Alessia Cara - Not Today Lyrics

Someday I won't be afraid of my head
Someday I will not be chained to my bed
Someday I'll forget the day he left
But surely not today
One day I won't need a PhD
To sit me down and tell me what it all means
Maybe one day it'll be a breeze
But surely not today
But surely not today

Oh you don't know what sadness means
'Till you're too sad to fall asleep
One day I'll be snoozing peacefully
But surely not today
Surely not today

One day I'll swear the pain will be a blip
I'll have the hardest time recalling it
I'll be the king of misery management
But surely not today
One day that song won't make me cry anymore (oh no no)
One day I'll get up off the bathroom floor (hey yeah)
Oh, piece by piece I'll be restored
But surely not today (surely not)
Eh, not today

Oh you don't know what happy means
If it's only in your dreams
I'll be acquainted with my jollities
But surely not today
Yeah, surely not today

Surely not, surely, surely not
Surely not (surely not today)

One day the thought of him won't hurt the same
Won't need distractions to get through the day
I guess I hope I'm gonna be okay
'Cause I'm not today

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Alessia Cara Not Today Comments
  1. joe palmieri

    I’m older and listen to ,play and write harder music and metal . A lot of motley and Metallica have lyrics that are incredibly deep
    But no one can match the intensity of this song

  2. Mr Alpha

    This is how I actually feel all the time

  3. BooksAndAllSorts

    I wanna give her a hug until she feels better 😢

  4. I love Cats

    Not bad

  5. Crazy.Journey.Again

    Why are all ur videos close ups of ur face???????

  6. CastOutKid

    1:46 Alessia literally makes my WHOLE EXISTENCE

  7. Kendalyn White

    relate so much


    loveeeeeee it sooooooooooooooo much

  9. Au Ligaoen

    Alessia's musics are the messages that being vulnerable is okay. Thank you

  10. Ruth Tidi

    this song hit meeeee!

  11. PhantomMatrix

    Why is she wearing an oversized blazer?

  12. Syed Syed

    She's still good for our health♡♡


  13. Dandrogenoucci

    It's November 2019 still stuck with Alessia's lovely music. ❤❤❤

  14. Victoria Greenside

    your amazing!

  15. Viola Ugolini

    one day this song won't make me cry anymore


    Perfeita, nunca errou

  17. Fariha Mohamed Hilmy

    I feel a lot better after hearing this song 😁

  18. Aanchal Saxena


  19. Melynda Dunn

    her voice is so much better than some of the hugely famous female singers of today....I won't name them. Her music is very relatable and isn't all about money, sex, fame and other shallow worldly topics. She is someone I wouldn't mind my daughter looking up to!

  20. Jermiah Mercadel


  21. Babyygrlwhy

    Right soooo.........

    I have sooo much sh!t going onnnnn omgggg

  22. Solarchick2

    Why is this song so short :(. Alessia this is one of my favorites especially the riff 2:09 -2:18!! Amazing job babe.

  23. jajaboy salyam

    Out of Love was always my favee

  24. Mady Funes

    She honestly probably had fun making this video lol

  25. Jenzi R.

    what a good song she composed, i really love her and her clips she does! she's amazing!

  26. Edan Sounds

    Alessia Cara - very underrated, billie eilish - extremely overrated

    Dimitri_.b insta

    Wdym? billie isn't extremely overrated she has real talent just as alessia does although i do think alessia needs to get the recognition she deserves

  27. Mariah Benson

    I'm pretty sure I'm here to be Alessia Cara's

  28. martin sanderson

    Something about her voice gives me chills ... she's awesome good song

  29. 하사가댇라라라라ᅡᄀ다ᅡᄃ

    I Love you ㅠㅠ

  30. valval X3

    I tho that PHD means pizza hut delivery or it is?

    Zidan Fajar

    IKR, at first i thought it was pizza hut thing

  31. Emna yk.

    So relatable ❤️

  32. purple magicin17

    So relatable

  33. Lerby Exantus

    That's clear...I got struck

  34. Amber Fraser

    I heard this song for the first time while I was at work and I started crying because I wasn’t happy at the moment. It hits me in waves. This song is a comfort song and perfectly explains how I feel when I’m feeling depressed. Thank you Alessia ❤️

  35. Sara M

    I listen to this and her other song in this Album Easier Said. This helps me sooo much with my depression and thank you for your music!

  36. Jenosha Vinayagamoorthy

    Omg, this song is soo amazing. I have been listening to it non-stop on replay.
    like the lyric when it's like " Oh you don't know what happy means if it's only in your dreams" hit me hard af. Tbh I can relate so much

  37. galaxy houston

    One day, I will forget that I even failed the law school exams, but surely not today💔

  38. La - a

    "Oh you dont what sadness means. When you're too sad to fall asleep."

    Sime days I wish I couldn't relate

  39. Bony Goswami

    🥰🥰Her voice is so beautiful 👍👍👍👍

  40. Maria Moreira

    how the hell a grammy award winner can be so underrated???? Gosh I hate America

  41. Lauren Hall

    this is exactly how I feel right now... thank you for making this song... and I thank the universe for making me find it right this second...

