Alkaline Trio - Another Innocent Girl Lyrics

He likes to act like he's all grown up
He wanted to grow up to be an actor
But he never told anybody
He likes to spill all of his guts
On the top of a well stocked bar
And then swallow them bit by bit remembering every scar
As a valid reason for every drink
And a new tattoo is a new reason to think
He likes to pretend that he is all sewn up
It makes for a much stronger case
But there is blood underneath that skin
That scar is not so easy to erase
He walks with a glass cane now
He's careful when holding his body up straight
Can't go outside when it's raining
Can't smash up that beautiful face
Another innocent girl just made his list
That self pity shit is just too hard too resist
And when we get home
you'll see that this part of him is now part of me
And its way too easy to fake this smile lead you on
Maybe I'm wrong but everyone gets bored once in awhile

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Alkaline Trio Another Innocent Girl Comments
  1. Faithleap

    Anyone know if they're referring to a specific killer case?

  2. Sideways Fridays

    He likes to spill all of his guts on the top of a well-stocked bar and then swallow them bit by bit remembering every scar is a valid reason for stronger drinks.

  3. Doug Morris

    Great song. Great band. Fuck yeah.

  4. DrakeTheRaven

    This song is about a killer, with a split personality

  5. Thomas Harkins

    Does anyone else get some All The Small Things vibes at the beginning?

    Skylark Groundrunner

    Puke. Ridiculous.

    Caleb Wolff

    Matt is now the lead singer of Blink 182 so there's that lol

  6. David May

    some ass-hat, dill snack just had to ruin that moment.....

    Another View

    David May the fuck?

  7. Alexander O'Malley

    Anyone get round to working out what is said in the first 10 seconds?

    Caleb Wolff

    That song I wrote to....something something something

  8. D Nelson

    this song is way underrated

    Anthony Kirkwood

    I fucking love it!

  9. mfzbitch

    Drinking and listening to this underrated band from Oklahoma. I wish alkaline trio still existed live

    Daniella Jalili

    theyre playing at the When We Were Young fest next month. Tickets still on sale :-)

  10. Kranix

    Let's all take a moment to appreciate the 0 dislikes on this masterpiece.

    Fermin Vera

    Agreed, no way u can hate this song

    Digital Ash TCG

    two people fucked it up :( 2 dislikes is pretty good for a video that's been on youtube for almost 7 years though

    Ryan Renshaw

    Glad to see see unicron didnt eat you Kranix

  11. Rich man

    such an underrated song <3

  12. Timothy Rankin

    One of my fave alk songs

  13. PXMPXM

    I love this song

  14. eunna01

    Yeah when we get home you'll see
    that this part of him is now part of me