline trio rules! :)

  6. weakweek85

    My favorite song off of My Shame is True

  7. Christopher Garber

    Anyone know what movie this is in the background ?

    Vagrant Otaku

    Doomsday Machine i think

  8. cockbroker

    the chorus is from this could be love


    I can understand how it sounds a little bit like it, but trying to play the chorus of 1 while singing the other it still sounds off

    Kristopher Wilson

    I know. Even the vocal melodys are quite similar in places.

    Michael Hinte

    +cockbroker lol its the same melody, but definately not the chorus from this could be love

    Michael Hinte

    +cockbroker you can definitely sing this could be love while the chorus is playing tho, until the end


    Look at Young Lovers then look at Rod Stewarts Young Turks

  9. Rulis R

    Sweet ! Reminds me of MISFITS .

    Thomas Sawyer

    Listen to the first trio release Goddammit, If you would like a much better misfits sound.

    Ellis Barnett

    Thomas Sawyer really? i never really made that comparison and ive been listening to that album over and over since it came out heh.


    Interesting. I really don't get the Misfits comparison... unless you're talking about new Misfits....

    Pop PunkKid

    anonwoohoo listen to "I'm only here to disappoint" the guitar parts during the choruses that sounds like something from a Misfits song plus the "horror" vibe of the song. It's off the same album as this ("My Shame Is True)


    The Misfits is a great influencer on the trio Matt said so during the consert they played along side the original Misfits in Las Vegas last year!

  10. its yadig

    favorite song on the album

  11. Karen G

    anyone know what movie these clips are from?

  12. sonicdefiance720

    Haha. Well said mate

  13. FrauenArzt2012

    Anyone know what movie the footage for this clip is from?

    Steve Pavlik

    FrauenArzt2012 I’m also wondering

  14. Andrew McCoy

    Yeah music is subjective. Plus this album is amazing.

  15. James Barrett

    Can we all just put aside our different opinions on the CD and talk about how much Dan shreds at bass?


    James Barrett the first 3 cds i think its incredible how he plays. not discrediting the rest of the cds but it i mean every part of every song has a different line to it, all completely unique

    Joao Fragz Fragoso

    people listening this on shity speakers don't get your comment ahah

  16. Lucky Skills

    I love this song, I love this video, I love this Album and I love Alkaline Trio.

  17. hellocamelot

    I like you....

    Maxi Schmidt

    hellocamelot thanks :)

  18. fullmetal887

    I didn't like my shame is true at first but it grew on me and I I've it, alkaline trio are still my favourite band :)

  19. sancho1383

    Old shit, new shit, who gives a shit. This sounds like Alkaline Trio to me. And I fucking like it.

  20. Brandon Montgomery

    I don't get all of this talk about hating the "new sound", I don't even hear much of a new sound. They've always been pop punk with dark lyrics. I'm still hearing the same basic song structure, palm muted chords, etc. Sounds good to me.

  21. Robby D

    F U C K Y E S ! !

  22. Kevin F

    Quite frankly I haven't noticed that their sound has changed. It's all great.

  23. Desk Table

    I love their new sound. I think it sounds great. I loved their old sound too! Can't we all just get along and not always bicker over a difference of opinion? If you don't like the way they sound now, deal with it. Bands always change sounds and it will keep happening. I'm sure if you were in a band and wanted to change something because it sounded good, you'd do it. So no one wants to hear the whining, people.

  24. Dave2807

    Great song, Skiba.

    Skiba - 1. Hipters - 0.

    No way but godammit and FHTI?!.... blah fucking, blah. Yeah, you are cool. In your own mind.

  25. Its Pete bruv

    Everything Matt Skiba does is GOLD!

  26. Crookies

    Honestly I think they still sound similar to their old style. Perhaps it's just a little more upbeat and faster tempo.

  27. jb111082

    Were those scenes from the movie "Doomsday Device"?

  28. pappybugington

    I lie the riff

  29. binturongjustice

    I'm so sick of hearing people bitch every time a band releases a new damn album.
    Every artist changes their stuff, and takes shit for it. Thing is that if they didn't they'd still take shit for not doing anything new.
    It's always happened, and it'll always keep happening.