  42. Stoner Girl

    This is exactly how I feel

  43. Deidre Green

    If you are a good person And you u really just want to do the right thing seek the Creator. He can bless your spirit. You want care how people perceive you. That's what the devil worshippers and the earthly angels have in come. We dont care what you think of us. We just care about your soul. The EA want to save your soul and the devil's want to take your soul.

  44. Deidre Green

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  45. blueskull3920

    who else came here from hearing how amazing she sounded in the genius interview

  46. Paulina b

    Amo tus canciones Alessia

  47. Deidre Green

    The white people are not the only people using me and harassing me. Everybody who watching and stealing my music and ideas are apart as well. This is not a movie. I am homeless and broke. My family members work for the WP And You all are actually having sex beating and using the King of Judah. This is whats going on right in front of you children. James is the present day king of Judah in 2019 And I am the Queen. That's the truth.

  48. Barin Arash

    Came for BTS and found this
    No regrets

  49. Deidre Green

    Stop making everything about your feelings and shut up.

    Deidre Green

    Don't worry everybody will get what they want and more😂😚😜.

  50. Dineo Khupe

    Surely not today ❤️❤️❤️

  51. Hamed Mohamed

    support from Egypt

  52. Lewis K, Steven

    I don't know but someday we shall meet sweet Cara surely not today!

  53. malissa jefferson

    Cancer To My Penis.

  54. Fatima Reyes

    This sad song sounds and looks funny it's confusing 🤣🤣🤣 love it

  55. BlaqueValkyrie

    This song really hit home. Although the lyrics sound like she's feeling unhappy due to a love or something, I feel like it can also have other meanings. With people who struggle with mental health, this just really tugs the heart strings. Basically, this song is a mood. And a supporting one. 👍

  56. jjoxxdimusic


  57. EscJesc Austeya

    This song reminds me of a depressive period I had in my life a year ago. This song came out when my depression was almost ended, and I found it so painfully relatable. Now every time I hear it, I remember that time and feel so happy that it's over 💖
    Masterpiece 💙💙💙💙

  58. Jalen Davis

    Why am I just hearing this now?! So so good

  59. The Chefette

    I’d love a slow piano version of this.

  60. Serafin Martinez


  61. Moonie_ Mon

    i just found this song in my old playlist, i guess now is someday :)

  62. Paul Harvey

    I actually download this song and listen to this song every hour, minute, second😕
    Best yow
    Nuff love alessia cara❤😢

  63. Josie Maddox

    I related to this song on a personal level.

  64. Samira u.know.

    You will be..

  65. Samkelo Kenneth

    This is so sad but I like it

  66. Paul Harvey

    Who think alessia cara songs are amazing and she can sing just like this (thump up)and comment your fav song that she sing😊

    emotions galore

    Paul Harvey tbh this song or stone or a little more or all of her songs😂

  67. Insane Taco Cat

    Even if he left you didn’t sang about Nsfw stuff. I just love how you didn’t go into a sudden change and change the premise of your wholesome music.

  68. Eliffson Balla

    Not today satan

  69. Daniel Meza


  70. Pastel Lemonade

    How is she still underrated like what

  71. Amiyah Kitty

    0:48 girl I feel you on that part

  72. Vale D

    i discovered this song when i was having the hardest time i've ever had so i've been listening this song since that time and it has helped me a lot, i love you and your magical songs😭❤

  73. Charlie Sunshine


  74. Unicornsforlife

    Love it your songs always inspire me to sing 👍😀

  75. D. Rodriguez

    Maybe one day it'll be a breeze

  76. josephine waweru

    July anthem

  77. SHAYNE

    iconic forever!

  78. Fatima Farooqui


  79. Ayitiana

    I love you

  80. S u n f l o w e r A e s t h e t i c

    Billie and alessia

  81. marsha

    now all you have to do is trusting your lonely love!<3

  82. Cat Rabita

    This song is amazing. Alessia you are so far the most talented canadian girl!

  83. Fofy Avalos

    It's a happy version of Billie eilish?🤔

  84. Rogue G

    Lol she is just different

  85. i really dont know

    1:18 is literally me when I call my friend but she's hanging out with her boyfriend😒

  86. LadyClaudine

    This song is the very embodiment of losing my Brother. “I guess I hope I’m gonna be okay, cuz I’m not Today”....I miss you Drew. Every single day.

  87. Maaw

    Your songs and its lyrics are relateable i dont get why those other 4k dislikes understands this song... surely not today. 😗🤗 Lovelovelove💞💞💞💞😝🤩🥰

  88. Tusharika S

    It wil BeEEEE a breeze..yeah … you got me girl!!

  89. Mayowa Gbotesho

    Au domino iko❤❤❤

  90. Sol Zec

    She deserves more fame, she is so talented and her lyrics are just amazing, I love her.

  91. kai

    listened to this 4 months ago after a toxic relationship, i now can change the lyrics to surely yes today

  92. Liyah Ybanez

    this video and the whole comment section makes me wanna cry n emote but the back of my mind be like, "hey remember that vine that says.. nOt ToDayyyYy!"

  93. lex224ification

    Seriously sounds like Norah Jones