Alkaline Trio - Take Lots With Alcohol Lyrics

Hello what the hell am I doin' here
That's a really nice suit
This is a really comfortable chair
See I don't know if you can help me or not
Cause I don't feel sick
But the pains in my head have almost put me
I don't really care if I'm healthy or not
Just clean my head up doc
I'll give you anything you want
See I don't know why I don't fall in love
Well maybe I know why and maybe you could make it stop
Then we'll cut it up and bury it and leave it
And I'll take to wishing and fall under
Sleeping safe and sound
Just give me medicine prescribe me anything
Just knock me out and walk me through the door
I have no desire to see through my own eyes anymore
Hello what the hell are you doing here
You made a really strange face
This is a really uncomfortable air
I see I'm boring you, maybe I bore myself too
That's why I need help, I'm cleaning blood off dusty shelves
I been cut up in this room so many times it might take days
And those stress cracks in the wood
How nicely the soak up the stains
Been telling myself these jokes for so long well so long
I'm a has been who is heckled on the stage

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Alkaline Trio Take Lots With Alcohol Comments
  1. Mental Fatal

    Feeling like this a lot today

  2. Lucy Amethyst



    I met these guys once after the Crimson album and they couldn't have been nicer. I love this song!

  4. DeeNAmb Stine

    Love alkaline

  5. Jake McMurray

    Alkaline reads thoughts and time travels;)

  6. Aruky

    thats exactly how i feel now i need to get a help

    Adam Cook

    I’ll give you 7 helps for 1 happy


    Hope you found it friend..

  7. Amy W

    This tastes like I'm fourteen again <3

    Allysum Edwards

    Amy W unless you’re diagnosed then it’s every goddamned day!!!

  8. Jen Fitzpatrick

    Just give me medicine, prescribe me anything
    Just knock me out and walk me through the door
    Well I have no desire
    To see through my own eyes anymore


    Robert Reynolds

    From what I understand the real lyrics are just give me Vicodin prescribe me anything just knocked me out and walk me through the door I have no desire to see through my stoned eyes anymore

  9. Bad Marriage

    Recommended dosage: Take lots with alchohol

  10. declanj94

    What a chorus. One of my favourites for when you wanna get fucked 😊😊

  11. Valkyria Parker

    I really like this song so does my mother I'm not joking she listens to this song as a teen

    Valkyria Parker

    +george Lopez that's gr8 m8 mom and I are jamming right now ... she loves "every thug needs a lady" my favorite is "love love kiss kiss"


    My mom loves them and went to a show with us one time haha.

  12. We Remotely Low

    The vocals really, really, really shine on this song, goo fuckety hell.

    Drew Kicks

    I agree, Dan's songs are better imo.

  13. stevecoot

    I love everything about this song. Many Thanks

  14. doggiesbroo

    cool name :)

    Allysum Edwards

    doggiesbroo oh hi ASSHOLE did u really read that book yet?

  15. Joey Meyerhoff

    These are great! Layout, lyrics, and good quality make for a good listening experience. You should make more.