    I swear, there must've been some Beethoven fan back in 1801 saying the equivalent of "yo FUCK MOONLIGHT SONATA"
    The bickering is just pointless really.


    binturongjustice 😂 The Beethoven bit. Great points though.

  30. Cioran Holmes

    haha that is cool this video is the best! BTW use this to get this track on your ipod =>

  31. Luis Mariano Fallas

    This shit is pretty killer. Sounds more like the old Alkaline Trio I used to listen to.

  32. Can'tbuyunderwear Ballsdon'tfit

    Guys shut up every time any punk band releases a new album there's some people that say "SELLOUTZZZZ" and abandon ship. i personally think this is quite dope.

  33. Can'tbuyunderwear Ballsdon'tfit

    what the fuck new alkaline trio this makes my life somewhat better!

  34. DatzWhatsUp

    I haven't heard of anything from these guys since "Crimson", and my god this is fucking great.

  35. AR5PLST1847

    alkaline on epitaph... fuckin' glorious. Punk lives.

  36. JohnFromTheSwan

    I love every album and am glad they never make the same album over and over, if you dont like musical diversify then this may not be the band for you

  37. Jack Campbell

    they've changed? pfft so did the beatles its what makes them the great band they are and not another obscure one hit band, if the new album sounds exactly like the last one then whats the fucking point in buying it?

  38. Dels

    Love the old stuff, but really liking the new sound too. Why are people arguing over it? Chill out. If you don't like it, fine. Listen to the old stuff. No harm done.

  39. Aus Ariff

    people do change, so STFU and listen

  40. VolumeSe7en

    I remember listening to this band when I was a kid, their new stuff is really good.

  41. Amirusowns

    'This Addiction' was one of the best metaphor's ever put into song, anyone who can't understand the deliciously dark things Skiba and Adriano do with lyrics shouldn't be commenting on their videos. Especially since some of the newer songs have alot more of a personal meaning to the band, it's great music.

  42. Amirusowns

    I'm right with you, it is hard to believe I'm this damned old. Compared to 95% of shit being put out this is still a band I can come back to and enjoy.

  43. Mike Steele

    the breakdown in this song is awesome, makes me think of a boss level on a megadrive game... hahaha

  44. Mike Steele

    were all going to have our favourite songs (sundials), i have been listening to the trio for over 15years, have trio tattoos and enjoy there music, old, new, the bits in-between, the thing is i have grown up with there music and it has evolved as have i, not giving a fuck, getting drunk fall in and out of love, every one just chill out and press the play button..

  45. AllTooReall

    Seems like Matt has switched places with Dan then, cause I didn't enjoy Dan's songs nearly as much on this album.

  46. John Hardy

    says, "May I beat some sense into you, please?"

  47. E Barton

    maybe its the weed talking but i seriously cant get over how awesome this song is. I keep hitting replay and after the stream of the whole cd i still think this is gonna be a my favorite

  48. Searos_Audio

    I have never really been to invested in this band so I am able to enjoy every album without much expectations. If I had to pick a favorite I think it would be Maybe, I'll Catch Fire. Crimson was different but far from a sell out album. It was hit and miss at times but had some really unique tracks. Honestly something to love on every album but I doubt this band will ever have an album I can call classic for me personally.

  49. E Barton


  50. E Barton

    sing the sorrow was the last cd AFI ever made. i dont know what imposter are claiming to be them now

  51. achildleftburning

    Nah you're fine dude, s'all gravy man.

  52. achildleftburning

    Great. Another idiot. Don't tell me what I am dickhead, I never said GD was their best record nor did I say I was expecting another like it. And again, let me quantify that no comparison was made directly between AFI and Alkaline Trio, simply that 'My Shame Is True' is NOT an "instant classic" (record) as someone else said whereas 'Sing The Sorrow' was. You've got no idea what you're talking about. And 'This Addiction' was by far their worst record to date. Move along, this is getting fuckin old

  53. Joel Thomas

    AFI and Alkaline Trio are incomparable bands. And This Addiction was an awesome record. You're just one of those alk3 fans expecting another Godamnit, and Godamnit isn't even their best record.

