Alkaline Trio - Only Love Lyrics

How young are you gonna be when you die?
I guess I've never really thought about that
You're dying when you start thinking like that
All I know is time is undefeated so far

Get right with god before it's time
I hear the telephone works both ways
Think he could make a little effort someday
I got an awful lot going on with the things that I can see

And what I see are the reasons that I bleed
And the blood I give to her, and her
That's all there is

It's only love that keeps us here
This food and these drinks they're all poison
And life is death
So die well with some good distractions
At the end there is only love

Separate these lies like there's a truth
How do you know and who the hell told you?
You've all been lying since you murdered my youth
I know you're gonna take what's left
But you'll never see me run

No here I am
Can you see what's in these hands?
It's everything I need to see to breath to feel

It's only love that keeps us here
This food and these drinks they're all poison
And life is death
So die well with some good distractions
At the end there is only love

I lie awake on this earth
I lay with all that I love
And all I need on this earth
Not what's below or above

It's only love that keeps us here
This food and these drinks they're all poison
And life is death
So die well with some good distractions
At the end there is only love
At the end there is only love

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Alkaline Trio Only Love Comments
  1. Dexter Edd

    One of my favorites from this band.. ♥️

  2. Álvaro Charapaqui


  3. Ben Phillips

    the best band

  4. Ben Phillips

    this is yhe best band

  5. Marvin Mobley

    i prefer the bass players voice

  6. Northernlights4

    "get right with god before its time... i heard the telephone works both ways. think yoy could make a little effort some day?" talking to god about receiving a sign?

  7. Reed Rosson

    GREAT song!

  8. Roy Cicotte

    Actually they are not satan believers matt was a fan of antan Lavey and is the only one in the band who was a part of the church of Satan

    April Marie

    @Roy Cicotte even satan worries what God will do.. He of course is the only one who could ruin what he has established... but i'm just a Bible banger who needs to the truth the lies the human... like i have a chance....

    lead poisoning

    Roy Cicotte wrong. Derek was also a card carrying member of the church of satan.

  9. cockbroker

    he keeps mentioning god, is he religious?


    actualy they are satan belivers


    @chowus that's an old joke, they aren't actually satan worshippers


    @chowus +roy cicotte You mean Satanists?


    let's end this discussion now lol they aren't satanists, trust me. it's an old joke/myth.

    Jonathan Lakey

    +TheBeforePicture They got each other membership cards to the church of satan as a joke.

  10. mohd firdaus

    love them!

  11. Leon

    I always favorited Matt up until Good Mourning, after that Dan started writing way better songs

  12. Ben Joyce

    i love the lyrics of dan's songs way better, but i prefer matt's singing voice and the direction of his melodies. WHY CAN'T THEY COMBINE THEIR POWERS?

  13. phatmanwc

    This song is beautiful. It resonates in a way I can't describe, but that Dan probably could.

  14. Kiri M

    So great, happy to see them always outdoing themselves

  15. Zeth Altain

    matt has his own style him and dan write about the same things more or less most of the time however both are very different in the direction they write their songs matt comes up with great brutal phrasing for how he feels while dan writes straight from the heart but thats just my opinion

  16. tomsbrainhurts

    he always has been in my opinion.

  17. Fraletchel11

    Why in the world is Dan so much better than Skiba these days?

  18. Marce

    At the end there is only love...

  19. Eric Johnson

    Bought this album a few days ago and can't stop listening. This is probably my favorite song thus far.

  20. Jason Langston

    It makes me so happy to see so many loyal trio fans

  21. mbs627

    You sure about that? Every band has their low point, this one seems to have just popped out of theirs.

  22. mbs627

    Damn right! LOL

  23. Dennis Holmes

    This new album makes me proud of my 11 year old alkaline trio tattoo again hahah

  24. Balu0486

    My favorite of the album hands down. They step up to the plate every time and never disappoint

  25. Tiberiumfreek

    Dan always makes the album even better. Way to go Dan! :D

  26. Antonio Rodriguez

    It's his way of doing songs now. I think it was the right way to go.

  27. Randall Haynes

    Love to hear this acoustic.

  28. Alex harrison

    This sounds like it should be on his "In the emergency room" . Amazing stuff.

  29. Ashley Parks

    Channeling Colin Hay...Dan, you are incredible. More incredible than Colin Hay. Everything you do makes me happy.

  30. Mike O'Malley

    im really happy with this album, its one of their best.

  31. logan Gardner

    new favorite song.

  32. Letícia La Rocca

    Dan's songs are always my favorite. This song gives me the chills. "Only Love" is probably my favorite song on the record so far.

  33. Ryan B


  34. danielleisms


  35. ThePursuitAcoustic

    never a truer word spoken :P

  36. zubin27

    Dan to the rescue yet again! At least skibas contributions this time are a lot more solid than past efforts. But im a Dantard

  37. SuperCacky

    seems like a happy medium to me

  38. Joaquín P S

    Oh, god, the bridge ;____;

  39. James Moore

    Think this belongs more in The Emergency Room than in Trio. Sounds alot more like that side of dans writing.

  40. David Adams

    Beautiful song, Dan always hits it home with his songs.

  41. Alright Sally

    Dan the man hasn't got a single shit song to his name.