  54. Douglas Bogart

    Matt's lyrics might lack the meaning they had back in the day but he still knows how to write catchy songs

  55. TystheGuy

    Don't get me wrong, Sing the Sorrow is awesome, I'm just saying that in my opinion it wouldn't be the example I'd choose to point out a really good album. Not trying to start an opinion war or anything.

  56. achildleftburning

    Yea, cool man. Awesome.

  57. achildleftburning

    Whatever dude, Sing the Sorrow rules. AoD also rules.
    What's your point?

  58. TystheGuy

    This might be the coolest video ever.

  59. TystheGuy

    Sing the Sorrow? That was ok. The Art of Drowning. That's a good record.

  60. E Barton

    WHAT>!>!?!?!?! you need to buy Goddamnit at least...

  61. Данил Камалтдинов

    Song is very cool, but when guys release new music video?

  62. Rrumster

    You had me so going until you mentioned AFI. Now I can only say...Nah brah. My Shame is True is going to be dark, sarcastic, and catchy. The ultimate recipe for an amazing Alkaline Trio album.

  63. Mike O'Malley

    i think this is shaping up to be ne of their better records, and ive been listening to this band for over ten years. very happy they delivered, trio for life

  64. Travis Smith

    Kinda funny that everyone is fighting over the old Trio and the new Trio. If you don't like the new sound, don't listen to it. Derek Grant obviously changed the way the band was working, and Matt said without Derek there wouldn't be a Trio today. I love Trio from GD to MSIT

  65. belfastclrq

    Good ol' Misfits tones

  66. Juan Guerrero

    I haven't hated any of the songs they've previewed, but I haven't been stoked about them y'know? It could very likely be that I've been listening to Good Mourning lately, and their sound has taken a hop, skip, and a jump from that. That being said, this is my favorite new track thus far.

  67. Miles Paterson

    Your comment that both American Idiot and Crimson are "terrible" albums doesn't add up to your love of catchy hooks. These were undoubtedly two of the biggest selling pop punk albums of last decade BECAUSE of how catchy they were. Sounds like you have more of an allergy to popular music than anything else dude. Wahhhh I want MY band back WAAAHHH!

  68. Miles Paterson

    I've never heard A&I described as a concept album, it covers themes of duality, but is not one album around one story or backdrop. Maybe concept is the wrong word, I meant more of a rock opera feel. Lets face it, Green Day were stale as fuck before American Idiot (and since) and it would inject a new sense of fragmentation and experimentation that would suit Alk3 at a point in their career when they're churning out the same melodies on every new record.

  69. Miles Paterson

    Alk3 concept album along the lines of American Idiot would be AWESOME. Vote on my comment if you agree/disagree!

  70. Mateo Oresic

    because it's a compilation, although it is awsome

  71. Elyse Hudson

    Why doesn't anyone ever mention what a fuckin' epic ass album Remains is?

  72. Elyse Hudson

    Piss & Vinegar fuckin' jams.

  73. achildleftburning


  74. James Given

    This album sounds like its going to be a lot better than the bands previous 2 full lengths. Having said that, some of the songs don't have that catchy-hook quality that good mourning or crimson had. Still excited to hear the album front to back.

  75. Sean Calcott

    All of Matt's songs sound the same. We need more Dan up in here.

  76. NormalGuys BeardsClub

    @E Barton (posted prematurely ugh) something special thats been missing the last few albums. seems like they're back on track. this St. Anthony song has so many replays from me haha.

  77. NormalGuys BeardsClub

    @E Barton yeah I like Crimson alot but it seems the last two albums were spent trying to find themselves, there's some good songs on those albums and I listen to em every so often still, but Jesus fans need to stop being so pretentious with this band's material. Goddamnit is one of my top 5 favorite albums ever, doesn't mean I need to hate everything in the last decade. that being said, My Shame sounds like it has that so

  78. E Barton

    agreed. Good Mourning was the last good thing i ever saw, haaaaaaaaaaa
    no but seriously. everything after except maybe the BYO split with One man army was good....and then crimson came and everything has been different since. still bought and listened to all of them religiously but it was nothing in comparison. but i have faith in my shame is true

  79. NormalGuys BeardsClub

    lol how does this sound like a mix of This Addiction and Agony? if I HAD to pick two albums to compare these to (especially the last three songs) it'd be the sound of Good Mourning with the vibe of Maybe I'll Catch Fire. All these songs are miles ahead of anything off the last 2 albums. will they ever touch their work of FHTI and earlier? maybe not. but this is the best Trio album in 10 years, and that's not really debatable even if it's only based off of hearing 5 songs.

  80. achildleftburning

    No idea. I wouldn't let it bother you. Not sure if you're genuinely bothered or not, but still. I didn't vote it down. Most of my comments were hidden from too many negative votes, haha. Who gives a shit.
    I personally agree with you anyway, though this song isn't worth much to me

  81. E Barton

    why did it get negative votes....what did i say. i really like this song and their first 4 cds were my fav. the end. oh and this addiction sucked.

  82. achildleftburning

    Essentially I suppose I was, however inadvertently. No disrespect intended though. Realistically, I was just generalising. So far I just can't seem to share the majority's enthusiasm. I, Pessimist is easily the best new track in my opinion. Hopefully the new record is a grower. Either way, I'm pretty fuckin pumped to hear the thing in it's entirety.

  83. Michael Costello

    You're essentially implying that I'm one of those fans that are "frothing over" this new stuff, and have only listened to This Addiction then? I own their whole discography, not to mention Patent Pending, Hurricane Season, Babylon, etc. It's pretty safe to say you're not the only person who's an actual fan of the band. (Or are you?) Anyway, Piss & Vinegar is one of my favourite songs. So is My Little Needle. My point? ...I actually have no fucking clue, all I know is MSIT is gonna be killer.

  84. achildleftburning

    Off The Map. And yes, Dan saved that record. If that record were a ship full of passengers and it sunk, Dan saved like, 3 people, the other 9 died. If it weren't for Dan's songs, particularly Fine, then that record wouldn't be worth much. Don't get me wrong I'm a huge Alk3 fan for like, 13 years. I just don't agree with everyone else that's frothing over it. It's good, I'll always love the band but it's not an "instant classic". AFI's Sing the Sorrow was an instant classic.

  85. achildleftburning

    Because it's basically sounding like a mixture of Agony & Irony and This Addiction, which in my opinion are the "worst" two records Alk3 have released and my least favourite records. But I do partially agree with you. I wouldn't say all five are better, but that's my opinion. However, collectively, yes they are sounding better. This Addiction shouldn't be too hard to top though. Apparently Alk3 have a whole bunch of fans that have only heard This Addiction to be frothing over these songs.

  86. KCgonewild

    To me Matt had the better songs in This Addiction, but once again this is what makes a band so great, fans can chose from two singers from two different styles of writing

  87. E Barton

    it sounds better than this addiction. the only songs that were good on the album were by dan and those song truly were fucking amazing. fine and dine dine and the other one idk they were great. matt's songs sucked but this looks way better than we got 3 years ago

  88. Mitchell Gonzalez

    Matt uses the same formula for nearly every song he writes. It sounds good but it gets a bit predictable after a while.

  89. E Barton

    my fav song so far

  90. E Barton

    i wanna see a video for this one!!

  91. E Barton

    i was thinking that more that this could be love or live young die fast. then again it sounds really original to me as well

  92. StrandedH

    I'd like to see them do a whole song in the style of that bridge... best bit of the previews so far!

  93. RufioLumos

    That bridge is unlike anything Trio has ever known!

  94. RockOutMagazine

    So psyched for this new album release.. all these single teasers have been awesome. Quality writing and a classic ALK3 sound!

  95. achildleftburning


  96. gonebyfriday

    Hey Trio fans.

    Check us out we are Gone By Friday a hardworking Punk Rock band from Queens, NY. We are heavily influenced by Alkaline Trio. So if you got a minute check us out you might be pleasantly surprised.

    Thanks for your time.

    -Gone By Friday

  97. cockbroker

    step one,slit my throat,step two play in my blood,,,,no, just me??

  98. cockbroker

    i was thinking 'this could be love'